Two less lonely people

Favorite Crime

"You know it's not safe to be out this late..." nayeon says to momo.

Momo turned her head towards nayeon and smiled.

"What are you doing here?" Nayeon asked as she slowly walks towards momo.

"Sitting..." Momo sarcastically responds.

"Oh right...that was dumb of me to ask such a rhetorical question..." Nayeon replied.

Momo chuckles.

"How about asking a barely perceptible one?" Says momo.

Nayeon chuckles.

"Then...why are you sitting here?" Nayeon asked.

"To look at the moon..." Momo replied.

"You really love the moon that much, do you?" nayeon asked.

"Who doesn't?" momo replied.

"May I ask why do you love it so much?" Nayeon asked.

Momo looked at nayeon and said,

"Come here and sit with me...then you'll know why..." Says momo while patting the empty side of the bench she is sitting in.

"Umm...Okay then..." Nayeon then sat next to momo.

"Look at that...who doesn't love this view?" Says momo while pointing at the moon.

"I have to admit, it is beautiful..." Says nayeon.

Momo looked at nayeon with a smile and whispered,

"Like you..."

Nayeon chuckles as she blushes.

"But...that is just one of the things that I love about it..." Says momo.

"What are the other things then?" Nayeon asked.

"Do you know that the moon connects people?" Says momo.

"What do you mean?" Nayeon asked.

"Someone once told me that...if ever you're feeling down or alone, just look at the moon...because someone...from looking at it too..." Says momo.

Nayeon was silent for a second and looked at the moon.

"I guess I'll start looking at it too..." Says nayeon.

The both of them looked at each other.

Nayeon chuckled.

"You know...I have never liked the idea of being alone...just by thinking about it scares's different now...I actually don't have a problem with it fact, I want to be alone...alone with you..." Says nayeon as she looks at momo in the eyes.

Hearing that from nayeon made momo's heart flutter, and her face red as tomatoes.

Nayeon then broke the eye contact with momo and kept her head on the ground as she was embarrassed about what she have just said.

"I don't know, does that even make sense?" Says nayeon.

Momo then took nayeon's hands, held it and said,

"Let's be alone together then..."

The both of them met each other's eyes and exchanged the warmest smiles.

After helding nayeon's hands, momo never lets it go.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Who taught you that?" Nayeon asked.

"Hmm? What do you mean?" Momo replied.

"That quote about the moon..." Nayeon replied.

It took momo a few seconds to respond to nayeon.

"My mom..." Momo replied and kept her head on the ground.

Nayeon then looked at momo and asked,

"What happened?"

"Hmm?" Momo replied as she was unsure of what nayeon meant.

"your mom...what happened to her?" Nayeon softly asked.

"How did you know?" Momo asked.

"About what?" Nayeon replied.

"You seem to know about my mom..." Says momo.

"You were so obvious about it...the moment I asked you the question about the quote, it took you like a minute to respond..." Says nayeon.

Momo chuckles.

"Aside from being pretty and curious, you are also very observant..." Says momo.

"It's not's just and I act the same when asked about our mothers..." Says nayeon.

Momo looks at nayeon.

"Did your mom--..did she--?" Says momo.

"Leave?" Nayeon replied.

Nayeon chuckles sadly.

"She did...and do you know how old I was when she left?" Says nayeon while looking at momo.

"Three..." Nayeon replied with a forced smile.

Again, Nayeon chuckles sadly.

"I was only three years old when my mother left my father...if you're going to ask me why she left, don't...because I don't know why either...and I guess I never will..." Says nayeon.

"Do you know where she is right now?" Momo asked.

Nayeon nodded.

"She's in the UK...I actually saw her there once...but...she didn't recognize me...what do I expect...she saw her daughter the last time as a child...of course she wouldn't recognize me all grown the end, I couldn't tell her who I was...I also think it's better that way...for her and...for her new family..." Says nayeon.

"How about your mother?" Nayeon asked.

"I guess we're the same...but also different...after years of living in the slums...My mother finally had the perfect family she's been dreaming of...happy, healthy, and wealthy...everything was going so well...not until...she decided to have an affair with the family driver...and got pregnant..." Says momo.

"What happened after that?" Nayeon asked.

" mother decided to have the baby..." Momo replied.

"How did your father take it?" Nayeon asked.

"He was thankful...I guess...for my mom decided to give birth to me..." Momo replied.

Nayeon looked at momo.

"'re the--"

"Yep...I was their child...a child of an affair..." Says momo.

Momo sadly chuckles.

"Where is your mother now?" Nayeon asked.

Momo let out a deep sigh.

"I don't know...the last time I saw her was when I was five years in this very park, she told me that she was going to come back with the doll that I have always wanted...I've waited for hours...for days...for years...all my life...I've waited for her here...but...she never came back...but I'm still here...waiting...and I'll keep on waiting for her..." Says momo.

