After him
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They reached the class just in time. Johnny saw Hyemi coming in and waved to catch her attention. She waved back and walked towards him, a man following after. She dropped her bag on the desk and ushered Johnny to sit two seats away. 

“You weren’t wearing that when we left and where are the coffees?” He pointed at the unknown piece of cloth on her.

“Well… I got into an accident.” she sighed and Johnny covered his mouth with his palm.

“Again? I thought it’s not that time of the month yet.”

Hyemi shot him an incredulous look and smacked his head as blush colored her cheeks. “Not that kind of accident, you . I spilled the coffee on us.” she gritted her teeth and cocked her head towards Jaehyun, then pushed Jonny over so she can sit, and offered the third seat to the man behind her. “Johnny, this is…” She started but Johnny cut in, shouting as recognition hit him.

“JUNG JAEHYUN! BUDDY!” he stood up, pushing Hyemi aside. He gave a strong and friendly hug to Jaehyun who was looking like a lost sheep.

“You know him?” she meant the question to Jaehyun who seemed unsure.

“Yeah, we had the same classes freshman year. Hi Johnny.”

Johnny clung on him and almost pecked his cheek, he was way too happy. “You didn’t tell me you were coming back.”

“Yeah, sorry. I didn’t really keep in touch with anyone.” he confessed as he scratched the back of his head. 

“Yeah tell me about it you .”

Turned out, he was the guy Johnny had talked about first year, who left for a two-year transfer program. Hyemi might have seen him before too, but their first year was a mess and the next one was even worse so she didn’t remember much.

“Where’s Haechan?” Johnny peeked behind Jaehyun, searching for his other friend. He released the man so he can sit too.

Hyemi rolled her eyes upon remembering Haechan ditching her. “He saw a girl.” she stated and Johnny facepalmed himself.

“Yah! Pinku!” they heard someone shouting, both Hyemi and Jaehyun turning to the voice. 

“Speaking of the devil, huh?” Johnny mused. 

Haechan jogged towards them, gasping for air. “Oh another Pinku.” he noted, sizing the man up. “You’re sitting with us? Then we’re friends. I’m Haechan.”

“I’m Jaehyun.”

“You met him already. He’s Jaehyun, Jung Jaehyun.” Johnny enlightened him and sent a flying kiss to Jaehyun, the said man was blushing. 

Haechan made an oh sound as he realized he did really know the guy, he just couldn’t recognize him since his hair was pinkish and he put on some muscles. Their professor arrived, apologizing for being late and started the lesson. Haechan leaned over, reaching Hyemi’s arm and poked her. She successfully ignored him at first. Jaehyun, being in the way, leaned back so Haechan can smack her hand this time. 

Hyemi yelped a little, caressing the spot Haechan hit. “What the is your problem Haechan?” she snapped, whispering.

“Baby!” he whispered back. “When’s your last class?”

“At 4.” she answered nonchalantly, focusing on what the professor was showing on the board. 

“Let’s eat together.”

“What happened to the girl?” she inquired and Haechan let out a sad sigh, pouting his lips.

“I’m saving her for black-hair-Tuesday and it’s Friday. So let’s date today.” he suggested, Hyemi rolling her eyes.

Haechan has a weird kink. On Mondays it’s always blonde ones, on Tuesdays he likes to date black haired girls, Wednesdays are for browns and Thursdays for any other color. Also, if you ask him about Fridays, he would say it’s for self-care and friends. 

He acted cute and pressured the girl more but Hyemi was persistent. She refused him two more times when Haechan finally gave up. He puffed out a few profanities, saying how Hyemi hated him and she never wanted to spend quality time with him then leaned back in his seat. Jaehyun noticed how Hyemi was still caressing her hand. The back of her hands were red since the coffee that had spilled on her was hot. He felt bad. Yes, she seemed like she had been daydreaming, but he was in her way and it was too late when he realized she wouldn’t move away. 


After the professor wrapped up, Johnny turned to Jaehyun inquiring what his next class was. He sadly noted that it wasn’t with him and Haechan so they bid goodbye, after exchanging phone numbers and promising to catch up later.

“Pinku, where are you heading?” Haechan shouted after her. “You have Business Marketing, right?”

“Yeah, and I need my coffee.” she didn’t bother turning around, she merely waved and left the room.

“See you at home.” Johnny waved and smiled like a child.

“Yeah, bye Pinku!” Haechan mimicked Johnny.

Jaehyun crossed his arms over his chest and shook his head. “Wow, your relationship game is going strong Johnny Suh.”

