It's a small world

Favorite Crime

After leaving the park, Nayeon has now arrived at their mansion. When she opened the door to their house she saw her father standing infront of the door with crossed arms. "Father? What are you doing there?" Nayeon asked. "good evening...nayeon..." says Mr. Im. "Umm...good evening...father..." nayeon replied. "Oh no...did I do something wrong? He seems mad...what should I do?" Says nayeon in her mind. "Nayeona..." says Mr. Im. "Umm...what is it father?" Nayeon replied. "Come with me..." says Mr. Im. "Umm...Where?" Nayeon curiously asked. "Just follow me..." says Mr. Im.

Nayeon then followed her father.
Nayeon and Mr. Im took the elevator to their underground parking lot.

"Umm..why are we here at the parking lot?" Nayeon curiously asked. "You'll see..." says Mr. Im.
Nayeon follows her father  then she sees a car covered with a car cover. "Umm...what is this?" Nayeon curiously asked. "Open it..." says Mr. Im.
Nayeon then slowly removed the car cover off the car and saw a brand new Bugatti Centodieci, a very expensive car which costs $9 million. Nayeon was surprised to see the car. "So...What do you think?" Mr. Im asked. Nayeon looked at her father. "It's a super nice car..." nayeon replied. Mr. Im nodded. "It is...and it's yours..." says Mr. Im. Nayeon looked at her father, surprised. "What?" Nayeon replied. Mr. Im chuckles. "I said it's yours...I saw this car at a car museum that I went to recently... and then I thought that...maybe I could give it to you as an early christmas present..." says Mr. Im.

Nayeon was silent for a second and she looks uninterested with her father's big present for her. "Do you like it?" Mr. Im asked. "Umm...It's a really nice car really is...but...umm...I can't accept this..." says nayeon. Mr. Im looked at nayeon looking like he already knew that nayeon wouldn't accept his present for her. "Umm...I can just walk...besides...I'm already used to walking everyday to school...or I could just ask the driver to drive for me if I really need to..." says nayeon.

"*sighs* I knew you were going to say that..." says Mr. Im.

Mr. Im then walk towards Nayeon. "nayeon...I think it's time..." says Mr. Im.

Nayeon went silent and just looked at her father as she didn't understand what her father was trying to say.

" I think it's time for you to forget about the past..." says Mr. Im.
Nayeon then kept her head down, as she finally realizes what her father meant.

"please...don't be too hard on yourself..." says Mr. Im in a worried tone before leaving nayeon at the parking lot.

After being left alone at the parking lot, a memory suddenly flashed through Nayeon's mind.


 it is a blur memory, a scene that is not visible, it was just plain black, then she hears a man's loud cry for help, then it slowly stopped.

Nayeon then started breathing heavily after remembering that memory.

"It's coming back again..." nayeon whispered to herself. 

After leaving Nayeon at the parking lot, Mr. Im stopped walking for second and released a big sigh. Mr. Im suddenly looked so worried. "What am I going to do..." says Mr. Im whispering to himself. (Mr. Im's phone rings) Mr. Im answered the phone call. "Hello?" Says Mr. Im. "My friend..." a man replied with a drunk tone. "Why are you calling?" Mr. Im asked. "Nothing...I just wanted to know how my friend is doing...we haven't spoken in a year...*laughs*" the drunk man replied. "What do you need?" Mr. Im replied in a serious tone. "*laughs* you know me too well..." the drunk man replied. "Money?" Says Mr. Im. "*chuckles* you really do know me well...*laughs*" "How much do you need?" Mr. Im asked. "Umm...well...maybe about...100 million won?" The drunk man replied. "100 million? *angry sigh* Don't you think you're asking for too much?" Mr. Im replied. " should be glad I didn't ask for more...I know you're capable of giving that amount to me Mr. fact you should be thanking me...if I wasn't kind enough to accept your offer...not even a single peny would be left in your bank account right now...*laughs*"says the drunk man. "*sighs* fine..." Mr. Im replied. "That's it...*chuckles* thank you my friend...*laughs*" says the drunk man. Mr. Im then hang up the call.


 she hears a man's voice shouting, "Heeelp! Somebody! Please!"

After hearing that Nayeon woke up from her sleep.

Nayeon woke up scared, sweaty and she was breathing so hard.

"Again..." Nayeon whispers to herself.


