Life of the party

Favorite Crime

"The's beautiful...isn't it?" Says nayeon while locking her eyes to momo's.

After hearing nayeon say that, momo was surprised.

Momo paused and looked at nayeon.

"That's the first..." momo whispered.

Nayeon didn't quite comprehend what momo has said.

"That's the first?" Nayeon asked.

Momo shook her head while looking down at the ground, blushing so hard that her face became red as tomatoes.

"Nothing..." momo replied.

Nayeon chuckles, as she finds momo cute when she is shy.

Momo then lifts her head and looked straight inyo nayeon's eyes.

"The is beautiful...but...I find you more beautiful..." says momo.

Momo then leans in to nayeon carefully.


Their hearts are beating between them. They are so close to each other.

"What's this? I suddenly can't feel the cold weather, all I could feel is momo" says nayeon in her mind.

As momo leans in closer to nayeon, they suddenly hear someone loudly calling out nayeon's name.


Momo then pulled back.

Nayeon recognized the voice.

"It's jeongyeon..." says nayeon to momo.

"Huh?" Says momo.

"She's coming...hide...hurry..." says nayeon.

Momo then hurriedly ran behind a tree and hid there.

Jeongyeon then saw nayeon at the garden and ran to her.

"Nayeona!" Says jeongyeon.

" there a problem?" Nayeon asked.

Jeongyeon looked at nayeon with suspicion.

"What were you doing here? And who were you with?" Jeongyeon asked.

"Umm...nobody...I was the uh...moon...alone..." nayeon responded.

Jeongyeon still looks unconvinced with nayeon's response.

"Are you sure?" Jeongyeon asked again.

"Umm...Yeah..." nayeon replied.

"why do you ask?" Nayeon asked.

"Well...umm...I was just wondering where were you...when I came back at the ballroom you weren't there..." says jeongyeon.

"Uh...well...I was actually heading towards the bathroom for a quick bathroom break...but then I saw the moon at the window and thought that maybe I could appreciate the view better if I were outside..." nayeon replied.

"I see...well how about you come inside right now? It's getting colder out here..." says jeongyeon.

"Umm...yeah...sure...I'll head inside in a minute...I just want to look at the moon for a few more minutes..." nayeon replied.

"Oh...okay...but when it gets really cold please do come inside..." says jeongyeon.

Nayeon nodded.

"Yes...I will..." nayeon replied.

Jeongyeon then went back inside the mansion.

After jeongyeon left, momo then walked out behind the tree she was hiding in.

"Phew...that was close..." says momo.

"So close..." nayeon replied.

Nayeon and Momo chuckles.

"I think you should head back inside..." says momo.

Nayeon paused to look at momo.

"What about you?" Nayeon asked.

Momo smiled.

"Don't worry about me...I'll just find my way out of here..." says momo while smiling at nayeon.

"Are you sure?" Nayeon asked.

" go on and head's getting colder out here..." says momo.

Nayeon was hestitant to leave momo all alone at the cold garden.

"Okay..." says nayeon before walking a few steps towards the mansion.

"Wait..." says momo.

Nayeon then turned around.

"Yes?" Nayeon replied.

" was it?" Momo softly asked.

Nayeon smiled.

"It was were good..." says nayeon.

Momo then released a smile of relief.

"I'm glad..." says momo.

They both gave a sweet smile towards each other before nayeon went back inside the mansion.


Jihyo, dahyun, and tzuyu were lying at a sofa, tired and exhausted after all that dancing.

"I feel dizzy..." says jihyo while lying like a drunk old man.

"My feet hurts so much..." says dahyun.

Tzuyu didn't even have the energy left to talk.

"Aigoo...what happened to you guys? It looks like you guys had too much fun at the dance floor..." says jeongyeon.

"I guess we got carried away..." says jihyo.

Jeongyeon chuckles.

"Oh...where's nayeon?" Jihyo asked.

"Well...umm..." says jeongyeon.

"I'm here..." says nayeon while standing behind jeonyeon.

"Nayeona! Where were you? You suddenly disappeared..." says jihyo.

"Well...umm...I was at the garden...just taking a break..." nayeon replied.

"Oh...I see..." jihyo replied.


