Chapter 10

A Place Called Home
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“Ah…” You finally closed the main door of the house, slumping down on the ground. You had just finished a 36 hour shift because the medical residents were called back to campus for their exams, so the hospital was even more short staffed. 

“(y/n)?” You heard Jimin’s voice and opened your eyes, smiling tiredly at him. He stood up from the heating lamps and made his way to you.

“You’re home!” His tail moved excitedly. 

“Yeah.” You his head. Behind him, Taehyung bounded down the stairs. He jumped into your arms, burying his head into your shoulder. You yawned tiredly, leaning into his warmth. It was lulling you to sleep. 

“Jagi, are you falling asleep on Tae?” A voice chuckle and you opened your eyes again, seeing Jin and Namjoon. One, two, three, four… Wait, you had 5 hybrids, not four. You stood up on your own, shaking your head as you looked at all the hybrids in the room. Where was Yoongi? His classes were supposed to end at 6 today. 

“Where’s Yoongi? He was supposed to be home 3 hours ago.” You frowned. The other 4 looked at each other. 

“We haven’t heard from him. His phone is off.” Namjoon informed. That made your blood freeze. Did they mistake Yoongi as a stray and capture him? 

“Wait.” Your phone rang and you pressed the device to your ear. As you listened on, the four in the room saw a frown evident on your face. That wasn’t a good sign. 

“WHAT?!… I-I’ll be right over!” You jumped to your feet.

“(y/n), what’s wrong?” Namjoon asked. You were giving off such strong emotions that all of them felt it. They knew that something was terribly wrong and it had to do with Yoongi.

“Yoongi is in trouble. Jin and Namjoon, you’re coming with me.” You mumbled and grabbed your coat, ready to leave the house again. 

“You two just stay here.” You told them and left. Where Yoongi was, it would be too much for Taehyung and Jimin. You were already distressed, you didn’t need two distraught hybrids to care for. Right now, you needed to get Yoongi out. When you pulled up to the gravel road, Namjoon and Jin immediately grew rigid at the vibe.

“Let’s go.” You gulped, stepping out. The three of you immediately held onto one another. This was a scary place to be. This place was only for feral hybrids. It was dark, run down and there were loud noises from coming inside. 

“Why is Yoongi here?” Jin asked. 

“I don’t know. I just got a call that Yoongi and some group attacked another hybrid and was brought in here.” You shook your head. Of course, that was ridiculous. Yoongi would never hurt another hybrid.

“Excuse me, I got a call about my hybrid? His name is Min Yoongi.” You went up to the warden in front.

“Right. Please come with me.” The male stood up and you all followed him through a door. When he stopped in front of a dark cell, you saw a small figured curled up in a corner. There was a shock collar around his neck and an ankle brace around his leg that chained him to the wall. 

“W-What did you do to him?!” You gasped, seeing the state that he was in.

“Madam-” The warden started.

“How dare you do this to him?!” You immediately went into a rage, screaming at the male. 

“Madam, your hybrid and a few others attacked another hybrid. But we were alerted and all of them were brought here. The collar and the ankle are there in case he goes feral again.” The warden explained. 

“He is not feral! Don’t you say that about him! He’s not part of some hybrid group, he is my family. Did you even ask him what he was doing there?! Of course you didn’t and just forced him here against his will. You have no right to treat him like this!” You continued to scream at the warden. Jin held your hand.

“Jagi, you can deal with this later. Your priority is to get Yoongi out of here.” Jin whispered softly.

“Unlock the door. Now.” You said through gritted teeth. The warden nodded, opening the door for you to enter. You choked on a sob as you entered. Yoongi was so distraught he didn’t even notice you were there. 

“Yoongi… Baby?” You called out softly. His eyes perked up first, hearing you call his name. He stood up, his nose and eyes red from crying. On instinct, he tried to rush to you but the chain that attached him to the wall held him back, making him fall to the ground. You ran forward instead, dropping to the ground to hold him in your arms.

“Well?! Are you dumb?! Unchain him now!” You sneered at the warden.

“Madam, I have to remind you of your behaviour.” The warden stated. Nonetheless, he proceeded to remove the chain and shock collar from Yoongi. Yoongi cried softly, pressing his face into your shoulder.

“It’s okay. I got you.” You whispered. 

“I didn’t hurt him. He was getting hurt and I wanted to help him. You need to help him, (y/n). He’s badly injured.” Yoongi’s whole body shook against you.

“The injured hybrid, where is he?” You asked. The warden confirmed that he was still in the building, in a different cell from Yoongi as there was still the risk of him being feral. 

“You idiots didn’t think to get him medical care? All you’re worried about is whether you will get hurt but did you think about him?! Bring him to me now, I’m a doctor.” You commanded, flashing your doctor’s card. The warden nodded and led the three of you out. You left Jin and Namjoon to comfort Yoongi in the lobby while you went to tend to the injured hybrid.

“You said you’re afraid of him being feral? He’s unconscious!  He’s got a fractured wrist and he’s all bruises up. I’m bringing him out of here.” You said, checking on the unconscious hybrid.


“No, you listen to me. You messed with the wrong family. I’m letting my mother know about this. You may know her, (y/l/n) (y/mom/n).” You frowned and the warden went pale. Your mother had that much of an influence and the warden knew he would definitely lose his job. 

“Get me a wheelchair.” The warden got it for you and you hoisted the unconscious hybrid onto it. You wheeled the injured hybrid out in a wheelchair. 

“(y/n).” Jin came up to you. Yoongi still looked shaken.

“He doesn’t look too bad. I’ll treat him at home.” You told them. Namjoon took over, carrying the unconscious hybrid while you held Yoongi. 

“If you have your hybrid’s papers…” The warden said and you showed him Yoongi’s papers. After that, you signed whatever papers you needed. Luckily, under doctor’s jurisdiction, you could take the other hybrid with you.

“Next time check his collar before you bring him in. What’s the point in making them wear collars if you’re just going to chain them up and threw them in jail cells.” You spat angrily, taking Yoongi’s papers back. Yoongi was still glued to your side as you went to the car. Jin drove you all back. 

“Remind me to call my mother in the morning.” You told Jin, who nodded. Entering a spare bedroom, you began to treat the injured hybrid. 

“Boys, let’s give them some space.” Namjoon ushered Taehyung and Jimin out of the room. 

“But…” Taehyung whined. 

“You’ll see them tomorrow morning.” Jin coaxed and they left, making you let out a chuckle. Yoongi stayed by your side the entire time. 

“Are you injured?” You asked as you gathered your supplies, Yoongi shook his head, keeping his head down. Looking at the unconscious hybrid, you tended to his broken wrist, placing it in a splint. Then, you cleaned his cuts, putting bandages over them.

“Wanna tell me what happened?” You asked softly, not looking up from what you were doing.

“I was leaving when I heard some crashing from the alley. After smelling blood, I went to see what was going on when I saw these strays ganging up on this other hybrid. He was already injured so I jumped into to help and we got into a fight. The security guard of the school saw us and called the cops. They thought I was part of that gang. But I swear-” He panicked. 

“I know, Yoongi. Breathe… It’s okay. I know you will never hurt someone. I believe you.” You held his arms, patting his head.

“I think he’s a golden retriever. I haven’t really come across that many domestic hybrids before.” Yoongi said.

“You should go rest, Yoongi. You’ve had a long day.”

“I don’t want to sleep without you.” He whispered. You nodded your head, understanding him.

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