It is now morning, and Nayeon is preparing to go to the mall to shop for Jeongyeon's birthday. Chaeyoung went in to nayeon's room and as she opened the door she saw Nayeon all dressed up and was ready to go out. "'re up early...and why are you all dressed up?" Chaeyoung asked. "I am going to the mall..." nayeon replied while looking at herself in the mirror. "Oh...really? We should go together then..." says chaeyoung. "Why?" Nayeon asked. "Well...I'm actually going to the mall might as well go together..." chaeyoung replied. "Oh really? Are you going to buy something?" Nayeon asked. "Yeah...I am actually craving for a strawberry cake..." chaeyoung replied. "That cake that you usually eat?" Nayeon asked. Chaeyoung nodded. " I am going to buy one..." says chaeyoung. "Oh..okay then..." nayeon replied. "And you? What are you going to buy?" Chaeyoung asked. "I'm buying a present for jeongyeon...since her birthday is coming..." nayeon replied. "Oh right..." chaeyoung replied. "Shall we get going?" Says nayeon. "Okay..." chaeyoung replied. " the you mind if we just walk?" Nayeon asked. "From here to the mall!?" Chaeyoung asked. "Well...umm...yes..." nayeon replied. " you know how far our house is to the mall!?" Says chaeyoung. "It's not that's only a kilometer away..."says nayeon. "that's still far!" says chaeyoung. "Come's just a 10 minute walk..." says nayeon. " better treat me today..." chaeyoung replied.

Nayeon and chaeyoung are now heading to the mall.  After walking for five minutes chaeyoung started to get tired. "Ahh...I'm so tired..." chaeyoung complained. "Tsk...we've only been walking for a few minutes and you're already tired?" Says nayeon. " legs are killing me..." Chaeyoung replied. "Just quit complaining okay? We're almost there..." says nayeon.

After walking for 10 minutes, Nayeon and chaeyoung have finally arrived at the mall.

"Ahh...finally...we've arrived...that felt like it was gonna take forever..." says chaeyoung. "You just have to get use to it..." says nayeon. "Ya! this is the first and will be the last time that I will be walking with you to the mall..." says chaeyoung. Nayeon chuckles. " should help me choose a present for jeongyeon..." says nayeon. "You don't know what to get her?" Chaeyoung asked. "Well...I do know the things she likes but...I feel like I've already given those to her during her previous birthdays..." says nayeon. " about a cake?" Says chaeyoung. "A cake?" Nayeon replied. Chaeyoung nodded. "Yeah...I'm sure jeongyeon unnie will love it...and she's also a fan of sweets..." says chaeyoung. "She is..." nayeon replied. "So? You'll get her one?" Chaeyoung asked. "Hmm...okay...a cake it is I guess..." nayeon replied. "Great...I know where you should get her the perfect cake..." says chaeyoung. "Where?" Nayeon asked. "Just follow me..." chaeyoung replied.
Chaeyoung took nayeon to a cakeshop beside the mall. "We're here..." says chaeyoung. Nayeon read the store signage and it says "Myoui's Cakeshop." Nayeon and chaeyoung then went inside the shop. As they enter the cakeshop mina was there and she greeted them. "Welcome to Myoui's Cakeshop!" Says mina. Nayeon was surprised to see mina. "Oh? Mina?" Says nayeon. "Oh? Nayeonie..." says mina. Chaeyoung looked at the both of them. " both know each other?" Chaeyoung asked. "Yes...we are in the same club..." nayeon replied. "Nayeona...what brings you here?" Mina asked. "Well...umm...I wanted to give my friend a birthday cake...and chaeyoung recommended this place..." nayeon replied. "Ahh...I see..." mina replied. "What about you mina? Are you working here?" Nayeon asked. " parents owns this on weekends I usually help here..." mina replied. "Ah...really? That's great..." says nayeon. Mina chuckles. " the way...why are the both of you together?" Mina asked. "Well...she's actually my older sister" chaeyoung replied. "Oh really? Wow...the world really is small..." says mina. " know mina?" Nayeon asked chaeyoung. Chaeyoung nodded. "We've known each other since last year..." chaeyoung replied. "Really?" Says nayeon. "Yeah..." chaeyoung replied. "How do you know each other?" Nayeon asked. Chaeyoung smiled. "It's actually a long story..." says chaeyoung.

To be continued...

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