Dancing on my own

Favorite Crime

Nayeon has now arrived at Jeongyeon's mansion.


The driver went out of the limo and opened the door for nayeon.


Nayeon stepped out of the car full of elegance.


"Nayeona!" Jihyo screams while running towards nayeon.


"Oh...jihyo..." nayeon replied.


"Wow...look at this dress you're wearing!" Says jihyo.


"Does it look bad?" Nayeon asked.


"No...it looks amazing! You look amazing!" Says jihyo.


"Oh please...you are flattering me..." nayeon replied.


"But it's true though...I'm not kidding..." jihyo replied.


"You look amazing as well..." says nayeon.


"Of course I do...this is a 100,000$ dress..." says jihyo.


Jihyo is wearing a sparkly black trumpet dress with a gold mask.


"Come on now...we should be inside...the party will start at 7..." says jihyo.


"Yeah...let's go..." nayeon replied.




"Well...well...well...I have never seen two pretty best friend's before...until I saw the both of you..." says tzuyu to nayeon and jihyo.


Nayeon chuckles.


"You're unexpectedly nice tonight..." says nayeon.


"Well...don't get used to it...it's only for tonight..." says tzuyu.


"Yeah I wont..." nayeon replied.


"That's a pretty dress the both of you are wearing..." says nayeon to tzuyu and dahyun.


Tzuyu is wearing a silver mermaid dress with a white mask, while dahyun is wearing a baby pink Tea-length dress with a white mask.


"Really? Thank you...although I felt bad for my stylist...she had to make this beautiful dress in just a few hours..." says dahyun.


"Well I guess that goes for all of our stylist..."says jihyo.


"Shall we throw jeongyeon at the pool?" Tzuyu jokingly says.


"chuckles* she'll definitely kill you..." says jihyo.


Tzuyu and jihyo chuckles.


"By the way...where is she?" Nayeon asked.


"She still must be preparing herself..." says dahyun.




"Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Miss Yoo Jeongyeon's 18th birthday ball!" Says the host.


Everyone started clapping their hands.


"This is a very important event in her life and her entire family is very much honored for your presence tonight...now I am asking everyone to please give the fine lady a very big round of applause...may I call out...Miss Yoo Jeongyeon!"  Says the host.


Everyone started to clap their hands.


Jeongyeon came out, standing at the golden stairs wearing a very beautiful baby blue ball gown with a white mask.


"Woah...she looks so pretty..." says dahyun.


"Woohoo! Jeonyeona! You look beautiful! Woohoo!" Jihyo shouted.


Nayeon and dahyun chuckles seeing jihyo like that.


"You are not my friend for tonight..." tzuyu jokingly says to jihyo as she was embarrassed for her.


Jeongyeon slowly walked down the stairs and went straight to the stage to give her opening speech.


"Umm...thank you everyone for being here tonight...thank you to all of those who have travelled from a far just to celebrate my birthday tonight...I hope we can make a lot of memories and surround ourselves with laughter and friendship as we celebrate this very special occassion of mine...let us now have fun!" Says jeongyeon.


Everybody shouts out of excitement.


The DJ started to play a loud party music.


Jeongyeon went straight to her friends after giving the opening speech.


"Yah...you were so loud a while ago..." says jeongyeon to jihyo.


"Tsk...I was giving you my support..." says jihyo.


Jeongyeon chuckles. "Oh really? What a great friend you are..." jeongyeon teasing jihyo.


"Okay...okay...can the two of you please stop bickering..." says dahyun.


"Ah...jeongyeona..." says nayeon.


"Hmm?" Jeongyeon replied.


Nayeon handed jeongyeon the birthday cake she bought for her.


"Here...umm...it's my present for you..." says nayeon.


"Oh...a cake?" Says jeongyeon.


"Umm..yeah...I couldn't think of anything to give you...so chaeyoung suggested to get you a birthday cake..." says nayeon.


Jeongyeon chuckles.


"Thank you...nayeona..." says jeongyeon.


Nayeon smiled at jeongyeon.


"I hope you will enjoy it..." nayeon replied.


"I will..." jeongyeon replied.


"Umm...By the way...I'm sorry...for...you know...being mad at you at the school garden..." says jeongyeon.


"It's okay...besides...I understand why you reacted like that...I'm the one who should be apologizing...not just to you jeongyeon...but to all of you...I'm sorry for being so reserved during these past few days...I promise...I'll make it up to you guys..." says nayeon.


"It's okay nayeona...I just wanted you to open up to us...to tell us your problems...even though if we can't help you with what you're going through...we'll listen..." says jeongyeon.


