Sweet as strawberries

Favorite Crime

Chaeyoung's POV:

Nayeon unnie...the favorite child...the one who always gets to open her presents first...the one who always gets the nicest things...the one whom papa favors more...and...the one who gets all of his love...with nothing left for me...

Papa always denies it...maybe because he doesn't really see it...but...it's so obvious...and the unfairness bothers me greatly...it's hard to come in second...I have always wondered...how could parents use that expression? Is it right for them to have a favorite child? Aren't parents supposed to love their children equally?

Being the least favorite child...I actually don't have a problem with that...but...papa is just making it painfully obvious...

I still remember my 16th birthday last year...the day before my birtbday, my friends told me that they saw my father buying a cake from an expensive cakeshop, and that my father would surprise me when I wake up on the day of my birthday. I had my hopes up. I was excited as this was going to be the first time that papa will surprise me.

So on the day of my birthday, I woke up early and I was waiting for papa to surprise me in my bedroom with a cake and sing me a "Happy birthday" like what my friends told me. But...unfortunately...he didn't...I waited for hours in my bed...but no one came to surprise me...not even the maids...I was tired of waiting...I decided to just come down, and then I thought that maybe it was not a surprise. Maybe they would just celebrate my birthday? So I hurriedly ran down the stairs. But...coming down, I saw papa with Nayeon unnie all dressed up in matching colored tshirts...Papa was going to school with Nayeon unnie for the sports day. As I was staring at them from the stairs, nayeon unnie had noticed me and immediately said, "oh...chaeyounga...good morning!"

In my mind I wanted to say that there was nothing good about my morning...none at all.

"good morning unnie..." I replied.

"Sweetie...nayeon and I will be out for a while...since I will be accompanying your sister for sports day..." says papa.

I just smiled at him to hide away the pain that I was feeling at that time.

"Ooh...really? That sounds fun!" I replied.

In my mind I wanted to come with them...but...I guess I shouldn't...I thought that I would just be left out if I come...and I hated that feeling.

"all right...we're settled...shall we go?" My father says to nayeon.

Nayeon unnie nodded.

"Let's go..." Nayeon unnie replied.

I just looked at them and thought that..."am I even a part of this family?"

They didn''t even bother greeting me a Happy birthday...

"Sweetie...we'll be going now..." says my father.

"All right...be careful!" I replied as I put on a fake smile.

What I'll remember most about my 16th birthday is that my father forgot it.

No words can describe how hurt I was on that day of my birthday.

But I didn't want to feel unhappy and gloomy on the day of my birthday so
I then decided to go out and celebrate it by myself.

I went to the mall. I went to my favorite stores and boutiques. But a birthday celebration won't be complete without a birthday cake. So I decided to buy one for myself.

I went to a cakeshop beside the mall to buy one.

As I've arrived at the cakeshop, the girl who's working at the shop greeted me.

"Good morning! Welcome to Myoui's cake shop!" She warmly greeted.

"Umm...good morning...do you have any birthday cakes available?" I asked the girl.

"Yes...we do..." the girl replied.

"Can I have one please?" I asked.

"Sure...what flavor would you like your cake to be?" The girl asked.

"Umm...I don't know...I don't really mind...anything would do..." I replied.

"Oh...then would you like me to choose a flavor for you?" Says the girl.

"Yeah...sure..." I replied.

"How about this strawbery cake?" Says the girl while pointing at the strawberry cake.

"Strawberry?" I asked.

The girl nodded. "Yes...I actually made this...and this is the first time that I have displayed it here in the shop..." says the girl.

"Umm...okay...whatever it is that you suggest..." I replied.

"Then strawberry cake it is..." says the girl.

As she was putting the cake in a box the girl suddenly said,

"This flavor is perfect for you...since you remind me of a strawberry..." says the girl.

I was surprised as I heard the girl say that.

"Really? I do?" I replied.

