The day I met you

Favorite Crime

It was a sunny morning on September 11, 2021 when Nayeon woke up late and was doing the usual things she do before going to school. "Ya! Why are you still here!? You will be late for school!", says chaeyeong, Nayeon's younger sister. "There's no point in hurrying anyway...I will still be late even if I run", says Nayeon. "Aish...well at least try not to miss your class this morning!", says Chaeyoung, before slamming the door on Nayeon's room. "That girl is so loud...what kind of younger sister yells at her older sister?", says Nayeon while calmly combing her hair. After an hour and a half of preparing for school, Nayeon finally went out in their house, and is now walking calmly on her way to school. "Miss Nayeon!" The family driver shouts. "Yes?" Nayeon replied. "Miss...are you sure you don't want to ride the car? Or maybe I could drive you to your school if you'd like?" Says the driver. "It's fine...I'll just walk...besides my school is only a few blocks away" Nayeon kindly responded. "Are you sure about that miss?" The driver asked. " I'll be going then..." says Nayeon. "Allright miss...just give me a call if ever you'd like me to pick you up from school..." says the driver. "Yes I will..." Nayeon replied. Nayeon stopped by the traffic light and waited for the light to be red so that she can cross the pedestrian lane. Upon stopping by the traffic light, a nerdy blonde girl stood beside her, the blonde girl had her hair tied up in a bun. Nayeon then looked at the blonde weird looking girl beside her. "This girl looks familiar..." Nayeon says in her mind. The blonde girl then turned her head towards Nayeon and gave Nayeon a smile. "Did she just gave me a smile? What was that all about? She's weird." Nayeon says in her mind. Nayeon then gave an awkward smile to the blonde girl then turned her head. The blonde girl was still looking at Nayeon, and it made Nayeon uncomfortable. Nayeon couldn't take it anymore so she decided to approach the blonde girl and said "Um...Is there any problem?" Nayeon kindly asked the blonde girl. "Huh? No none at all..." the blonde girl responded with a smile on her face. "I see..." Nayeon kindly replied but in her mind she says "Then why are you locking your eyes towards me? Is there something wrong with my outfit? Or my face?" "I just thought that you looked kinda familiar...I feel like we've met before..." the blonde girl says to Nayeon. "Huh? Umm...I think you're mistaken...I believe that this is the first time I've seen you" Nayeon kindly responded. "Oh really? I apologize for that confusion...I must have confused you with someone else" the blonde girl says to Nayeon. "It's fine...besides you're not the first person who thought that I looked like someone..." says Nayeon. The traffic light then turned red and they are now able to cross the street. Upon crossing the street Nayeon noticed that the blonde girl was not walking beside her, when she glanced at her back she saw the blonde girl just standing there and gave Nayeon a warm smile. "Why isn't she crossing?'s none of my business..." Nayeon says in her mind.

Nayeon have finally arrived at school and yes, she missed her first period class.
"Aigoo...since when did you learn to skip classes Nayeonie?" Says Jihyo, Nayeon's best friend. "It's better to be late than never coming to school right?" Nayeon replied. "Heh...I guess you're right..." Jihyo responded." By the way, are you still walking on your way to school?" Jihyo asked. "Yeah...why do you ask?" Nayeon replied. "Really? It's been a long time since you've been doing that...I am surprised... last year when you told me that you will start walking to school I didn't believe you would last..." says Jihyo. "I guess I got used to it by now..." Nayeon replied. "And did your father finally gave you his blessings for walking to school?" Jihyo asked. "Ofcourse not...he is still against it...but he couldn't stop me..." Nayeon says. "Ofcourse he would be against it! You! Im Nayeon! His daughter! And he is the owner of the biggest Car company here in Korea! So I would definitely understand his decision..." Jihyo says. "I guess I just wanted to live a simple and normal life for a while..." Nayeon says. "Tsk...whatever you say madam...hey by the way... my father offered me a grand prize if ever I will get a perfect score for the upcoming test!" Jihyo excitedly says to Nayeon. "Will he get you a boyfriend?" Nayeon jokingly responded. "Ya! Do you even know who my father is!?" Jihyo replied. " Isn't he the owner of the famous beach resort here in Korea?" Nayeon jokingly responded again. "That is not what I meant! *sighs..." Jihyo says to Nayeon. "*laughing* I'm just kidding...Of course I know your father well and how protective he is to you...and how obvious it is that he will never allow you to have a boyfriend not unless you will finally graduate from college" Nayeon says to Jihyo. "You are definitely right on that..." Jihyo sadly responded. " what is this grand prize that your father will give you?" Nayeon curiously asked. " My father told me that if ever I will get a perfect score for the upcoming test he will reward me with a brand new car!" Jihyo excitedly answered. "Oh...really? That is nice..." Nayeon uninterestedly responded. "Ya! At least respond with joy for me...*pouts" Jihyo responded with a pout. "Of course I am happy for you...I am sorry...I am just not feeling well..." Nayeon responded. "Are you okay?" Jihyo worriedly asked. "Umm...yes I am fine...don't worry about me..." Nayeon responded. "Are you sure? You look pale..." jihyo worriedly asked. "Yes...I am fine...I am just thirsty..." Nayeon replied. "Then shall we go and buy some drinks at the cafeteria?" Jihyo says. "Sure..." Nayeon replied.