Nayeon nodded.


"Thank you...everyone..." says nayeon.


"Now enough with the drama...let's just turn the dance floor upside down!" Says dahyun.


"Yeah!" Says everyone.


All of them started dancing at the dance floor.


After an hour of dancing, nayeon decided to take a break and sat at the bar.


Jeongyeon saw nayeon sitting at the bar and decided to approach her.


"Tired?" Jeongyeon asked nayeon. 


"*chuckles* yeah...all that dancing made me dizzy..." nayeon replied. 


Jeongyeon chuckles. 


"You killed it back there...you actually owned the dance floor..." says jeongyeon. 


Nayeon chuckles. 


"Not as good as dahyun though..." says nayeon. 


Jeongyeon chuckles. 


"She's crazy...nobody's ever going to beat her..." says jeongyeon. 


"I know...she is effortlessly funny when she dances..." says nayeon. 


The both of them started laughing. 


A waiter suddenly approached jeongyeon. 


"Excuse me miss...your mother is asking for you..." says the waiter. 


"Oh...okay...umm...nayeona let me leave you for a while..."says jeongyeon. 


"Sure...go ahead..." nayeon replied. 


Jeongyeon then left nayeon at the bar. 


After being left alone at the bar, nayeon was bored and then she decided to go to the bathroom for a bathroom break. 


On her way to the bathroom, nayeon walked pass a huge glass window with a view of the moon. 


Nayeon stopped by the window and looked at the moon. 


"Wow...it's so beautiful..." nayeon whispered. 


Nayeon decided to step outside and went straight to the garden. 




Nayeon is just peacefully looking up at the moon. She was at awe by how beautiful and calming the moon was. 


"The moon might fall for you if you'll stare at it for too long..." says a familiar voice 


Nayeon then turned her head around and saw momo standing wearing a khaki trench coat with her hair tied in a low ponytail. 


Nayeon was surprised to see momo. 


"Momo..." says nayeon. 


Momo walked closer towards nayeon.


"Why are you here? And How did you get in?" Nayeon asked. 


"You know I'm an expert when it comes to sneaking in..." momo replied. 


"And you? What are you doing outside? You should be in there enjoying the party..." says momo. 


"I just took a quick break...my feet's hurting from all that dancing..." says nayeon. 


"I bet you enjoyed yourself..." says momo. 


Nayeon chuckles. 


"I'm not really a fan of dancing..." says nayeon. 


"You're not?" Momo asked. 


Nayeon nodded. 


"The same goes for me..."says momo. 


Nayeon chuckles. 


"Do you dance well?" Nayeon asked. 


"Well...I don't really know...since I don't usually get an opportunity to dance..." momo replied. 


"I bet you're good..." says nayeon. 


"Really? What made you think so?" Momo asked. 


"You just look like you can dance well..." nayeon replied. 


Momo chuckles. 


The song "Make you feel my love" cover by Sleeping Atlast suddenly started playing inside the ballroom. 

(Play this video at this part)


As the music played, Nayeon glanced at momo. 


"How about we test it?" Says nayeon. 


Momo looked at nayeon with confusion. 


"Huh? What do do you mean?" Momo asked. 


Nayeon just smiled at momo and immediately grabbed her hands and placed it on her waist and the other on her hands. 


Momo is so confused about what nayeon is doing. 


"we're about to find out if you can really dance well or not...I'll be your judge..." says nayeon. 


Momo's face started to turn red. 


The both of them started slow dancing. 


They both move their feets in sync to the music. 


They shared a moment and looked at each other's eyes. 


Momo's eyes were locked to nayeon's, nayeon then gave momo a warm smile, like she's telling her that she is doing well with her dance. 


The atmosphere started to become warm and calming. 


You can feel the love and trust nayeon and momo has for each other. 


They continued to dance like they were on their own little world. 


After gaining confidence with her dance, Momo initiated an action to spin nayeon around. 


Nayeon went in with the flow and spinned around. 


The both of them started to meet laughter. 


The joy and peace they have received from one another is over flowing at the garden. 


Momo then burries her face in nayeon's neck, holding her tight like she doesn't want this magical moment to end. 


Nayeon thought the same.

During the dance, Nayeon felt calm and loved as momo was embracing her.


After the music has ended, the both of them slowly looked at each other's eyes for a few seconds like they went all the way inside to each other's souls.




"The moon...it's beautiful...isn't it?" Says nayeon while locking her eyes to momo's. 


To be continued...





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