Now That I Found You
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Philip was typing something on his laptop when out of nowhere Mr. Son approach his cubicle

"Mr. Hwang, the article that you have written about Kim Hongjoong... it causes a great buzz to the public~ However, I read some comments below your article... some were nice and some were don't. Have you ever consider yourself as an enthusiast about the Kim's too much? My only concern is the credibility of every single news article that has been written under Treasure Publishing House... and lastly, I don't want to get sued for any libel or invasion of privacy case". Mr. Son, the editor in chief said in a serious tone

"Well, Hongjoong-ssi hasn't released a statement denying the article so... I don't think that there would be a problem". Philip said in a quite nervous tone

"Just be careful... it's the Kims you were dealing with". Mr. Son warned him then he left the latter's cubicle and went inside his office. Philip release a relieved sigh, he thought that his editor-in-chief would scold him about the article. But instead, he only warned him.




Taka, one of Mr. Sanada's loyal men came inside the office to report something to his superior. While Mrs. Kim was there to listen

"What have you found out, Taka?". Mr. Sanada asks

"Sir, we've searched for her in every hospital but we couldn't find her... I think she's already dead". Taka said in a firm tone

"Are you sure?". Mrs. Kim suddenly asks

"The last hospital that we head to... I bribe a nurse there for information and he told me that there is a female patient that had died from a hit and run accident three days ago". Taka said in a serious tone. Mr. Sanada eyed Mrs. Kim who's staring blankly outside her office window

"Very well then. I have a new assignment for you". Mrs. Kim said as he faces them

"Have you seen the article about my son, Hongjoong... I want you to find something about that guy that he is seeing right now". Mrs. Kim said. Taka bowed his head as he excuses himself and leaves the office once he receive his new assignment.

"Hongjoong looks happy tho... why can you just leave your son alone?". Mr. Sanada side commented

"I cannot simply do that... knowing that another opportunist was making his way to this family once again... and I'm not just gonna sit here and watch on how they'll stain this family. Lauren is already dead, Jeremy was enjoying his dreams... and yet another one comes along! You know me Kenji... I will do whatever it takes for this family to remain secure". Mrs. Kim said in a serious tone. Mr. Sanada didn't say anything but deep inside his mind, he wanted to say... you're a crazy .




Lunch-time was the only vacant time that Hongjoong has on his schedule. After canceling all his remaining schedules yesterday now his schedules were full. Now, he has a 1 and half hour lunch break before his 3rd meeting at 2 this afternoon.

"What happened to you yesterday after you leave, you didn't call or text us?". Eden immediately asks his cousin/ boss as they settled on their seats to eat their lunch

"I was about to leave the building yesterday but I coincidentally saw Seonghwa-ssi passing by so... I approach him and asks him if we could talk about the article". Hongjoong said as he tries to explain

"You saw him and then what?". Maddox asks this time

"Like I said I talked to him and ask him what is he doing at that time. He told me that he was desperately looking for a job... he's financially unstable as of now because of what has happened to his noona and his noona needs to get an operation as soon as possible". Hongjoong said in a firm tone

"What about the article?". Eden curiously asks

"He already knows about it. We already talked about that in a more private place". Hongjoong said as he open up his bento box

"I already explained to him everything... and I hired him as my fake boyfriend for now... and in return, I'll pay for his noona's operation and hospitalization". Hongjoong continued

"You what?!". Maddox said in disbelief

"What do you expect, the guy is desperate and he needs the money for his noona". Eden retorts back 

"And I also ask him to be my house cleaner". Hongjoong adds up

"I could do that". Maddox said in a matter-of-fact tone. Eden sigh

"So he's gonna come to your house do some house chores... like a good wife. Look, I'm not against whatever your arrangements were... all I'm saying is it will surely add some more fuel to this gossip thing around you. Are you ready for that? is he ready for what's coming?". Eden said in a serious tone

"You better be clear about that Hongjoong-ah, think of Seonghwa and not just only yourself". Eden said

"Don't worry I'll make all things clear to him and... I'll try my best to protect him...especially to my mother". Hongjoong said in a serious tone. Eden and Maddox were quite taken aback upon hearing what the younger one has said. Eden didn't expect to hear the word protect from someone who also needs protection from the same person. Strange.  

"Just make sure that whenever you're in public... try act naturally as a couple". Eden suddenly said in a firm tone and Hongjoong was flustered upon hearing what his older cousin said. Never had he

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