Now That I Found You
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Once her business trip is over in Australia, Mara immediately flew away and went to New Zealand where her eldest son is. It was a surprise visit since New Zealand was some miles away from Australia.


Hyunjoong was working in a vineyard owned by an old wealthy couple. Ever since Lauren died, he tried to make himself occupied and busy to somehow lessen the loneliness that he was feeling after his wife passed.

It was past lunchtime when Hyunjoong decided to go home for a while to take a rest from early labor that day, he was about to enter his small house when he noticed a car on his front porch

"Hyunjoong?". Mrs. Kim called his son and Hyunjoong faces his mother upon recognizing her voice

"Mom, what are you doing here?". Hyunjoong asks in confusion

"I had a business trip in Australia and... I decided to pay you a visit after". Mara said with a smile. Hyunjoong knew that his mother had her reasons that's why she came out of nowhere

"Let's talk inside". Hyunjoong said in a firm tone as he ushers his mother inside his house. Mara follows her son as Hyunjoong guide her to the living room

"Please sit anywhere you're comfortable, I'll get you something". Hyunjoong politely told his mom. Mara comfortably sits on one of the armchairs, then she notices all the pictures in nearby bookshelves

"Here's some grape juice and I hope you're okay with it". Hyunjoong said as he sits across his mother

"How have you been son?". Mara asks for the start

"I'm fine mom, don't worry. How's Hongjoong doing?". Hyunjoong said with a small smile

"Your brother is doing just fine. He just recently left the main house and was currently living alone but sometimes Yonghwan(Eden) and Kyungmoon(Maddox) accompany him". Mara said in a serious tone

"Something happened?". Hyunjoong asks in a curious tone as he eyed his mother

"Nothing happened, he just wants to live alone". Mara said with a sigh

"So you're living all alone now in the main house?". Hyunjoong asks

"Yes and... I want you to come home...please". Mara said in a pleading tone

"What am I going to do there? I already have a life here". Hyunjoong said in a firm tone

"Because that's where your home is, so, please come home with me. If you need a place to stay, the main house is free, you can live there, If you want a job Horizon is there. I can assign you to any department you like or... you can get any positions you want... just come back home, Hyunjoong". Mara said in a desperate tone

"I'll try to reconsider coming back home but I'm not gonna live in the main house nor work for Horizon". Hyunjoong said in a firm tone

"That's okay... whatever you want just come home". Mara said with a small smile as she slowly approach her son and embraces him

"I miss you, Hyunjoong-ah". Mara said as happy tears fall from her eyes

"I miss you too mom and I miss Hongjoong as well". Hyunjoong said as he return his mom's embrace.




Seonghwa didn't go to the orphanage this morning because the hospital billing department called him. He was asked to settle a deposit amount of money for her noona's medicine. After settling the said hospital bill, he immediately went to Stay's cafe to work

"I thought you're at the orphanage with Jisung?". Chan immediately greets him

"The hospital called me early this morning for a deposit amount of money for noona's medicines". Seonghwa said with a heavy sigh

"I see. Did you eat your breakfast?". Chan immediately asks as he notices that Seonghwa looks pale

"I haven't yet hyung". Seonghwa shyly said

"Go to the kitchen and grab anything you want to eat okay. If you're going to work today, you better be on a full stomach". Chan said to lighten up his friend's mood

"Thank you, Chan hyung". Seonghwa thank his friend as he went straight to the kitchen. Minho heard their conversation and he immediately made something for his friend

"If you need help... just tell us". Minho said as he serve him a full set of meals. Seonghwa thank him as well as he ate his food with gusto.




It was Seonghwa's first time delivering drinks in this kind of place, usually, they deliver drinks in small places but not in a company and Horizon is not just a simple company it was the biggest company in South Korea (lols). He was currently on the 8th floor and was looking for the management department and suddenly a lady approach him with a scowl on her face

"Is that the drinks that I've order?". The lady said in a quite annoyed tone

"Are you Miss Lydia Ho?". Seonghwa politely asks

"Yes, and you're late! the meeting has already ended... what am I suppos

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