Now That I Found You
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Seonghwa called his noona once he's done preparing their breakfast on the table. A few seconds later, Hwayoung, Seonghwa's noona appeared in the kitchen and took a seat with a smile

"Noona, what's up with the look today?". Seonghwa immediately asked his sister upon seeing her appearance

"What's with my appearance my dear dongsaeng? am I not allowed to look nice~". Hwayoung asked in a quite sarcastic tone with a huff

"You already look beautiful to me with or without makeup~". Seonghwa said complimenting his sister with a smile

"You know that I work as a hotel receptionist... so I have to look presentable and pretty always... and lastly, the owner of the hotel is coming for an inspection. It's not like you haven't seen me wearing makeup". Hwayoung said as she takes a bite on the toast, Seonghwa just nods his head upon understanding his sister's sentiments on her job. But deep inside Hwayoungs head, she puts an effort for this day to look good and put some extra makeup just to look somehow like their late mother. Because this might be her only chance to finally confront that person who changes their life. Hwayoung couldn't forget those last words that her late mother had told her before she died. So she made a vow that she'll make the Kims pay for everything they've done to their family.


Before leaving their apartment unit, Hwayoung saw her brother on the kitchen counter calculating their bills for this month and doing some budgeting. She deeply sighs upon seeing her brother working so hard and helping her. Supposedly, she should be the one doing those things not her younger brother. Hwayoung gently closes the door with another sigh, she cleared her thoughts of guilt towards her younger brother and instead changes it with courage and determination.





It's not even 8 in the morning and some office staff weren't even there but the vice-president is already busy on some of his pending office works

"What's my schedule for today, Maddox hyung?". Hongjoong, the vice president of Horizon INC. asked his secretary assistant as he continues to type something on his laptop

"Well, you have breakfast with your mother at her office at 8... then you have a meeting with the officer in charge at the Tokyo branch at 1 pm, another meeting with the advertising department at 3 pm... a second debriefing with the team from the Seoul branch of Twilight fashion boutique at 5 pm, that's all you have for the day, sir". Maddox, Hongjoong's secretary assistant said with a smile. After hearing all his schedules for the day, Hongjoong stops typing on his laptop as he looks towards his secretary assistant

"I told you hyung just called me Hongjoong when there is no one around and can you cancel my breakfast with my mother". Hongjoong said with a sigh, Maddox lost his smile upon hearing his boss request

"I'm afraid that I cannot do that, Hongjoong-ah. Your mother insisted on it and she told me over the phone that if you ever decline, she'll personally come here to have breakfast with you". Maddox said in a quite panicked tone with a nervous laugh

"Just give her what she wants, Hongjoong-ah". Another man-made his presence inside the office as he settles some documents on Hongjoong's desks

"Eden hyung". Hongjoong said as he stares in disbelief at the older one

"You know how pushy your mother is. Now, forget about all your works and get your up and go to your mother's office... she prepared all your favorite foods~". Eden, Hongjoong's secretary said in a firm tone

"Fine". Hongjoong said with a huff as he arranges his table and turns off his laptop

"Come on, she's already waiting for you". Eden said

"Are you going to join us, hyung?". Hongjoong asks. Eden shakes his head with a scoff

"Although we're cousins Hongjoong-ah, Auntie Mara looks down upon on the lesser Kims so the answer is no... I'll be there just to serve you and auntie. We lesser Kims are here to work and serve your family, being the most successful of all the Kims~". Eden said with sarcasm. Hongjoong still couldn't understand this lesser Kim thing with his family up until now. Eden accompanied his younger cousin and boss to his mother's office. 


Now, standing outside her mother's office who's the CEO/ President of Horizon INC. Hongjoong fixes his suit before he knocks on the large mahogany door. A man in his older years open the door and greeted him with a bow

"Hongjoong, come in~ finally I'm so happy to see you... have a seat, look I prepared all your favorites~". An older sophisticated woman with a smile on her face as she sits on the head of the table

"Mother, you don't have to do this". Hongjoong said as he takes his seat to the right side of her mothers

"Come on Hongjoong don't be like that, I already permitted you to live on your own... so a little breakfast with your Mother won't hurt your busy schedule right". Mrs. Kim said as she signals to her secretary to go outside and eyed Eden to start preparing the food that she brought. Hongjoong never misses the sharp looks that her mother was giving his cousins whenever she orders them and the way they treat them

"So tell me, son, how have you been? ever since you move into your house, I haven't heard a single word from you". Mrs. Kim starts to ask her son

"You know I'm always busy. After I move in I immediately went to do some of my pending office works... I'm sorry Mother if I forget to call you or message you". Hongjoong said in a firm tone to cover up his white lies but he knows that his mother wouldn't buy that lame excuse

"You're the vice-president of Horizon, why are you torturing yourself with office works, Hongjoong-ah... you have your staff?". Mrs. Kim said in an annoyed tone as she glared towards Eden who's preparing their breakfast. Hongjoong immediately senses that her mother is about to throw some tantrums so he immediately changes the topic

"Let's eat before the food gets cold, you said you prepared all this for me... so let's eat now shall we, Mother?". Hongjoong said. Eden eventually starts serving the food that Mrs. Kim prepared for Hongjoong. He notices that his younger cousin is starting to get uncomfortable

"The main house looks so lonely". Mrs. Kim suddenly said after she takes a sip of her cup of coffee. Hongjoong didn't say anything he just ate his breakfast silently as he listens to his mother

"Hongjoong-ah, I know I'm partly the main reason why you and your brother left the main house. I hope that you would understand that I'm being "mom" because I want to protect you and your brother... I only want what's best for both of you". Mrs. Kim said in a calmer tone

"Do you? what if the things you thought were bad for us were the best for us?". Hongjoong suddenly asks his mother in a serious tone. Mrs. Kim was about to say something but ended up flabbergasted upon hearing Hongjoong's question. Eden almost gasp upon hea

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