Soulstar - Crashing Waves and Glowing Dreams


Seokjin has warned him time and again to be wary of humans and their traps. Namjoon, however, has told him a different story. Has told him of the humans' curiosity and kindness, of their neverending creativity. Jeongguk likes that version much better. And honestly, how could he ever fear Taehyung, let alone loathe him? How could he ever do something else than loving him with everything he has?




When Idol Taehyung requested a timeout and moves to the most boring coast town he can find, he certainly did not think he'd come eye-to-eye with a living miracle there. Let alone fall in love.


Disclaimer: This story is mainly set in a village called Nakseongdae. It has nothing to do with the actually existing Nakseongdae (park?) other than that I at Korean and failed to make up a nice village name myself (and also the meaning of Nakseongdae fits my story too damn well for me to not choose it). So if you're thinking of comparing the real place with the fictional setting of this story - please don't. Thank you.

Also, just so we are clear: this story is going to be mostly but not only tooth-rottening fluff. At some point there will be violence and things will get worse before they get better.

Updates might take me a while.

Oh, and the chapters might vary in length.

Now enjoy~

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