The prettiest flower

Favorite Crime

Nayeon is now an official member of the photography club. "This is great! Now nobody will ever call us a flop club." Sana says. "Flop club?" Nayeon asked. "*sighs* we were teased by many club organizations...they said that the photography club is a flop since it only has two members..." sana says. "That's terrible..." nayeon says. "Yeah...but...we have you here now! And who knows...we could gather more people to join our club!" Sana excitedly says. "*Chuckles* I think you are way too excited..." mina says. "Ofcourse I am! I's been so long since there were three people gathered in this room..." sana says. "By the way...has it always been just the two of you here in the photography club?" Nayeon asked. Sana and mina suddenly went quiet. "No...not actually..." sana says. "So...there were other members before? What happened?" Nayeon curiously asked. "The photography club was originally a three member left...she transferred to a different school and we don't know where...she left us without notice..." sana says with a sad and slightly mad tone. The atmosphere in the room suddenly went quiet. "*sighs*anyways! Nayeonshi...since you are a new member of the photography club...I would like to give you your first assignment..." says sana. "Assignment? What assignment?" Nayeon asked. "For your first assignment, I would like you to take a photo of a thing or someone that you find the prettiest" sana says. "A thing or a person that I find the prettiest?" Nayeon says. Sana nods. "Yep...and the deadline would be tomorrow..." sana says. "Wait...tomorrow? Can you give me some more time?" Nayeon asked. Sana is shaking her head. "Nope...tomorrow will be the final extension" sana says.
"By the you have your own camera?" Mina asked. "Oh right...I don't have one..." nayeon replied. "In that can borrow one from the club...we actually donated three extra cameras here for emergency purposes..." mina says. "Really? I would appreciate that..." nayeon says. Mina handed nayeon a film camera. "Here...this one is a film camera..." mina says. "Ooh...this is great...thank you minashi..." nayeon says. "You're welcome...nayeonshi" mina says.
After paying a visit at the photography club room, Nayeon is now at the classroom. "A photo of something or someone that I find the prettiest huh? *sighs*'s so hard..." nayeon says before putting her head on her arm chair. "What's this? Didn't sleep last night?" Jihyo says. Nayeon then lifted her head and looked at Jihyo. "Jihyohyaaa..." nayeon says to Jihyo with a crying voice. Jihyo was shocked to seeing nayeon's reaction. "Omo! What happened to you? Did someone broke up with you?" Jihyo jokingly asked. "Ya! How could someone break up with me when I am not even in a relationship in the first place..." nayeon says. "Heh...right..." Jihyo teasingly says. "So what happened?" Jihyo asked. Nayeon looked at jihyo and she was having second thoughts to ask her a question. " are my bestfriend...and I am sure that you know me well..." nayeon says with a serious tone and face. Jihyo nods. "Ofcourse I know you well..." jihyo says with confidence. "Then...What do you think is the thing or someone that I find the prettiest?" Nayeon asked Jihyo with a serious face. "What?" Jihyo says. "Ahh...nevermind..." nayeon replied before putting her head back on the arm chair. Nayeon didn't ask jihyo that question again as she was sure that jihyo wouldn't take her question seriously. " the way, we had so much fun yesterday at jeongyeon's should have come...there were so many delicious snacks and deserts...and--ya! Are you even listening?" Jihyo asked nayeon. Nayeon looks like she wasn't interested in listening to Jihyo. "Huh? Oh...well...I'm sorry..." nayeon responded. " about you? I bet you had plenty of rest since you went home early yesterday..." Jihyo says. "Not really..."nayeon replied. "What do you mean?" Jihyo asked. "I almost died yesterday..." nayeon says. "What? What do you mean you almost died?" Jihyo asked. "I was almost hitted by a truck...good thing sana came and saved me..." nayeon calmly says. "What!? Are you serious!? Are you fine? And who's this sana?" Jihyo worriedly asked. "I am fine...we only had some minor injuries..." nayeon replied. "Who's sana?" Jihyo asked again. "Ahh...sanashi...a new friend of mine..." nayeon says. "A new friend?" Jihyo asked. Nayeon nodded. "Yes...and she is also the president of the photography club...the club that I am in..." nayeon says. "What!? You joined the photography club!?" Jihyo curiously asked. Nayeon nodded. "Yep..." nayeon replied. "Did that sana forced you to join the club?" Jihyo asked. "Not really...I was willing to join..." nayeon replied. "*chuckles* really?...since when did you get interested in photography?" Jihyo teasingly asked nayeon. " know it's great to try and do new things..." nayeon replied. "*chuckles* allright...good luck with that..." jihyo says.

