Now That I Found You
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Seonghwa was about to leave their apartment unit when out of nowhere their landlady, Mrs. Chon came to him

"Seonghwa, I'm glad that you haven't left yet". Mrs. Chon said 

"Do you need anything, Mrs. Chon?". Seonghwa asks with a small smile

"I know that you're in a tight situation right now but, I just came here to remind you about your rent for this month". Mrs. Chon said with a tight lip smile

"But I just paid you last time, Mrs. Chon, right?". Seonghwa said in confusion

"Yeah, you paid me last time but that was for the rent and bills for the last month... I'm talking about the rent and bills for this month, Seonghwa-ssi". Mrs. Chon said in a firm tone

"Ah, for this month. Well, I can only pay you half of the rent for now... I just paid noona's medicine bills yesterday, is that okay Mrs. Chon? this is the only money that I have right now but don't worry once I got some cash, I'll pay the other half including the bills". Seonghwa said in a quite frustrated tone

"That's fine, I understand you but you have to understand me as well, Seonghwa-ssi". Mrs. Chon said with a sad smile, then Seonghwa handed her the money that he had all got in his wallet. 


When Mrs. Chon left, Seonghwa releases a deep sigh. How is he going to the orphanage now? he doesn't have any money left to pay for the bus fare, then he immediately get his cellphone and dialed Jisung's number

"Seonghwa hyung?". Jisung asks in a quite worried tone on the other line because the older one never bothers him or their other friends especially these early in the morning. Jisung knew that something was up

"Ahm... Ji... I was wondering if Minho will drive you to the orphanage today?". Seonghwa asks as he prays in silence

"Yes, why?". Jisung said

"Well... I was hoping if... you could pick me up? don't worry just for today". Seonghwa said in an embarrassed tone

"Sure hyung! I'll tell Minho hyung that you need a ride... and don't worry I'm sure Minho hyung wouldn't mind". Jisung said in excitement

"Thank you. I'll wait for you outside my apartment building". Seonghwa said with a smile

"No problem, hyung". Jisung said before he hangs up the call. Seonghwa releases a sigh of relief knowing that he still can go to the orphanage to work and to see his kids.




When Seonghwa and Jisung arrive at the orphanage, Seonghwa immediately immerses himself in his kids to somehow avoid Jisung's questioning looks. But luck was not on his side at this moment, while Seonghwa was preparing the children's snacks for the day, Jisung finally corners him

"Why are you avoiding me hyung?". Jisung suddenly said and Seonghwa was about to answer him but Jisung immediately cuts him off

"Don't even lie to me hyung... I know something happens when you suddenly called me this morning so... tell me". Jisung continued in a firm tone

"I wasn't trying to avoid you Ji okay?... it's just...well, my landlady came earlier this morning and she asks me if I had the money for this month's rent and bills. I told her that I can't pay her the whole amount so, I give her at least half and gave her all the money that I've got". Seonghwa said with a sad smile

"Okay. So, starting today... we're going to pick you up in your apartment building. Even if you have money, you just save it ok". Jisung said with a big smile plastered on his face

"This is too much Ji... and your place is on the other block... it's a hassle for Minho". Seonghwa said 

"Hyung, we're friends. If Minho and Chan hyung heard you say this thing... they'll be mad at you. Don't worry we're here to help you". Jisung said in a firm tone 

"Thank you, Ji". Seonghwa said with a small smile as he continue preparing for the children's snacks.




While Seonghwa and Jisung were preparing the children's snacks, Seonghwa's kids were doing their tasks in silence but, Wooyoung being one of the loudest of Seonghwa's kids breaks the silence

"Hey, did you notice... something is off with Seonghwa hyung today". Wooyoung suddenly said in a hushed tone and the others immediately looks at him

"Off? you mean he's sad?". Mingi asks

"Yeah". Wooyoung said

"He looks normal to me". San said with a shrug

"Do you think that he's sad because of Hongjoong hyung?". Mingi asks again

"Mingi, why would you say that?". Yunho suddenly asks him back

"Because Hongjoong hyung suddenly leave eomma hyung, he didn't even say his goodbye to him?". Mingi unsurely replied

"That's not it". Yeosang suddenly said

"I'll ask eomma hyung". Jongho, the maknae said in a firm tone. Yunho and the other kids were surprised at their maknaes boldness.


When Seonghwa and Jisung came back along with the snacks, their children immediately came to them to get some snacks. Seonghwa join his kids on their corner while checking their notebooks, Jongho suddenly sits beside him 

"What is it, baby bear?". Seonghwa asks his adorable maknae

"Eomma are you sad?". Jongho suddenly asks. Seonghwa pauses for a while as he anxiously thought if he's that obvious with his struggles in life even the kids could see it

"A bit baby but I'm already happy now because I know that you're all here to make me smile". Seonghwa said with a smile as he embraces his youngest to assure him that he's fine

"Okay". Jongho said as Seonghwa releases him from the embrace and Jongho never leave his side while the others play.




Every day Hongjoong arrives at the Horizon before 8 in the morning with Maddox. Every day the staff would greet them if they saw them in the lobby or at the elevator. But today is a bit different,

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