The girl nodded. "You look sweet...that's why you reminded me of strawberries" says the girl.

I chuckled.

"Why do you think I'm sweet?" I asked.

"Hmm...you're buying a birthday cake...and I actually find that sweet...who ever it is that you are buying this cake for...tell them that this cake is special since I have put not just my effort in making this cake but also my feelings...and that I hope he or she would enjoy it and will have the happiest birthday" says the girl.

I just stared at the girl, I was lost at words, since those words that she have just said touched me. When she said that, it made me feel special and loved. I felt crying since I realized that someone was still there for me.

Even though I didn't know this girl, she said the words that I have been waiting to hear all my life from my father.

The girl was finished in decorating my cake.

"Here you go..." says the girl.

"Thank you...for choosing the flavor for me..." I replied.

The girl them gave me the warmest smile.

"You're welcome..." says the girl.

After buying my cake, I decided to sit at the bench near the cakeshop and just stay there to eat my cake.

"Happy birthday chaeyounga...I wish you lots of birthdays to come full of love..." I greeted myself.

I then realized that I forgot to bring a lighter and a spoon.
"Aigoo...what do I do? I forgot to bring my lighter and spoon..." I said to myself.

Someone suddenly approached me and said,

"You know birthdays are not meant to be celebrated alone..."

I then turned around to see who it was, and I was surprised. It was the girl at the cakeshop.

"You...what are you doing here?" I curiously asked.

"How about you? What are you doing here celebrating your birthday all by yourself?" Says the girl.

I then kept my head down at the ground as I was embarassed about celebrating my special day by myself.

"I was chasing you since you forgot to take your change...then I saw you went here and sitted and planning to celebrate your special day all by yourself...I then went back to the shop and brought you a spoon and a lighter..." says the girl.

I still kept my head at the ground.

As the girl came closer to me, I slowly lifted my head.

She then greeted, "Happy birthday..." with a warm smile.

The smile she gave me was unique and special...it's like her smile is telling me that I am not alone...

I then looked at those sparkling beautiful eyes of hers and smiled.

And that is how chaeyoung and mina met.

The first person who greeted chaeyoung for her birthday was a stranger, a stranger who now has a special place in her heart.

Chaeyoung celebrated her birthday with a girl she have just met, but it was for sure the most special and the one that she will never forget.


"And that is how I met mina..." says Chaeyoung to nayeon at the cakeshop.

"I see...so that's how the two of you met..." says nayeon.

Mina smiled.

Chaeyoung nodded.

"I think...we've met for a reason..." says chaeyoung.

"Really? What made you say that?" Nayeon asked.

"It's like this...it's either you've met that person for them to change your life or it is you who will change theirs..." says chaeyoung.

Nayeon then went silent.

"Nayeona...are you okay?" Mina asked.

"Huh? Umm...yes...I am fine..." nayeon replied.

While the three of them are talking at the cakeshop, sana suddenly entered and shouted,


Chaeyoung, nayeon, and mina then turned their heads towards sana and was surprised.

"Oh? Nayeonie!? What brings you here?" Sana curiously asked.

" umm...well...I was just buying a cake for my friend..." nayeon replied.

"Oh...I see...then you've come to the right place! This shop sells the tastiest cakes in town!" Sana excitedly says to nayeon.

"Yeah...I heard about that..." says nayeon.

"Oh...who's this cute looking girl with you nayeona?" Sana asked.

"This is my younger sister...chaeyoung..." nayeon replied.

"Really? I didn't know that you had a younger sister...well it's nice to meet you chaeyounga...by the way...I am sana...you're sister's friend..." says sana while offering her hand to chaeyoung for a handshake.

Chaeyoung then shook her hand back.

"It's nice to meet you too..." says chaeyoung.

"Oh...by the way sanashi...I have already accomplished the assignment you have given to me...here it is..." says nayeon while handing to sana the results of her photo of the moon.

