The Photography club

Favorite Crime

Nayeon's father Mr. Im, has arrived at their mansion from work. Mr. Im stepped down from his limousine. Nayeon's driver went to him and greeted him. "Good evening sir." Says Nayeon's driver. "Good evening. Where's Nayeon?" Says Mr. Im. "I am afraid she is not yet home sir..." says the driver. Mr. Im looked at the driver and was slightly mad. "She did not take the car again?" Mr. Im asked. "I am afraid not sir..." The driver replied. "*sighs* that girl is so stubborn..." Says Mr. Im. After knowing her father has arrived from work, Chaeyoung ran towards her father and shouted, "Papa!" Then gave his father a tight hug. Mr. Im was surprised and then he smiled at his daughter. " surprised me..." says Mr. Im. "I missed you..." chaeyoung whispered while hugging her father. "Me too sweetie..." says Mr. Im. Chaeyoung then smiled at her father. "Where is your sister?...can you please give her a call...she has not come home yet and it's getting late..." says Mr. Im. Chaeyoung suddenly looked disappointed and quickly released her hands from the hug. "Maybe she's still at school...when I left the campus I saw her there and it looks like she was busy with Jihyo unnie..." says chaeyoung. "Still...I want you to call her and tell her to come home's not safe to be out this late..." says Mr. Im. The disappointment on chaeyoung's face shows. "Fine...I'll give her a call..." says chaeyoung while pouting. "Thank shall we head's starting to get cold..." says Mr. Im. "Umm...papa you should go ahead...I'll stay here for awhile and give nayeon unnie a call..." says chaeyoung. "Okay..." Mr. Im replied.

Chaeyoung stayed out for a while as she was disappointed with her father for only thinking about Nayeon.
" I am are looking for her..." chaeyoung whispered. "Aish...where is she anyway!?" Says chaeyoung. "She better pick up her phone!" Says chaeyoung while opening her phone to give Nayeon a call.
Nayeon did not pick up and it made chaeyoung more annoyed. "Tsk...fine then! Don't pick up! Just know that I have now done my part!" Says chaeyoung before walking with heavy steps towards their house.

Nayeon is walking home and is now crossing the street while trying to message her younger sister chaeyoung to let her know that she is now on her way home. Then all of a sudden, a truck was fastly approaching Nayeon. Nayeon turned her head and saw the truck driving towards her at full speed, Nayeon couldn't move her entire body as it froze, she just looked at the truck and stood still like a statue, suddenly someone pushed Nayeon to the sidewalk, and as she glanced at the person who pushed her  she saw momo. After Nayeon was pushed she is now lying on the sidewalk. The truck driver had lost control of the truck and it had hit the wall of an unused old building. Nayeon had her eyes closed and as she opened her eyes, she saw the girl who pushed her, lying down on the sidewalk. Nayeon approached her and said, "Momo!? Are you okay!?" But as she came close to the girl, Nayeon realized that it was not momo, but it was the hyper girl who approached her and Jihyo at school to ask them to join the photography club. Nayeon shooked the girl's body, and told her to wake up. "Are you okay!? Wake up! Help! Please!" Nayeon shouted but the people there just stared at them and did nothing. After a second the girl finally opened her eyes. Nayeon looked at the girl with relief. "You...are you okay?" Are you hurt?" Nayeon worriedly asked. The girl got up and was touching her head. "What happened?" The girl asked. "You saved me...Thank you..." Nayeon says. "Huh?...I did?" The girl says and it looks like she had no idea what had happened. "Yes you did..." Nayeon replied. Nayeon got up and helped the girl to stand up. The police and ambulance then arrived after a minute and had checked the truck driver's condition. The truck driver was drunk and had lost control. Nayeon and the girl are now being treated at the ambulance. Thankfully, They only had some minor injuries.
After getting a call from the police and was told that her daughter was nearly hitted by a truck, Mr. Im, Nayeon's father has arrived and as soon as he stepped down his car, he immediately ran towards Nayeon and gave her a very tight hug as he was scared and thought that he was gonna lose his daughter. "Father?" Nayeon says while wondering why her father hugged her. "Don't ever scare me like that again..." Mr. Im whispers while tightly hugging nayeon. That line made nayeon think that it was the first time she ever heard her father say something sincere towards her. Nayeon then hugged back her father. "Are you okay!? Are you hurt!?" Mr. Im worriedly asked nayeon. Nayeon smiled at her father. "Im fine...really...just some minor injuries..." nayeon says. "*sighs* what happened?" Mr. Im asked. "I was just crossing the street when suddenly I saw the truck fastly approaching me but then this girl...*looking at the hyper girl*  pushed me to the sidewalk and saved me..." nayeon says. Mr. Im then looked at the girl who saved her daughter. "Kid...thank you...for saving my daughter..." Mr. Im says. Nayeon forgot to aks for the girl's name. "Oh right...hey...I haven't got your name..." says nayeon. The girl looked at Nayeon with a smile and said, "Sana...My name is sana..." "Sanashi...Thank you for saving me...and by the way, my name is Nayeon..." Nayeon says while giving her hand to sana for a handshake. Sana looked at nayeon's hand and shooked her hand back. "You are welcome...Nayeona..."

