Now That I Found You
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The following day Minho and Jisung came to Seonghwa's apartment building to pick him up. Once the older one was inside the car and Minho hit the gas, Jisung immediately face him with a skeptical look

"Seonghwa hyung, I didn't know that you were close with Mr. Kim~". Jisung suddenly blurts out in a quite teasing tone

"What are you talking about Ji?". Seonghwa asks as he faces the latter one with a confused look on his face

"Here take a look at this". Jisung said as he handed his phone to the older one. Seonghwa reaches for the said device and looks at the bright screen. He was stunned upon seeing the pictures of him and Hongjoong-ssi while they were talking in the garden with the children and silently read the article below

"Care to explain what's going on". Minho asks as he continues to drive

" The gossip thing that Hongjoong-ssi was talking about. He asks me to not say anything if someone asks about it... but you're my friends so...". Seonghwa said as he handed back Jisung's phone to the owner and Minho immediately cuts him off

"So what? we're your friends and we need to know what's going on". Minho said in a firm tone. Then Seonghwa explained to them everything that has happened.

"You need to be careful, Seonghwa... believe me you don't want to mingle in these rich people's lives". Minho warned him

"Hongjoong-ssi said that his staffs' were trying to fix this mess". Seonghwa said

"He better be. Look, you already have too much on your plate". Minho said in a serious tone

"I know". Seonghwa said as he close his eyes for a short nap. The car ride going to the orphanage became silent, the only sound you could hear is the soft sound coming from the radio.





Hongjoong and Eden just came back from the final briefing of Horizon's new perfume collection when a not so unexpected visitor was already waiting for him inside his office

"Mother". Hongjoong greets her as he sits in his office chair. Just by a simple glance, Hongjoong knew that her mother was back in her usual self once again. Eden and Maddox silently doing their own thing while listening to their conversation as the tension starts to build in

"How's everything while I'm gone? you haven't come to my office for your report, so instead I came to your office knowing that... you're a busy person". Mrs. Kim said with a tight lip smile as she sip on her cup of tea

"Well, sorry about that mom. Everything is okay... I follow your schedule as it is and it all ends well". Hongjoong said in a quite nervous tone, he's praying that his mother wouldn't open up anything about the gossip, but who is he kidding? Mrs. Kim just nods her head, acknowledging his work

"How's your business trip?". Hongjoong immediately asks his mother to somehow divert the conversation because he could feel that at any moment his mother will ask him about the gossip

"It all ends as well~ the Nielsen group will be our new partner for our Australian branch for Horizon". Mrs. Kim said with a proud smile

"That's great". Hongjoong said as he turns on his laptop

"How could you not even ask me if I went to see your hyung in New Zealand?". Mrs. Kim suddenly ask in a firm tone

"Did you?". Hongjoong ask her with indifference 

"Of course I did. You think that I didn't notice it, Hongjoong... you hate your brother, why?". Mrs. Kim suddenly asks in a serious tone

"You're asking me that right now mother?". Hongjoong ask with a scoff

"Because he left and pass on all his obligation and responsibilities to you in his stead". Mrs. Kim said as she looks hard on her youngest son. Hongjoong was speechless because that's the truth. He wouldn't be here in this position if his Hyunjoong hyung didn't leave, he would be in Paris as an aspiring fashion designer and enjoying his life

"Instead of hating your brother... you should be thanking him... because if Hyunjoong didn't leave for that woman... you're not gonna be sitting in that office chair". Mrs. Kim said in a serious tone. Hongjoong remained silent as he glares at his mother. Mrs. Kim averts her eyes as she empties her teacup.

"Do you think you can hide everything from the public... were your taste in men sunk that low Hongjoong? someone who works from the orphanage, is that it?~". Mrs. Kim asks in a mocking tone. Eden and Maddox immediately exchange looks across to one another upon hearing what she said. She knew it.

"There is nothing wrong with that mother. It doesn't matter to me if he works there as a teacher... it's a decent job". Hongjoong said in a serious tone

"So the article is true huh?... you know when I found out that you're different... I accepted you... but you... you always choose the wrong person for you". Mrs. Kim said with a sigh

"How did you know that I choose the wrong person this time? he's different from Jeremy!". Hongjoong said in a defensive tone

"Oh, different from that opportunist model huh? you choose the worst this time don't you know? a teacher and at the same time a delivery boy?! don't even ask how did I know, I just did. I know what's happening here while I'm away~. He'll be using you just like what Jeremy did to you. They don't love you, they only love your money and your status Hongjoong~ have you ever thought about your reputation? you're the heir of Horizon for goodness sake!". Mrs. Kim continues to berate her son. She stood up from her seat immediately from annoyance as she readied herself to leave the office

"So what if he works as a teacher and a delivery boy? there is nothing wrong with that! how could you easily judge him just because of his job?... I... I like him because I know he was different... he wasn't after my money or my status". Hongjoong said in a serious tone

"Are you sure? let see about that~... I just don't want to see you getting depressed once again because of this silly fantasy of yours about love and I already warned you for the second time around, Hongjoong". Mrs. Kim said with a sneer then she moves away but before she left Hongjoong's office she drops another bomb straight to Hongjoong's fa

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