While walking to the cafeteria they've encountered a hyper looking girl and an elegant introvert looking girl handing out some flyers for their club. "Everyone! The photography club is now recruiting new members! If you are interested please kindly visit our club!" Shouts the energetic looking girl. "Looks like they are short of members..." says Jihyo. "Yeah...looks like it..." Nayeon replied. The hyper looking girl approached Nayeon and Jihyo. "Hello you two! Would you like to join the photography club? We are currently recruiting for new members!" Says the hyper girl. "Umm...I am sorry but we are already in a club..." Says Jihyo. "Oh really? That's too bad...I am sorry for bothering the two of you..." says the hyper girl. "It's fine..." Jihyo says. Nayeon and Jihyo continued walking to the cafeteria.

At the cafeteria Nayeon and Jihyo met their other friends, Tzuyu, Dahyun, and Jeongyeon. "Hey...I heard someone skipped classes today..." Tzuyu jokingly started a conversation. "Ya! I didn't skip classes! I was just late" Nayeon replied. "Whatever...It's still the same thing" Tzuyu replied. "No it's not!" Nayeon replied. "Ya! Would you two please stop bickering like kids! the way what are you guys doing here!?" Jihyo asked. "Maybe to take a bath? What else would we be doing at the caferia." Tzuyu sarcastically answered. "*sighs* would the three of you please stop on bickering..." Jeongyeon says. "By the way...I was just thinking that maybe all of us could hang out later at my house? You have fun?" Jeongyeon asked. "I'm in!" Jihyo responded without hestitation. "Cool! How about the rest of you?" Jeongyeon asked. "I'm cool with that too" Dahyun replied. "I am not going if Nayeon is not coming since it won't be fun without teasing someone" Tzuyu replied. "Tsk..." Nayeon replied. "So...umm...will you be coming...Nayeon?" Jeongyeon asked.  "umm...I am not sure...I am not really in the mood to go out these days..." Nayeon replied. "Oh come will be so much fun! Right jeongyeon?" Jihyo says. "'re right...she's right Nayeon...It will be so much fun..." Jeongyeon replied. " I am sorry guys...I am not just in the I'll pass" Nayeon responded. "Boo! You are no fun..." Tzuyu says. "It's okay...maybe next time you could come with us?" Jeongyeon says to Nayeon. "Yeah...maybe some other time..." Nayeon replied.

After school the girls are now heading towards Jeongyeon's house. "Nayeona...are you sure you won't come with us?" Jihyo asked. "Yeah...I am not just in the mood today..." Nayeon replied. "All right...then I guess I'll see you tomorrow..." Jihyo says. Nayeon nods. "Okay...bye!" Jihyo says. "Bye..." nayeon says.

