Length of Happiness

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When she woke up, she was lying somewhere warm, cozy, but not familiar.

Taeyeon is smart and exceeded every teacher's expectations. However, she was brought up to do everything by herself. Thus, she has been clueless and sometimes oblivious in her social interactions. Some makes her happy, some makes her angry, and some emotions she had never felt before. But she had never shed a tear or learned how to love.

Always smiling and cheerful even in the harshest moments. Her antics and quirks are without a doubt strange to the average high school student, making her hard to approach and understand by many.

Only the most patient and open hearted people are able to befriend her. And only one person gained her trust. 

 Her oddities doesn't go unnoticed by the more popular kids at the school.

Tiffany is fascinated with her and tries to help her to make more friends.

while Jessica, Tiffany's former best friend, despises everything about this new student and persistently confronts her.

However, she discovers a new type of happiness with her eye smiling friend. But it also makes everything more complicated. 


[Just a heads up: there will be some bullying scenes.]

Cheesy title lol :D

This one is a lot shorter!

An alternative to my original story, Quest for Joy, which I stopped updating because it was going way too long and I lost track.

This part will mostly be TaeNy, if I choose to continue with Part 2, Part 2 will be TaengSic.

This one is much shorter and I have almost completed it. So stay tuned for updates :D


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Hope everyone is safe and healthy!

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