Chapter 4

A Place Called Home
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After you finished visiting Taehyung, you headed back home. Hospital shifts were getting longer and going to visit Taehyung afterwards was taking a toll on you. You were getting burned out. 

“Jagi?” Jin came down the stairs. You shot him a tired smile but your legs slowly gave out. Luckily Jin had quick reflexes and was able to catch you in time. His eyes widened in panic as he scooped you up into his arms, bringing you to the couch. 

“Jagi? Can you hear me?” He asked worriedly. You let out a soft hum. Bringing his hand to your head, he felt your slightly raised temperature. 

“You’re having a fever, jagi. Wait here.” Jin left you to go get a thermometer. The front door opened, signalling Yoongi’s return to the house. Your vision blurred slightly, eyes opening and closing. 

“Kitten!” Yoongi saw your state and rushed to your side. 

“You’re sick.” He frowned. 

“I’m fine.” You smiled. Jin came back with a thermometer and some fever medication. He placed the stick into your mouth and waited. The moment there was a beep, Yoongi took it out. He frowned when he read the temperature. You were definitely sick, he didn’t need a thermometer to tell him that. He could smell it from you the moment he walked in. 

“I just need to sleep.” You sat up. 

“Kitten, you’re not fine! I told you not to over exhaust yourself. Let’s bring her to the hospital for an IV.” Yoongi told Jin, who nodded in agreement. You protested but Jin was already carrying you up, Yoongi grabbed the car keys. 

“You’re over reacting.” You chuckled. 

“No, that’s what you get for not taking care of yourself. You’re not superwoman, jagi.” Jin frowned. You pouted but snuggled into Jin for warmth as you shivered slightly. 

“Dr (y/l/n)?” Head nurse Park was shocked to see your hybrids carrying you in. She signalled to the others to bring a gurney in. Two other nurses hurried over, letting Jin put you down on the bed. He laid his cardigan over you as you shivered from the lost of his body heart.

“She’s sick and slowly losing consciousness. Can we get her an IV?” Yoongi asked. 

“Of course. Follow us.” She told the worried boys as the nurses wheeled you to a private room. You didn’t even make it to the room conscious. On the way there, your eyes closed and you slowly slipped into darkness. 


The constant beeping woke you up. You frowned, annoyed by the sound before opening your eyes. Looking around, you remembered that you were checked into the hospital by Yoongi and Jin, having passed out from exhaustion. Yoongi was sleeping next to you, head buried in his folded arms as he held your hand. Jin was curled up on the small couch, a blanket over him. 

“My boys.” You Yoongi’s head, waking him up. He yawned and stretched his limbs. 

“You’re awake. How are you feeling?” He asked. 

“I’m fine, Yoongi. Sorry to worry you two.” You smiled, continuing to his head, his furry ears between your fingers. 

“You better be sorry. I told you to take care of yourself and not over work yourself. You do everything on your own without letting me and Jin hyung help you. And look what happened, (y/n).” Yoongi frowned, crossing his arms. He was really upset with you. 

“I know, Yoongi. I’m sorry.” You apologised again. Yoongi looked at your guilt ridden face and sighed, leaning in to nuzzle your neck. You combed your fingers through his hair, making him purr in satisfaction. 

“Jagi?” Jin sat up from his couch, rubbing his eyes as he let out a big yawn. You smiled, opening your other arm. Jin shuffled over, pressing his face into the other side of your neck. 

“Head nurse Park is never going to let this go.” You groaned. 

“Good. I hope she constantly reminds you of this.” Yoongi smirked, making you shove his shoulder. 

“Doc?” Speak of the devil, head nurse Park came in, making the two boys pull away from you. Their eyes trained on the older lady. She held your file in her hand, frowning at you and shaking your head. You let out a whine, making your two hybrids smile in triumph.

“Dr (y/l/n), you’re lucky you had your hybrids at home to bring you here. I am always telling you that yes, hybrids’ health are important and I know you want to help them but your health should be the first priority.” She lectured.

“Yes, head nurse Park.” You pouted. 

“Anyway, I don’t come with good news for you. Your labs came back and your blood count is low. You’re anaemic so we’ll have to keep your here for another day.” She informed. 

“Noooooo!” You fake cried. 

“Ha! Good for you!” Jin crossed his arms, reaching over to hi five Yoongi. You glared at them. 

“Wait, is there any cause for her anaemia?” Yoongi stood up. 

“Not for sure. Could be exhaustion, missing meals, anything.” Head nurse Park shrugged. As she listed the reasons, Yoongi turned around and shot you the dirtiest glare ever, making you whimper and shrink back. Despite being a doctor, you were the worse patient. You didn’t want to stay in the hospital, you wanted to go home. 

“If you promise not to do anything strenuous, you can go home.” Nurse Park said. 

“You can count on that, I have two wardens at home that will watch me.” You side eyed the two hybrids that stood on either side of you. 

“Alright. I’ll bring your discharge papers. Also, director wanted you to take a week off. She wanted to make sure that you’re in good health before you come back.” She informed. 

“A WEEK?!” Your thoughts immediately went to the wolf hybrid that was still in the intensive care unit. You had to find a way to still check on him even if you were not allowed to return to the hospital. But nonetheless, you nodded your head and signed your discharge papers. 

“Can I just stop by to see how he is?” You asked Yoongi before you could leave. He looked at Seokjin before the two of them nodded, following you to the ICU ward. 

‘Kim Namjoon’

You could finally put a name on the patient name plate on the door. You knocked lightly before going in. Thanks to his hybrid wolf side, his healing was a lot faster than others. His superficial injuries was mostly gone, making it seem like he was just sleeping. 

“He should wake up soon. It’s not good for him to be under for so long. But I guess he’ll have to hang on for another week.” You sighed. 

“We should go.” Yoongi came to you. You nodded and followed your boys out. Just as the door closed, there was a crash from the room. You met eyes with Yoongi and rushed back in. 

“Stay back!” Namjoon growled, showing his canines. 

“Okay, I’ll stay back Namjoon. Don’t worry. I’m not gonna hurt you.” You held your hands out. 

“Yeah, that’s what they all say.” His back was hunched, tail rigid. He was in attack mode and you knew better than to try and provoke him. Yoongi stayed by you while you motioned for Seokjin to leave and get the nurses in here. Namjoon’s eyes shifted from you to Yoongi, trying to yank out the tubes and machines that were attached to him. 

“Namjoon, let her help you. You’ll do more harm trying to remove that yourself.” Yoongi spoke. 

“Yoongi? Min Yoongi?” Namjoon stared at him. Yoongi nodded his head. 

“I thought you were dead.” Namjoon scoffed. 

“I would be if it weren’t for her. Same for you. Come on, we’re brothers. You can trust me. She won’t hurt you. She just wants to help, she’s a doctor.” Yoongi persuaded. Namjoon glared at you but nodded. Yoongi’s tailed curled around your wais

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