Now That I Found You
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It's still early in the morning at the Treasure publishing house and the columnist office is already busy writing something for their magazine section. Philip Hwang, the maknae of the group was contemplating on what to write at this time

"Philip, what's your topic this time?". One of the senior columnists asks the younger one

"Don't tell me something about the Kims again?". Another Senior columnist asks again. Philip deeply sighs as he tries to think of something to write other than the Kims

"Come on stop obsessing with the Kims, Philip. Think of something else as a topic okay?". Lionel, his closest among the columnists in the office

"I'm trying". Philip said in a quite frustrated tone

"Maybe you should take a breather... walk outside and maybe a topic may pop up?". Lionel said with a small smile

"I might... because I don't want editor in chief Son to chew my later... and I have a bad feeling about that". Philip said in a wary tone

"Hey, I've got something to tell you... I've seen a tarpaulin outside this orphanage and Mrs. Mara Kim is going to be their guest of honor~". Lionel said in a singsong tone

"Orphanage? that's interesting~ I'll try to go there... and maybe I'll find out something". Philip said in determination

"Good luck~". Lionel said as he pats his friend's shoulder

"I'll be going now~". Philip said with a confident smile then he immediately grabs his bag and camera just in case. Philip politely takes his leaves of the office.





"You need to understand, Joong... this is my dream as a model... a modeling career in Milan!". An effeminate looking guy said in a distressed tone

"If I didn't found out that you're leaving for Milan in 4 days, would you even care to tell me? look, I'm trying to understand that... but what about us? I mean if you go there... what will happen to us, Jeremy?". Hongjoong said in a frustrated tone   

"You have to understand... like I said before this is my dream Joong and you know that... I can't do this anymore Joong, I thought you're going to support me in my career... let's just break up". Jeremy said as he starts to pack his things

"Just like that, you're breaking up with me?... because of your dream... am I even part of your dream, Jeremy?". Hongjoong bitterly asks

"Joong, you are and still part of my dream... but...". Jeremy didn't finish what he was saying because Hongjoong immediately cuts him off

"Mom is right... you're just using me after all... I thought you were different... well, I guess I'm wrong". Hongjoong said in a firm tone

"What? Joong, no, please...". Jeremy tried to explain but Hongjoong already turned his back on him

"Okay, let's break up if that's what you want... for your dream... go ahead and pack all your things". Hongjoong said in an icy tone as he leaves Jeremy's condominium. He didn't even look back as Jeremy call's him back.



"Hongjoong-ah, are you okay?". Maddox calls for his cousin in a quite worried tone

"Huh, you're saying something hyung?". Hongjoong said as he snaps from his trance

"Never mind. You're staring at your food for a minute". Maddox said as he eyed his cousin

"It's just... it feels weird... last night I've dreamt of the day when Jeremy broke up with me and left for Milan". Hongjoong said with a heavy sigh

"It's nearly been two years since then, and suddenly I've dreamed of that day in particular". Hongjoong continued as he takes a sip on his coffee

"Well, I don't know... maybe you need a closure... or it's a sign that you're still a human after all and date somebody else?". Maddox said with a shrug

"Closure? I don't need that. It's already cleared to me that I am not one of his priorities in life by that time and I already understand that, I already moved on and... date? I can't even have a day off from office work and you're suggesting me to date again hyung?". Hongjoong said with a snicker

"I'm just saying you know... just don't close your door Hongjoong-ah. Jeremy might not be the one for you... I mean your soulmate. I've read from a book that every person has a soulmate". Maddox said with a dreamy smile

"Oh God hyung, don't even begin with this kind of conversation... you don't even have a love life as well!". Hongjoong said in a teasing tone

"Yah! because I'm waiting for the right person". Maddox said as he retorts back to his cousin

"You'll be waiting forever hyung~ you should be the one who needs to have a dating life, not me!". Hongjoong fires back to his cousin

"Says the one who doesn't want to date again. Come on hurry up we have a charity event to attend to". Maddox said as he finishes his breakfast. Hongjoong just laughs it off but deep inside of him, he tries to contemplate on what his Maddox hyung said to him. Maybe his cousin was right... that Jeremy was not the right person for him, that their break up happens for a reason because there is someone waiting for him or vice versa to come around. A much better one. The thing is when and how?





The sun hasn't shine yet but the people inside the orphanage were all getting busy for the coming charity event. Personel's were busy all this week for a once in a 3-month charity event, they've been cleaning and making sure that everything is alright for the guests and visitors that will come.


Jisung and Miss Sora were busy finalizing the decor for the small stage, while Hyunjin helps the kitchen staff for preparing the snacks of the day and lastly, Seonghwa was the one who was taking good care of all the children. He's making sure that all the children were looking good and presentable for all the guests and visitors.


"Oh Lord!". Miss Sora muttered to herself as she forgets to informed her staffs

"What is it noona?". Jisung asks anxiously as he eyed the nervous-looking directress 

"Last night, I just read from my email that Mrs. Kim is not going today but instead her son is going to take her place as our guest of honor". Miss Sora said in a quite anxious tone

"Don't worry I'll tell them later once we're done here". Jisung said with a smile

"I've been doing this for years now but still... I can't help it... I get nervous". Miss Sora said in an anxious tone

"Don't worry noona, everything is going to be fine~". Jisung reassures her

"Yeah, I know". Miss Sora said with a small smile. After they finish decorating the small stage, Jisung immediately went to find Seonghwa and Hyunjin to inform them about the sudden change that Miss Sora have told him.


It's already 9 in the morning and guests and visitors were arriving one by one. Hongjoong and Maddox arrive at the orphanage and was immediately greeted by Miss Sora

"Mr. Kim, I'm happy to meet you and thank you for coming in-behalf of your mother, Mrs. Kim. By the way my name is Miss Sora Shin, the directress of Lady Aurora orphanage~". Miss Sora said with a smile and shook his hand

"It's an honor for me, Miss Shin. By the way, I'm Kim Hongjoong a

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