Now That I Found You
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It's been 3 days since Hwayoung and Mrs. Kim had a confrontation and immediately after that she left her job at the hotel. She was too pensive to find a new job and oblivious to her surrounding that someone was following and being observant of her from afar. 





Seonghwa and his long time friend and co-worker, Jisung were preparing for their kid's snack when out of nowhere Jisung speaks up

"Hyung, you're quiet... something happens?". Jisung suddenly asks as he worriedly eyed the older one

"Nothing happened, Jisung... I'm's just... well, noona left her job at the hotel 3 days ago and she was busy looking for a new job... and I was just thinking... that maybe I'll look for another job?". Seonghwa said in an uncertain tone

"Seriously Seonghwa hyung? this job and the job at Chan hyung's cafe is already quite tiring what kind of job do you want to take?! do you want to go over-fatigue?". Jisung said in disbelief

"At least a part-time if not full time. You know how my situation Jisung. The salaries that I'm getting from both of my jobs as of this moment weren't enough you know". Seonghwa said as he tried to explain to his friend

"Well, maybe you could ask Minho and Chan hyung to give you a raise? yeah, you could ask them you know... ever since Stay's cafe opens you've been working there till now~". Jisung said with a smile as he tries to convince the older one

"Don't worry about it now, Jisung... I'll somehow find a way okay". Seonghwa said as he returned his friend's smile. Jisung looks worriedly at the older one as they proceed to prepare the kid's snacks.


Seonghwa and Jisung's kids were at the respective corners of their classroom as they were assigned by the olders to do some drawings while they prepare for their snacks.




Everyone was busy doing their own thing in silence, Mingi being one of the tallest in the group; he tries to peek on their maknaes drawing 

"Jongho-ah, what did you draw this time?". Mingi asks as he colors his drawing

"I'm drawing my family~". Jongho, the maknae proudly said without even looking to his Mingi hyung

"You have a big family~". Mingi blurts out as he continued to ogle at maknaes drawing

"Kind of~ well, this is eomma hyung, Yunho hyung, Yeosangie hyung, Sannie hyung, Wooyoungie hyung and, you". Jongho said as he points everyone on his drawing and that caught everyone's attention 

"And who is that, the one beside Seonghwa hyung?". Wooyoung asks in curiosity as he points the said figure in the drawing

"This is eomma hyung's boyfriend". Jongho said with a smile

"Boyfriend?". San, who's sitting on his left side ask in confusion

"Jisung hyung has a boyfriend, so why eomma hyung can't have one?". Jongho said in a quite wary tone

"The thing is... does eomma hyung even have a boyfriend like Jisung hyung? we didn't see anyone come here for eomma hyung". Wooyoung said in a hushed tone

"At least eomma hyung has a boyfriend in my drawing". Jongho said with a pout

"Jongho-ah, why is eomma hyung's boyfriend smaller than him?". Yeosang, the kid sitting on his right side suddenly asks as he takes a look at the maknaes drawing as well

"Yah, at least make him tall, Seonghwa hyung is tall!". Wooyoung said jokingly points and made the other kids laugh

"Kids, are you done with your drawings? what are you guys laughing at?". Seonghwa suddenly came and asks his kids with a smile

"Eomma, they're making fun of my drawing". Jongho said as he make his way to his eomma hyung. Seonghwa immediately took a sit on the floor as he welcomes Jongho to sit on his lap as he takes a look at his drawing

"What did you draw this time, baby bear?". Seonghwa asks the youngest as he admires the cute drawing

"I draw you and the hyung's... there I put their names above their head". Jongho explains

"Wow, you and your hyung's are getting better at drawing~". Seonghwa said as he praises his youngest then something caught his eyes 

"Who is this Jong?". Seonghwa suddenly asks as he points the drawing figure beside his

"Well... I told the hyung's that... it was your boyfriend since Jisung hyung has Minho hyung". Jongho said with a pout. Seonghwa was lost for words as he still looks at the said drawing 

"Seonghwa hyung, do you have a boyfriend?". Mingi suddenly asks him

"Well... as of this moment... I don't have". Seonghwa said in a quite embarrassed tone

"Why?". Wooyoung curiously ask him 

"I'm not looking for a boyfriend right now, I have a lot of things in mind... so...". Seonghwa said with a flustered look on his face

"That's their loss". Yeosang mutters but Seonghwa heard him

"Yeah. I mean what else can they've been looking for a boyfriend? Seonghwa hyung is perfect~". Mingi blurts out with a boisterous laugh

"Hey kids, that's enough~ this is not the right time to talk about people's personal lives... and you're all too young to talk about this kind of thing". Jisung suddenly butts in as he heard what Seonghwa's kids are talking

"We just want hyung to be happy, Jisung hyung... like you with Minho hyung". Yunho said this time

"Yeah, we just want him to have someone who would take good care of him just like Minho hyung". San said

"Come on you guys, I am happy with or without a boyfriend because I have all of you, I have my noona and my friends~". Seonghwa said with a reassuring smile. But deep inside of him, he was touched by the children's love for him.

"If eomma hyung is happy then I'm happy too~". Jongho said with a shy smile as he hugs his eomma hyung and Seonghwa hugs him back with a proud smile. Jisung and the other kids just smile at them, Seonghwa's other kids weren't jealous of their maknae because they know that their Seonghwa (eomma) hyung loves them equally.





Hongjoong was being his busy self, as usual, doing reports, reviewing business proposals, signing contracts and approvals, and so forth. Maddox, his secretary assistant, noticed that his boss/ cousin hasn't taken a single break since he came into his office. So he decided to buy him his favorite drink

"Here you go~". Maddox said with a smile as he place the said drink on Hongjoong's desks

"I didn't ask for anything but thanks hyung~". Hongjoong said with a smile as he stops for a while to sip his iced americano

"Have a break, Hongjoong-ah~ you've been busy since you came in. Some of this was due till next week... now I feel worthless~". Maddox jokingly said

"Don't say that hyung, you're not worthless at all... it's just... you know... I have to work harder and...". Hongjoong didn't finish what he was saying because Eden, his secretary, suddenly came in and cut him off immediately

"And what Hongjoong-ah? to please your mother that you are worthy to

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