There’s a Place for Us

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This is a story about two people deeply in love with each other. To put it in much simpler term, this is cliché. Sorry for the curse but I just want to warn you before you read this. I can't promise you a happy ending. Wait! before you click the back button on your screen. I said I can't promise you, I didn't say I won't. 

To be more specific, this is about how far we could go just to conceal our feelings from the people around us. Is it really for the better or are we just making it harder for everyone? 

I hope you like this story. I'm not a writer. I just want to take this off my chest so enjoy. And oh! This is purely fictional. I just used these characters to help you visualize the story easier and yes of course, I looove WenRene 💙💗 and of course Red Velvet 💚💙💛💜💗


"Chaos. That’s what you are, a beautiful one."

We all have loved someone who did not love us back. It's a devastating feeling like the world you're in could fall upon you any minute. Admit it, we all did, you did. But what if you fell in love with someone who loved you back as much as you do? The catch? Well it just wasn't the right place, not the right time either. How much will this type of love hurt?

Merry Christmas Guys 🎄
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