"Oh...really? I have actually forgotten about this..." says sana.

"What? You did?" Nayeon asked.

Sana chuckles.

"Thank you for reminding me nayeona..."says sana.

"Ah...I shouldn't have done it in the first place...I worked so hard in order to get that photo..." says nayeon.

"Oh? You took a photo of the moon?" Sana asked.

"Yeah..." nayeon replied.

"The shot looks great! I'm amazed..." says sana.

"Really? I'm glad you liked it..."

"Yes...it's so beautiful...This photo reminds me of that Japanese phrase..."says sana.

"What phrase?" Nayeon asked.

"The moon is beautiful isn't it?" Says sana.

After hearing that, nayeon suddenly went quiet and remembered momo saying that phrase to her when they were at the empty park.

"In Japan, The phrase is actually a more poetic way of saying I love you" says sana.

Nayeon was surprised to hear what sana have just said, and then she started to turn red.

"Unnie...are you okay?" Chaeyoung asked.

"Huh? Nayeona...did I say something wrong?" Sana asked.

Nayeon shooked her head.

"No...I am fine...I am just...feeling a little hot...that's why..." nayeon replied.

"Are you sure?" Sana asked again.

"Yeah...I am fine...really..." nayeon replied.

Nayeon stood up from her chair.

"Umm...I think we should get going...we shouldn't bother the two of you anymore..." says nayeon.

"We're leaving?" Chaeyoung asked.

"Oh...please don't leave yet...you're not bothering anyone..." says mina.

"That's right nayeona...the both of you could stay longer..." says sana.

"No really...we have to leave...because...umm...I have to go somewhere..." says nayeon.

"Well...if you wanted to buy a cake again...just give me a call...I can prepare it for you right away..." says mina.

"Thank you minashi...I will sure do..." nayeon replied.

"See you guys at school!" Says sana.

"Yeah...see you..." says nayeon before walking out at the cakeshop.

Nayeon and chaeyoung are now walking on their way home.

Chaeyoung was the one carrying the birthday cake for jeongyeon.

Chaeyoung then looked at the birthday cake and smiled.

"Thank you..." chaeyoung whispered.

"Hmm? Did you say something?" nayeon asked.

"*chuckles* nothing..." says chaeyoung.


The time is 10:30 PM

Chaeyoung is finally home after spending her birthday with mina.

The mansion is quiet and it looks like everybody is already asleep.

Chaeyoung then went straight to her room and lied on her bed.
Chaeyoung sighs.

"I guess they really did forgot my birthday..."
Chaeyoung says to herself.

*knock knock*

Someone is knocking at chaeyoung's room.

"Who is it?" Chaeyoung asked.

"It's me...can I come in?" Says nayeon.

"Oh...yeah sure..." chaeyoung replied.

Nayeon then went in to chaeyoung's room carrying a cake.

"Happy Birthday to you...Happy birthday to you...Happy birthday dear chaeyoungie...Happy birthday to you..." nayeon singing the happy birthday song while carrying a cake for chaeyoung.

Chaeyoung was surprised.

"Woah...unnie...what's this?" Chaeyoung asked.

"What do you mean? Isn't it your birthday?" Says nayeon.

"I mean...I thought you forgot..." says chaeyoung.

"Tsk...how could I forget my number one enemy's birthday..." says nayeon.

Chaeyoung chuckles.

"Go ahead and blow the candles..." says nayeon.

Chaeyoung then closed her eyes and made a wish before blowing her candles.

"Happy birthday...chaeyounga..." says nayeon while giving chaeyoung a warm smile.

Chaeyoung was trying so hard not to cry.

"Tsk...this cake better be delicious..." chaeyoung jokingly replied.

To be continued...

(Chaeyoung whispered thank you to Nayeon when they were walking home from the cakeshop since she remembered that she hasn't thanked her sister yet for surprising her with a cake on her 16th birthday)

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