"Is that the reason why you're always here?" Nayeon asked.

Momo nodded.

Nayeon lets out a big sigh and stood up, pulling momo's hands.

"How about we go for a late night walk? My hurts from sitting in here for too long..." Says nayeon as she wants to lighten up the mood.

Momo chuckled and stood up.

"Yeah...did they made this bench out of nails and spikes?" Says momo jokingly.

The both of them chuckled.


While walking on the empty streets at night, still holding nayeon's hands tight, momo was looking up at the sky.

Nayeon glanced at momo and said,

"You should be looking at where you are going when walking on the can bump into someone if you don't...or could be in an accident..." Says nayeon.

Momo looked at nayeon and smiled.

"Now what are you smiling about?" Nayeon asked.

"I just find it cute when you're worried about me like that..." Says momo.

"Well you shouldn't be because I'm serious..." Nayeon replied.

The both of them stopped walking.

Momo then pats nayeon in the head and said,

"Don't worry about me...I'll be I can assure you that nothing is going to happen to me...okay?"

Nayeon nodded.

"Now...I also wanted to tell you something..." Says momo.

"What is it?" Nayeon asked.

"if ever you're feeling down and lonely...I want you to look at the moon..." Says momo.

"The moon? Why?" Nayeon curiously asked.

"The moon will comfort you when you're feeling looking at it will remind you of me..." Says momo.

"Since...I'm as beautiful as it..." Momo continued with a joke.

Nayeon chuckled.

"I almost believed that you were serious back there..." Says nayeon.

"I am...well about the first part..." Says momo.

Nayeon chuckles.

"Jokes aside...I just wanted you to know that...if you need me, I'm here...if you don't, I'm still here..." Says momo.

Hearing momo say that made nayeon so happy.

As they are now about to cross the street, momo suddenly stopped walking.

"What's the matter? Why did you stop?" Nayeon asked.

Momo stood still then she looked at nayeon and said, 

"This is where we first met..."

The both of them are standing at the nappeugo joh-eun street, the place where they first met.

"Oh yeah...I were such a weirdo back then...and I also remembered you not crossing to the other side of the stree-" nayeon suddenly stopped talking and looked at momo.

"Right...I totally forgot that you are afraid to cross the street..." Says nayeon.

Momo chuckled.

"And I also remembered that you offered to help me overcome my fear..." Says momo.

"Right...I forgot about that too..." Says nayeon.

"I really wanted to overcome my fear...I've realized that if I don't face it I will never be truly free...and it will only become my limit..." Says momo.

"Wow...I wish I had your courage to face my fears..." Says nayeon before sitting on the sidewalk.

Momo then sat next to her and asked,

"Why? What is it that you are afraid of?"

It took a few seconds for nayeon to respond to momo.

"I'm afraid--...I'm afraid of the mistakes that I have done in the past...I really am...up until still haunts me..." Says nayeon.

Momo looks at nayeon with feelings of guilt.

"I don't know what I would do if sh--" nayeon was disrupted as momo suddenly hugged her.

Nayeon was confused on why momo hugged her all of a sudden.

"Momo?...Are you okay?...Is something wrong?" Nayeon curiously asked.

Momo hugged her tighter and whispered,

"I'm sorry..."

Nayeon didn't understand why momo suddenly apologized.

"Momo...why are you apologizing?" Nayeon curiously asked.

"I'm sorry...for causing you more must have been hard for you..." Says momo in an emotional tone.

"I wish...I wish I could take all the pain that you are feeling...the ones keeping you up all night and breaking you down...the ones slowly taking your smile and happiness...I know that I won't be able to fix it...but...I wish I can be the shoulder you can rest on when your worries are too much to bear...and I-- I wish--I can give you my heart in which you can pour all your pain so that you won't have nothing but love within you...I wish--- I wish...I wish I could be with you longer..." Says momo as she was emotional.

Nayeon breaks the hug and said,

"Why are you saying all of this? I--I don't understand..." Says nayeon.

Momo then holds nayeon's face.

"Nayeona...I wanted you to know that...whatever was not your fault..." Says momo.

A tear suddenly rolled down from nayeon's eyes.

"What are you saying? I--I--don't--know what you're talking're not making any sense..." Says nayeon.

Momo wiped the tear from nayeon's face.

The both of them looked at each other's eyes.

While holding nayeon's face, and feeling emotional, momo said,

"I need your help..."

Nayeon looked at momo with confusion.

"Will you help me...get across to the other side of the street?" Says momo.

Nayeon was so confused but nodded to help momo.

Momo then helped nayeon get up, and they both crossed the street together.

As they are now halfway through, momo stopped walking.

Nayeon looked back at momo and saw her looking so scared and desperate.

Suddenly a car is driving so fast towards momo and hit her.

To be continued...

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