It is now lunchtime and Jihyo went to the cafeteria to meet jengyeon, tzuyu, and dahyun. Dahyun is waving at jihyo to sit with them. Jihyo went to their table. "Wah...the line is so long..." jihyo says before putting her tray at the table. "I know took me like half an hour to get this bread" jeongyeon says. "*sighs* yeah..." jihyo says. "Oh? Where is nayeon?" Dahyun asked. "Right...where is she?" Jeongyeon asked. "She said she'd skip lunch since she had some important things to do for her new club..." jihyo says. "Club? What club?" Jeongyeon asked. "The photography club" jihyo replied. Tzuyu choked on her milkshake since she burst out laughing. "*laughing* no kidding...nayeon? In the photography club? That's so funny" tzuyu says. "What's wrong with it?" Dahyun asked. "I don't know I just find it suits her well...I should ask her to take my photo..." tzuyu jokingly says. "Did she really join that club?" Jeongyeon asked. Jihyo nodded. "Yes...she said she wanted to try and do new things...if she's happy with it then I have no problem with it too..." jihyo says. "So she's an explorer now huh?" Tzuyu says. "Do you know where she is right now?" Jeongyeon asked jihyo. "She mentioned that she was going to be at the garden behind the school..." jihyo replied.

At the garden behind the school, Nayeon was busy taking photos of some flowers. "Am I doing it right? Ahh I don't know..." nayeon talking to herself. " of things or someone that I find the prettiest..." nayeon says. "What could it be?..." nayeon says in her mind. "What are you doing?" Nayeon heard a familiar voice. Nayeon then turned around and she was right, it was momo. "Momo!?" Nayeon says as she was surprised to see momo. "What's with that reaction? Do I look like a ghost?" Momo jokingly asked. "What are you doing here?" Nayeon asked. "I was just about to ask you the same question..." momo replied. "Nothing...I was just...looking for the things that I find the prettiest..." nayeon replied. " are? What for?" Momo asked. "It's for my new club..." nayeon replied. "Club?" Momo asked. Nayeon nodded. Momo then saw the film camera that nayeon was holding. " joined the photography club?" Momo curiously asked nayeon. Nayeon looked at momo and nodded. "How did you know?" Nayeon asked. Momo smiles then chuckles. "I can actually read minds..." momo jokingly replied. "Really? You can do that?" Nayeon innocently asked. Momo burst out laughing. "You are really you know that?" Momo says while continually laughing as she finds nayeon cute to tease. "Tsk...whatever...and please don't call me cute!" Nayeon says. "Why not? Does it make your heart flutter?" Momo says as she puts her face close to nayeon's.  " if..." nayeon says. "Now can you please leave...I can't concentrate with you being here..." nayeon says while continuing to take pictures of the flowers. "*chuckles* am I that pretty that I make you nervous when I am around?" Momo jokingly says. "'s because I find your face ugly and it makes me annoyed" nayeon says while taking a picture of flower. "*chuckles* you know it's better to have an ugly appearance than an ugly heart" momo says. "Yeah right..." nayeon replied without listening to what momo have just said as she was busy looking for a perfect subject for her photo. Momo looked at Nayeon and approached her. "Tell me what it is that you are going to do...maybe I could help..." momo says. "Yeah Help me?" Nayeon says. " know it hurts when you don't even believe me..." momo says. "Ofcourse I don't..." nayeon says. "Tsk...all right now you are really hurting me..." momo says. Nayeon looks at momo. "*sighs* fine...I was tasked to take a photo of the things or someone that I find the prettiest" nayeon says. Momo looked at nayeon and was surprised. Nayeon looked at momo who was surprised. "What?" Nayeon asked. "Umm...nothing..." momo replied. "You seemed shock..." nayeon says. "I was just surprised on how easy your task is but it took you this long to get it done..." momo teasing nayeon again. "Really? Well if it's so easy for you why don't you help me then?" Nayeon says. "Sure...that's not a problem..." momo says with confidence. "You know this task is easy if you think about it..." momo says. "All right you mind giving me an example of the things that you find the prettiest?" Nayeon says. Momo smiled at nayeon. "There are a lot actually...and you can find them everywhere, if only you have the eyes to see actually depends on the person's eyes...this flower right here (momo pointing at the roses) could be the prettiest or the ugliest thing for a depends on whether you see the beauty in it and learn to appreciate it..." says momo. Nayeon looked at momo. Momo came closer to Nayeon's face and looked straight into her eyes. "And in my are the prettiest...nayeona..." says momo. Nayeon's heart fluttered and she immediately turned her back on momo as her face was red as a tomato. Momo chuckles. "Hey...are you embarrased?" Momo asked. "Shut up...of course I am not..." nayeon replied. Momo chuckles. "Yeah I thought so...maybe it's because of the sun that your face turned so red..." momo continued to tease nayeon. "'s because the weather is so hot...anyways I should get going...lunch time is already over..." nayeon says. "Okay...I guess I'll see you later then?" Momo says. "okay...bye..." says nayeon before running immediately. "Bye..." momo says. Momo was left alone at the garden.

To be continued...

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