"Allright everyone! I am sorry to disrupt the dance floor but we are now unfortunately heading to the end of the event...the time is now 11 PM...and we only got an hour left before the end of Miss jeongyeon's special with the remaining time left, let us now quickly head to the is now time for the giving of gifts!" says the host.

Jeongyeon is sitting at a throne chair, while each of the guest handed out their gifts one by one.

The last guests to give their gifts are jihyo, dahyun, and tzuyu.

The first one to give their gift is jihyo.

"Happy birthday jeongyeona! Please do accept my gift..." says jihyo while handing out her gift to jeongyeon.

Jihyo gave jeongyeon a Hermès handbag that costs $50,000.

"Wow...this is so cute...thank you jihyo...I'll make sure to use this well..." says jeongyeon.

Jihyo was proud with her gift.

"You're welcome jeongyeona..." says jihyo.

The next one to give their gift was tzuyu.

"If you don't like my gift...feel free to throw it away..." says tzuyu while handing out her gift to jeongyeon.

Tzuyu gave jeongyeon a Luxuriator Canary Diamond Glasses which costs $65,000.

"Woah...this is totally my style...I love it, so I'll keep it...thank you tzuyu..." says jeongyeon.

Tzuyu just smiled at jeongyeon.

The last person to give their gift is dahyun.

Dahyun gave jeongyeon a Rolex watch that costs $47,000.

"Ooh...thank you dahyuna...this is so pretty..." says jeongyeon.

"You're welcome remember...time is gold..." says dahyun.

Jeongyeon chuckles.

"I'll keep that in mind..." says jeongyeon.


"Wow...I have to admit that these are such wonderful and expensive gifts that you have received...but if you were to pick one...whice gift was the best for you miss jeongyeon-shi..." says the host.

"Umm...I can't really pick on which is the best since...all of these gifts that they have given to me are the best in their own way...but...if I were really to choose would be...nayeon's gift..." says jeongyeon.

Nayeon was surprised to hear jeongyeon's unexpected answer.

"Well...I have never received a birthday cake as a present makes nayeon's present extra special..." says jeongyeon while smiling at nayeon.

Nayeon then smiled back at jeongyeon.

The time is now 12 AM.

The party has ended.

The guests are now leaving the mansion.

Jeongyeon is escorting nayeon, jihyo, tzuyu, and dahyun to their cars.

"Thank you so much for coming tonight...and for the presents..." says jeongyeon.

"For you...I would buy the world..." jihyo jokingly says.

Jeongyeon, nayeon, and dahyun chuckles.

Tzuyu looked at jihyo, judging her in her mind.

"Please stop...that's so cringe..." says tzuyu to jihyo.

" many cups of coffee have you drank to become so bitter..." says jihyo.

"I'd prefer to be bitter...than being in a messy relationship, being a fool and getting my feelings hurt..." says tzuyu in a serious tone.

" sounded pretty serious..." says jihyo.

Tzuyu sighs.

"Nevermind...I'll see you guys..." says tzuyu before turning her back and walked towards her car.

"What was that all about?" Jihyo asked.

"I'm not sure...but maybe she's going through something..." says dahyun.

"Hmm...Puberty I guess?" Says jeongyeon.

"Maybe..." says jihyo.

"Anyways...I'll be going now...see you guys at school..." says dahyun before walking towards her car.

"Yes...see you!" Says jihyo while waving her hands at dahyun.

Nayeon and jeongyeon also waved at dahyun.

"Umm...I guess that goes for me too...I'll see you guys..." says nayeon.

"Yeah...see you...And be careful on your way home!" Says hihyo.

"I will..." says nayeon while walking towards the limousine.

Jihyo and jeongyeon waved at nayeon.


"Mr...can you please stop the car..." says nayeon to the driver.

The driver then stopped the car.

"Please wait for me here..." says nayeon to the driver.

"Miss...wait...where are you going?" The driver asked.

"Well...umm...I just saw a friend of mine...I'll just talk to her for a minute...okay?" Says nayeon.

"Umm...okay miss...just make sure not to go far away from here..." says the driver.

"Yeah...I wont..." nayeon replied.

Nayeon then walk towards to where momo is.

As nayeon got closer to momo, she saw her just sitting there at the usual bench she sits in.

"You know it's not safe to be out this late..." Says nayeon to momo.

Momo turned her head towards nayeon and smiled.

To be continued...

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