Blind dates
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Ryeowook was okay to come over to Sapphire Designs two days later, around 3pm as she has a prior meeting at her publisher's office. 

"Ryeowook-ssi, I will fetch you then? I have a meeting with our client at Korea International School Seoul campus and I can pick you up at Gangnam, on the way back to our office in Jamsil" Kyuhyun suggested, when he called her to set a time for her to come down to their office. 

"Ohhh but I don't want to trouble you, Kyuhyun-ssi" Ryeowook sounded apologetic.

"No trouble at all, coz I will pass by Gangnam anyway.... Ermmm maybe you text me your publisher's office address and once I reach there, I'll call you?" Kyuhyun said, trying not to sound too eager. He hasn't seen Ryeowook for a few days and he wasn't sure why he missed her a lot. 

"Thank you, Kyuhyun-ssi. I'll text you the address after this call. Would 2.15pm be okay with you? I think I should finish by then" she said, with a tired voice. 

"Yes, sure, but just in case I'm late, you just wait at your publisher's office okay?" Kyuhyun told her. 

"Yes okay. Thank you, Kyuhyun-ssi. See you!" Ryeowook said, still sounded tired. 

"See you, Ryeowook-ssi" Kyuhyun smile and off his phone. 

He took a deep breath. What was happening to him? He couldn't get Ryeowook out of his mind. Was getting this job to renovate her house was just an excuse to get closer to her? Personally, he wanted to get to know her better, because he really wanted to. He knew now that he liked her a lot and he wanted them to be more than friends! He has to endure one more day before he could see her. 

He sighed. Just now Ryeowook sound as if she wasn't well. Somehow he became worried. Was Ryeowook sick? Should he text her to ask if she was feeling okay? 

Ryeowook was restless because her menses was bad and she was having bad cramps. She had pushed back her meeting with her publisher to two days later because of this, and when Kyuhyun called her whether she could come to his office to sign the document, she has no choice but to push back to two days later too, eventhough she wanted to see him badly. 

She missed him! She didn't know why and didn't understand herself why she was feeling this way. She had never felt like this before. She couldn't even tell this to Hyunshik because she wasn't sure of this feelings herself. Amongst her cousins, she has always been closed to Hyunshik and she could always tell him anything, but yet, she couldn't talk about Kyuhyun... 

Her phone buzzed. She was lying down because of the cramp and she had run out of painkillers, so nothing could ease her pain. She took her phone and saw a message from Kyuhyun. Somehow just seeing a message from him cheered her up. She clicked to read his message. 

"Are you feeling okay? I get worried because you sounded sick. Sorry if I disturb you but let me know if I can help with anything". 

She smile. So Kyuhyun was thinking of her too. And he was so observant! Somehow it felt warm in her heart. 

"Hi Kyuhyun-ssi. Thank you so much for asking. Don't worry, it's just woman's monthly thing. I am having very bad cramps, and I ran out of painkillers. My fault for forgetting to buy" she clicked sent before she changed her mind. 

"Ohh I see. Did you eat anything? A warm food and drinks will help" was Kyuhyun's next message.

"I got no energy this morning. Maybe later I will force myself to get up and cook porridge" Ryeowook sent with sad emotion.

"Okay take care, Ryeowook-ssi" was Kyuhyun's final message.

"Thank you, Kyuhyun-ssi" Ryeowook clicked sent and smile. Knowing that he cared really mean a lot to her. She lie down again to ease her pain.

Kyuhyun attended a conference call with Siwon and with one of their client, but his mind kept thinking about Ryeowook. Finally he decided to get porridge for her and buy painkillers. Once the conference call ended, he called his sister to ask which painkillers he should buy and which thick pad was the best for 1st day of menses.

His sister non-stop, especially after guessing that it was the same girl that their mother had arranged for his blind date. She had heard from their mother about this girl, and that her little brother was still in contact with his blind date, which was rare!

So once he got all the information that he needed, included which porridge was good for Ryeowook, Kyuhyun set off to get all the things for Ryeowook.

There was a doorbell and Ryeowook slowly got up and walked to her door. "Aishhh... It must be the courier guy" she said to herself because she remembered her removal boxes were supposed to be delivered these few days.

When she opened her door, she got a surprised! "Kyuhyun-ssi?!!!! What.....?" she was purely lost for words!! 

"I bought porridge!" Kyuhyun said, lifting up his hand with the porridge carrier.  

Ryeowook was still surprised, and then felt embarrassed because she looked so mess up!! "Ohhh, please, please come in....!! Sorry I looked so untidy...." she hastily use her hand to tidy up her hair. 

To Kyuhyun, Ryeowook looked the cutest! Her pullover has many cute giraffes and she put on a jogger long pants. Both top and bottom were in light green and the giraffes were in yellow and brown. Her messy hair and face were adorable, though she still looked very pale. 

"Don't worry about it. You look cute! Though very pale. You haven't cook anything right?"


"Let's eat then, so that you can take these painkillers" Kyuhyun showed her what he bought. "And I'm not sure which brand did you use, so I just grab the thickest one..." he showed her the pack of pads that he bought, and smile sheepishly. 

"Ohmygod, Kyuhyun-ssi, I don't know how to thank you...." Ryeowook closed , partly still surprised, and partly feeling ambarrased. 

"You can thank me by eating the porridge! I asked the ahjuma to add fish slices. I bought the same thing for myself, and got for you hot camomile tea as well" Kyuhyun took everything out from the carrier. 

He pulled the chair nearest to her

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I laughed when I saw Kyuhyun's bubble this morning (7th Jan 2022)! He cooked Sundubu jjigae! The exact same dish that I mentioned in this chapter 5 (Happy Moments)!


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