Nayeon was walking on her way home when she suddenly noticed a familiar face sitting on a bench in an empty park. "Isn't that the blonde weird girl at the traffic light a while a go?" While looking at the blonde girl Nayeon decided to approach her. "Umm...excuse me?" Nayeon says. "Hmm?" The blonde girl replied. "Umm...I don't know if you've remembered me but we've met a while ago..." Nayeon says. The blonde girl just looked at her for a while then suddenly, "Pfftss...*laughs*" The blonde girl laughs. "Ummm...why are you laughing?" Nayeon asked. "of course I remembered's not like we've seen each other last year" the blonde girl responded. " bad" Nayeon replied. "So do you need anything?" The blonde girl asked. "Huh? Oh well...umm...nothing...I was just wondering what are you doing here..." Nayeon responded. "Sitting obviously..." the blonde girl jokingly replied. " "Yeah...I can see that...hahaha*awkward laugh* anyways...I am sorry to bother you...I will be going now..." Nayeon says. "Wait..." the blonde girl says. "Huh?" Nayeon replied. "Weren't you gonna ask me why I didn't cross the street this morning?" The blonde girl says. Nayeon looked at the blonde girl for a second. The blonde girl smiled at Nayeon. "Umm...I believe it is none of my business to ask you that...I really should get going" Nayeon responded. Nayeon felt something weird about this blonde girl. "But you're curious aren't you?" The blonde girl says. Nayeon just looked at her full of curiousity. "Well...allow me to tell you my secret..." the blonde girl says. "Secret? What secret?" Nayeon curiously asked. "I will tell you once you join me here" the blonde girl says while patting on the bench. Out of curiousity Nayeon sat beside the weird blonde girl. "You are actually very obedient...different from what I have thought..." The blonde girls says with a flirty smile. "Could you please just tell me you're secret!?" Nayeon replied. "Okay... okay...jeez don't be my secret is..." The blonde girl replied so slowly. "Is....?" Nayeon says. "Is....I am actually afraid to cross the street...there I said it...are you satisfied?" The blonde girl says with a straight face. "Pfft...*laughing*" "Now why are you laughing?" The blonde girl asked. "Are you serious? What are you five?" Nayeon replied while laughing. "Tsk...That was not the respond I was expecting from you..." the blonde girl replied with disappointment. "Well I am sorry...but I am sure I am not the only one who reacted like this to your so hidden secret...I mean look at you...a full grown woman and you are telling me that you are afraid to cross the street? This is really hard to believe you know?" Nayeon responded. "*chuckles* I guess you have a point" the blonde girl responded. " Geez...if you really are afraid of crossing the street then I'll help you overcome your fear" Nayeon says. "Really? You'll help me?" The blonde girl replied. "*nods* I'll help you...just let me know when you are free" Nayeon says. "Well I am free everyday...maybe tomorrow?" the blonde girl says. "You're free everyday? What about school?" Nayeon curiously asked. "Well...umm...I don't go to school..." the blonde girl replied. "Why not?" Nayeon asked. "'s a secret..." The blonde girl replied. "Tsk...okay's not like I'm curious anyway..." Nayeon says. "By the way...I haven't got your name...And don't tell me it's also a secret..." Nayeon says. The blonde girl looked straight at Nayeon with a smirk then said, " name is momo" the blonde girl replied. "Momo...that is a cute name...didn't expect it to be your name though.." Nayeon says. "Why? Am I not cute?" Momo replied jokingly. "'re not...*chuckles*" Nayeon replied.

Nayeon became comfortable with the weird blonde girl she have just met today. They even started telling each other jokes and is now casually having a conversation with each other like they knew each other for a very long time.

"So what are you doing here?" Nayeon asked momo. "I told you I'm sitting..." Momo jokingly replied. "Tsk...I meant why are you sitting here? And don't be sarcastic this time..." Nayeon says. "Aigoo...You are a one curious girl..." Momo says. "Perhaps you're don't want to go home?" Nayeon asked. Momo looked at Nayeon. "'s you who doesn't want to go home..." Momo says. Nayeon suddenly went quiet. Momo came closer to neyeon. "Are you okay?" Momo asked. Nayeon just looked down. "What's wrong?" Momo asked. Nayeon shooked her head. "Nothing..." Nayeon replied. "Don't lie...come on tell me..." Momo says. Nayeon still wouldn't say anything. "Hey...You know it's always better to talk with a stranger..." Momo says. Nayeon looked at momo. Momo also looked at nayeon with a smile. "*sighs* My father...I hate him..." Nayeon says. "Your father? Why?" Momo asked. Nayeon looked at momo with a smile. "*chuckles* he's just good at his words..." Nayeon says. "His words? What do you mean?" Momo asked. "Well...whenever he says something deep or expresses his feelings...I know...he never meant them...he is never sincere with his words..." Nayeon says. Momo looked down then smiled. "It must be nice..." Momo says. Nayeon looked at momo. "What is? What part about my father not being sincere with his words is nice...?" Nayeon asked. Momo just looked at nayeon with a warm smile. "Nothing...I just thought that...maybe your father is a nice person" momo replied. "Tsk...yeah right..." Nayeon says. "At least...he's nice with his words..." momo says while looking at the sky. Nayeon looked at momo. "What about your father?" Nayeon asked. "My father?...he's the best..." momo says with a smile. "Really?...I bet he spoils you, for you to say that he's the best" Nayeon says. "*Chuckles* yeah...he couldn't speak though..." momo says. "Really?...that's sad..." nayeon says. "You think?" Momo says. "Yeah...I mean he couldn't say some nice words to you did well, I am proud of you, or I love you...but I guess he can communicate with you through sign language..." Nayeon says. "Well...I guess I like the fact that he couldn't speak..." momo says. "Really? come?" Nayeon asked. "You know...actions are always better than words..." momo says. Nayeon nodds. "Yeah...I guess you're right..." Nayeon says.

After sharing a deep conversation with a stranger, Nayeon didn't notice the time. It was already 8 PM.

*Nayeon's phone rings* "oh...someone's calling me..."says nayeon. She sees her sister Chaeyoung calling her. "I family is looking for me..."says nayeon. "You better go home's getting late" says momo. "Yeah...I guess I'll get going..." says nayeon. "Be careful on your way home..."says momo. "I will..." says nayeon. Momo waves at nayeon. Nayeon waved back at momo. Nayeon is now heading home.

To be continued...

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