“Yes, we have a harem at home, we share the sheets and the love.” Haechan deadpanned as he slung an arm around Jaehyun’s neck, following Hyemi with his eyes. He earned a light hit on his head from Johnny. He explained that neither of them were dating Hyemi, he is simply her best friend and they live together with another girl. Jaehyun nodded and felt the weight being lifted off his shoulder as Haechan let him free. Johnny suggested that they should grab a drink after classes to celebrate Jaehyun being back. Since he didn’t have anything better to do and he was short on friends he agreed gladly.




“When do you want to tell him?” Hyemi was holding Simon’s hand as they were walking home from Hyemi’s school. 

“I don’t know how to begin.” he referred to telling Johnny they were dating. The three of them were like siblings and they couldn’t even imagine what would be his reaction. Johnny became protective over Hyemi in the past years and his brother was his hero since he was born. They were afraid Johnny might think things would change and they would leave him out. Sure, they would go on dates, but they wanted to make sure the three of them could hang out like before.

“We’ve been dating for a month. I don’t want to sneak around. We should tell your brother.” she stopped and looked him in the eyes. Simon knew this, but it was hard enough telling his and her parents, it was enough for the week. Hyemi’s mother had been planning their wedding, his mother had been coming up with names for their grandchildren, and surprisingly, their fathers had teared up and hugged each other, saying it was the best outcome. They bombarded them with questions like, when did they realized their feelings, when did they started officially going out, how was their first date and Hyemi’s dad made sure Simon understood that Hyemi was still his precious daughter and he would break every bone in his body if he would ever dare to hurt her.

“I know.” he stepped closer and cupped her face, caressing her gently. “I’ll talk to him later, okay?” she nodded to his words. Simon leaned closer and pecked her nose then planted soft kisses on her lips. 

“WHAT THE ?” they heard someone shouting. They couldn’t flick away fast enough, they came face-to-face with a frozen shocked Johnny. Hyemi pushed Simon away and straightened her back with a straight face.

She cleared before opening , trying to look contrite. “Johnny, it’s not what it seems like.” 

Simon stared at her incredulously, mouth gaping. “I thought you wanted to tell him.” He snapped.

“Yeah but not like this.” She whispered. 

Johnny walked closer to them, still seemingly shocked of the sight, arms crossed over his chest. He let out a few wows as Simon grabbed Hyemi and pulled her in his arms proudly.

“It is what it seems like. We’re dating.” was all he said and Johnny couldn’t mask his excitement and happiness.

“Like, finally!” he exclaimed. “I’ve been wondering when will you tell me too, like mom and dad knew since last week? What the bro? You two have been playing this I-love-you-but-you-shouldn’t-know game for like 5 years, geez. And Hyemi, you lucky bastard you’ll get the best brother-in-law, you happy?” he spoke quickly, stunning the couple.

“You… You’re not angry?” Hyemi managed to ask.

“Why would I be? I’m the happiest here! Finally!” he ran towards them and embraced both.


“Hyemi…” she heard a soft, low voice.

“Hm, what?” she shook her head and looked up. “Oh. Hi.”

“Is this seat occupied?” Jaehyun pointed at the chair beside her. She shook her head and he sat down, opening his bag and pulling out a few books and pens. Hyemi fished out her phone and started typing to her friend, Nari. Jaehyun noticed the red spot on her hand and waited until she put down her phone. “May I?” 

She turned to face him and gazed at him bewildered. He was pointing at her hands and she didn’t get what did he want. Jaehyun pulled out a small container from his bag and opened it, gently grabbing her right hand. Hyemi was flustered from the sudden touch of the stranger, she couldn’t utter a word. Jaehyun carefully applied ointment on her burnt hand, blew air on it, then asked her to show him her other hand so he can apply the ointment on her left hand too. He was lightly tapping the back of her hand when he noticed black ink on her wrist. Her watch covered most of it but it seemed like something written in English. Hyemi examined her hands after he finished and felt the itchiness going away instantly.

“Thank you,” she stopped for a moment. “Jaehyun.”  

He nodded. “Don’t mention it.”

“Are you walking with ointments for burns in your bag?” she peeked at him and Jaehyun flashed a smile, showing his dimples. 

“Well, since they have a chemistry department I guessed they have some kind of infirmary somewhere at campus. I borrowed it.” he answered.

“For me?”

“Yeah, and for me.” He smiled and Hyemi felt really bad upon hearing that. 

“, I burnt you that bad? I'm so sorry Jaehyun.” she started apologizing again. She was clumsy for sure but before she mostly hurt herself, she would fell down stairs, headbump into cabinets and walls or spill her drink and food on herself, but she’s never caused accidents, or hurt other people. But this morning was different. She had more flashbacks, she dissociated all day to the level she was almost hit by a car. It’s getting worse. 

“Chill, it isn't that bad.” Jaehyun patted her shoulder gently. She peeked at his hand with wide eyes so he pulled away quickly.

“I’ll wash your shirt and give it back tomorrow.”

“It’s okay Hyemi.”

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