Mr. Im then said, "You don't know how thankful I am to you kid...How can I ever repay you for saving my daughter's life?" Mr. Im kindly asked sana. Sana looked at Nayeon. "I wont ask for anything...maybe just a favor?" Sana says. "A favor? What kind of favor?" Mr. Im asked. "Umm...for Nayeon to join our club?" Sana says. Mr. Im looked at Nayeon. Nayeon looked at sana. "Umm...I guess...that favor of yours is up to Nayeon..." says Mr. Im. Sana looked at Nayeon with pitiful eyes. "So...Nayeon...would you do this girl a favor and join her club?" Mr. Im asked. "*chuckles* How can I say no to the person who have just saved my life..."says Nayeon. Sana then smiled brightly and said, "Really? So you are joining the club?" Sana excitedly asked. Nayeon nodded. "Yes..." nayeon replied. "That is great...I guess we are okay here now..." says Mr. Im. "By the way...what kind of club are you in?" Mr. Im curiously asked. "I am the president of the Seoul University photography club." Sana replied. " That is good..." says Mr. Im. "So I guess I will be seeing you tomorrow at the club room?" Says sana. Nayeon nodded. "Yeah...I guess I'll see you then..." nayeon replied.
Nayeon and her father have finally arrived at their mansion. As they arrived, chaeyoung was sitting at the door steps and it looks like she was worried. "Ya! What happened to you!?" Chaeyoung worriedly asked nayeon. "I am fine...just some minor injuries..." nayeon replied. " should be careful next time..." says chaeyoung. Nayeon smiled at chaeyoung as she thought that she was cute. "Did I make you worry?" Nayeon jokingly says while patting chaeyoungs head. "Ya! Ofcourse not!" Chaeyoung replied. But it was very clear to Nayeon that chaeyoung was really worried about her. "Fine...fine...whatever you say..." nayeon teasing chaeyoung while heading inside their house. "Tsk...that woman..." chaeyoung says. Mr. Im looked happy as he sees his daughters being loud and playful with eachother.
"It looks like they are about to fight all night long sir..." Nayeon's driver jokingly says. Mr. Im smirked. "Looks like it..." says Mr. Im while smiling. "Daughters really are like flowers...they fill the world with beauty..." says the driver. Mr. Im looked at the driver. "Yeah...they sure do" Mr. Im says.

The next morning, Chaeyoung was about to wake up Nayeon and scold her like she usually do. Chaeyoung opens Nayeon's door and yelled, "Ya! Wake up! Or you'll be la--" chaeyoung noticed that Nayeon was not in her room. Chayoung went out and asked Nayeon's driver where she was. "Mr...have you seen Nayeon?" Chaeyoung asked the driver. "I am afraid she already left...she told me that she has something to do..." the driver replied. "Really?" Chaeyoung replied with disbelief as she couldn't believe that her sister who is always late, finally went out early.

Nayeon has arrived at school and she was heading to the photography club. Upon arriving at the club, Nayeon saw the elegant looking girl who handed out flyers with sana when they recruited her and Jihyo. The girl was opening the club room. Nayeon approached her. "Umm...excuse sana here?" Nayeon asked the girl. "Oh...umm...I am afraid she has not arrived yet..." the girl replied. "Ah really? Well...umm...if she arrives please do tell her that I stopped by..." nayeon says. " you need anything from sana?" The girl asked. "Huh? Well...I am... actually planning to join the photography club..." nayeon replied. "Really?" The girl says with excitement. "Well...yeah..." nayeon replied. "Then please do come inside and just wait for sana here..." the girl says. "Yeah sure..." nayeon replied. While waiting for sana to arrive, the girl made coffee for Nayeon. "Would you like some coffee?"the girl asked nayeon while bringing two cups of coffee. "Yeah I would..." nayeon replied. "So...umm...what made you decide to join the photography club?" The girl asked. "'s a long story..." Nayeon replied.

Sana has arrived at the club room. "Minayahh...please prepare some coffee we will have a guest this morn---" sana stopped talking as she saw nayeon already in the club room. "Nayeona! You're already here?" Sana excitedly says. "Yeah...I am sorry for being too early" nayeon says. "'s actually means that you are that excited...right?" Sana excitedly says. "I guess so..." nayeon replied. " I guess you've already met mina" sana says. "Mina?" Nayeon asked. " haven't introduced yourself?" Sana asked. "I believe I have not..." mina says. "Well then...allow me to introduce you to the photography club...I, Sana Minatozaki, president of the photography club, and the elegant girl here beside me is Mina Myoui, vice president of the photography club." Sana says. "It's nice to meet the two of you..." nayeon says. "Introduce yourself too nayeona...don't be shy..." sana says. "Umm...hello...My name is Nayeon...Im Nayeon...and I would like to be a part of the photography club, Please take care of me well...*bows*" nayeon introduced herself. "Welcome to the photography club nayeona! Let's capture a lot of pictures together!" Says Sana. (The phrase actually means "let's make a lot of memories"). Nayeon nodded. "Let's do it!" Nayeon replied.

Nayeon has now become an official member of the photography club and it seems like she is comfortable with the other members, Sana and mina. 

To be continued...

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