Now That I Found You
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Seonghwa and Chan stayed up all night at the hospital as they wait for any news about Hwayoung's condition. Minho and Jisung went home several hours ago because Chan asked them to. He just gave Minho some instructions about the cafe. 


They were currently sitting and waiting outside the ICU ward when a young doctor came to them

"Good morning...may I know who's relatives are you?". The young doctor politely ask them

"My noona, Park Hwayoung... what's her status Doc?". Seonghwa worriedly asks as he stood up from his seat

"Ah... I see... Doctor Shin did everything for her, the surgery team stabilized her for now but a lot of things need to be done". The young doctor said as he reads Hwayoung's chart

"I'm sorry, my name is Doctor Seo Eunkwang, one of the resident doctors in the ICU ward and your sister is one of my patients. So if you have question's you can ask me". Dr. Seo said with a small smile

"How is my sister? I mean... I have no idea what has happened to her, what's her condition... I haven't seen her?!". Seonghwa said in a frustrated tone. Chan gently puts his arms around the latter's shoulder to somehow calm him down

"Well, when the medics arrived at the ER your sister is already unconscious. She had a fractured right leg, a dislocated left shoulder, a head wound that needs to be stitched, some scratches, and bruises. The police officer that came here ruled out that either she was a victim of drunk driving or hit and run". Dr. Seo said in a serious tone

"Is she going to be okay?". Seonghwa simply asked

"She is going to be okay... but she needs to undergo another surgery for her fractured leg as soon as possible". Dr. Seo informed them

"That'll cost, that's for sure". Seonghwa said with a defeated sigh

"Yeah, the surgery is a bit pricey because the surgery team is gonna be using titanium plates for the bone construction". Dr. Seo said in a firm tone. Seonghwa became silent after hearing what the doctor said about his sister's condition. Chan knew that his friend was having a hard time digesting everything right now.   

"How much will it cost, Doc?". Seonghwa suddenly asks

"For the surgery itself... more or less 17-35,000 dollars... doctor's fee and hospitalization were not yet included and the rehabilitation... still we didn't know for how long the patient is going to stay". Dr. Seo said in a serious tone. Seonghwa was so lost on how on earth will he get that large amount of money for his sister's surgery. Even combining his salary on both his job and his emergency savings... it is not enough. 

"I'll leave you now". Dr. Seo said as he left Seonghwa and Chan in silence. Chan didn't forget to thank the young doctor as he leaves them.


"How am I going to get that money, Chan hyung?". Seonghwa asked as tears starts to brim from his eyes

"We'll gonna think for something, okay? but for now, you need to go home and take a rest". Chan said with a small smile. Seonghwa just nods his head as Chan walks him out of the hospital and offers him a ride back home.




Hongjoong just came back from his first meeting of the day with Eden on his back when Maddox came to him

"What is it hyung?". Hongjoong asks his secretary assistant

"Well, I just want to inform you that last night I received your mother's schedule from Mr. Sanada". Maddox said as he doubles check his iPad

"I hope nothing complicated". Eden said with a fake worried on his tone, Hongjoong just shook his head at his cousin's antics 

"It's not that complicated... it's just a bit shocking ... I guess". Maddox said in a quite hesitant tone. Eden eyed him curiously

"I didn't know that Auntie Mara was into some charity events". Maddox said in disbelief. Hongjoong heard his Eden hyung muttered something incoherent but he shrugs it off because he knew his cousins were just joking about his mother, of course, they were doing that whenever they were all alone inside the office 

"Charity? what kind of charity is this?". Hongjoong curiously asks

"It says here... charity event at Lady Aurora Orphanage at 9 am, tomorrow". Maddox said and look at his cousins in disbelief

"Orphanage? seriously, is she planning to adopt or something?!". Eden asks in disbelief with a mocking tone

"Whatever her reason is... I have to go there. I need to follow her schedules. I don't know what am I suppose to do there, it's my first time going in that kind of event". Hongjoong said. Ede

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