Spending time on the weekend

Blind dates
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It was difficult to sleep knowing that the person he loved was just next door. Kyuhyun tossed and turned, and he finally fell asleep an hour later. 

They had made plans to visit the Safari World at Everland tomorrow, so Ryeowook suggested that they should sleep early.  

Earlier, after the kissing session, Kyuhyun remembered that they were supposed to visit the Everland Lost Valley Safari which they had to cancel previously, so they decided to proceed this round. They could go for lunch thereafter, and stopped by a stationery shop after that, to look for whatever Ryeowook needed to buy. And Ryeowook had readily agreed, and that was why she suggested to rest early. 

They arrived at Everland Lost Valley Safari early, and Ryeowook was so excited as she had never been to a safari land before. The park was an open-safari-view, spread out in a wide natural habitat land, and what was great about it was that visitors could feel like they were in the middle of wild nature with exotic animals coming at them, or they could spot some of the rare animals, while they ride on the specialized convertible amphibian bus.

When the bus reached the giraffe section, Ryeowook was like a little girl!!! Kyuhyun chuckled seeing how excited she was! They had bought carrots and some vegetables, and now Ryeowook scrambled to open the plastic cover to feed the two giraffes which put their head through the open window. 

Kyuhyun stood up to take a video and snap some photos of Ryeowook feeding the giraffe! They laughed because the giraffes were so cute and so eager to munch the carrots and vegetables. Kyuhyun asked her to pose with the giraffe and she giggled loudly because the giraffe was nosing her cheek!! And Kyuhyun managed to capture all of these!!! 

They had a good laugh later when they dropped by a cafe for a bite. Kyuhyun kept teasing her and told her that they should bring their kids here next time. 

Ryeowook looked at him with surprise. So, Kyuhyun was already thinking about marriage and their future? 

"Ahhh... , I mean, if we get married and have kids..." he corrected himself and smile cheekily. 

Ryeowook smile and started eating her food. Of course she wanted them to get married too, but they still need to get to know each other better. 

They walked hand-in-hand for the rest of the park, enjoying each other's company and telling esch other their favourite snacks. 

Kyuhyun learnt that Ryeowook loved ice-cream and whenever she was stress, she would just take a break and eat ice-cream! So Kyuhyun went to get 2 ice-cream cones from a nearby ice-cream parlour, and said "I know that you are not stress right now, but I just want to get these for you. Let's just enjoy the ice-cream okay?!!" he said, making Ryeowook laughed. 

They watched the parade and left after another hour. Kyuhyun drove to a stationery shop, Artbox, and he managed to find a longer phone line extension, while Ryeowook was still looking around to find her items. He joined her with a basket. 

"What do you need to buy?" Kyuhyun asked her, and she showed him her list. "Ohh by the way, they have books here too, and I saw that your book is still out of stock" Kyuhyun grinned. 

Ryeowook chuckled "Printing in progress" she told him "But I don't think that it will be sold out again. Nobody will be interested by then" 

"I think it will be sold out again. The number of people queuing to reserved your book is really a long list!!" Kyuhyun raised his eyebrows. 

"How did you know...?" Ryeowook asked him with a surprised look. 

"It's in Tweeter. Somebody screen-captured that she managed to add in her reservation, and it was already at number 600!!" Kyuhyun told her. 

"Seriously??!!!" Ryeowook said in surprised, with her big eyes. 

"Yes, seriously. You can ask that Kyobo Bookstore. It was their reservation list!" kyuhyun smile. "And why are you always so pessimistic? Your book is very popular! So you must learn to be proud of yourself!!" 

"Honestly speaking, I'm just an average writer...." 

"An average and talented one. You managed to hold reader's interest such that they want to continue reading..." 

"Including you...?" she , while putting 3 sets of file folders into the basket held by Kyuhyun. 

"Yes, ma'am, including your boyfriend here" he grinned. He took pens, refill, one rim of paper, and a box of stapler. 

Ryeowook giggled. She

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I laughed when I saw Kyuhyun's bubble this morning (7th Jan 2022)! He cooked Sundubu jjigae! The exact same dish that I mentioned in this chapter 5 (Happy Moments)!


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