Blind dates
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"Omma, this is Ryeowook" Kyuhyun introduced her to his mother, "And Ryeong, this is my mum"

"Nice to meet you ommonim. This is cupcakes, i bake this morning" Ryeowook bowed and pass her the box of cupcakes politely to Mrs Cho.

"Ohh myyyy! Thank you my dear!!! Ohhh you bake them?!!! Wow, and you are so cute and pretty!! Come in come in!!!" Mrs Cho invited her to their living room.

Kyuhyun had picked Ryeowook up at 11.15am because, well, he just couldn't wait to see her! Ryeowook was packing the cupcakes and two cupcakes went into Kyuhyun's stomach because he just couldn't stop eating it!.

Ryeowook did set aside a cupcake for Kyuhyun when he arrived, but because he couldn't stop praising how yummy it was, Ryeowook laughingly gave him another one from the tub that she wanted to keep in her fridge! 

Mrs Cho asked Ryeowook "When are you moving in? I've already clean Ahra's room and you can use her study table too. I'm so happy that I will have your company!!!" she clapped her hands happily. 

"Thank you, ommonim, for cleaning the room! I hope I didn't give you extra work! I promise I will not trouble you so much and I will help with the chores..." Ryeowook smile at Mrs Cho. 

"Nonsense, my dear Wook! It didn't cause me extra work. I'm already so happy that you will be here!! See my son, he only comes back if i cook his favourite food, else I can't even see his face till Sunday!" she glanced teasingly at Kyuhyun. 

"Omma, I did come back on weekdays!!!" Kyuhyun defended himself.

"Yes, if I call you to come or if I tell you that I cook your favourite dishes!!" Mrs Cho laughed.

"I'm busy with work..." Kyuhyun defended himself again.

"Okay okay, bring Wook up to see Ahra's room while I heat up the food. We can our have lunch as soon as your father is home" Mrs Cho said, ushering kyuhyun to get up to lead the way.

Ryeowook bowed at Mrs Cho and followed Kyuhyun up the stairs. Their house was huge, with 3 bedrooms and a spare room, which according to Kyuhyun, it was previously used by his father for study room, but as he aged, he prefered to use the spare room next to the dining room downstairs. 

"So now we use it as a mini gym and a karaoke room!" he said, showing her what was inside the room. 

"Interesting! Do you all use the karaoke often?" Ryeowook asked. 

"Occasionally, when noona and me came and sleep over. Last year we did have a singing session during appa's birthday and really had a great laughing time! Appa want us to sing oldies, so we scrambled to find old folk songs and Ahra noona kept making mistakes and we all laughed and laughed!!" kyuhyun chuckled, recalling how Ahra ended up chasing after him around the house! 

Ryeowook laughed "I envy you because you have a sister. My house is quieter because there's only me and my parents"

Kyuhyun smile "You will not be alone for long... " he said, and took her hand and squeezed it. 

She looked at him, and he continued smiling, asking her to read his eyes. She smile and looked down shyly. Will it be true? Will Kyuhyun be the one? Her soulmate?

"Ermmm, let's go to my room, next" he said and pulled her gently along, across the spare room. "Welcome to my room!!" 

It was neat and the bed's quilt cover was in purple, and curtains were in ocean blue. There was a bathroom door at one corner. "Nice room!" Ryeowook said, and turned to him "Do you sleep over on weekends?" 

"Now that you'll be here, I think I will!!" Kyuhyun grinned. 

"But I thought you do come over for dinner....?"

"Yes, but not everytime I slept over, unless I was too tired, or if there are special occasions. But when I do sleep over, I love to jog up the Namsan hill towards Namsan Tower in the morning. The view is amazing from the top" Kyuhyun told her. 

"Can i join you if you jog up there?" 

Kyuhyun raised his eyebrows "You are so petite, you sure you can jog?" 

Ryeowook playfully beat him "Of course I can! You think I got no stamina??!" 

Kyuhyun laughed out loud "Okay okay, we'll see! Don't blame me if i laugh at you when I see you stop half way!!" 

"Okay, on!!!" she laughed, making Kyuhyun laughed again.

They eventually make their way to Ahra's room, which was the closest to the staircase, and the room before Kyuhyun's room. 

Ahra's room was more feminine than Kyuhyun's room, with light-pink quilt cover and pillows neatly arranged on the head of the bed. There was a study table and a rack, which have been emptied, wardrobe, a long mirror and bathroom. All neat and tidy. 

"I love this room. But where would eonnie Ahra sleep if I stay here?" Ryeowook asked him. 


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I laughed when I saw Kyuhyun's bubble this morning (7th Jan 2022)! He cooked Sundubu jjigae! The exact same dish that I mentioned in this chapter 5 (Happy Moments)!


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