Chapter 11

A Place Called Home
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You wake up to be greeted by Yoongi’s sleeping face. He had requested to crash in your room and sleep with you in his arms, which you were perfectly fine with. He could stay in your room for as long as he needed to. 

“Yoongs, how are you feeling?” You whispered. It took him a few seconds to respond, stirring in his sleep and yawning. 

“I’m okay…” He replied sleepily. 

“You can stay here and rest if you want. I’m going to work.” You told him and he nodded. Chuckling, you went to wash up and change into your work clothes. When you came out of the bathroom, Yoongi stood there, rubbing his eyes like a lost child. 

“I’m hungry.” He said. 

“Then go wash up. I’ll see you downstairs.” You patted his shoulder. Once he entered the bathroom, you grabbed your work bag and headed downstairs. 

“Good morning!” You were bombarded with hugs from a tiger and calico cat. You stepped back to steady yourself. 

“Good morning, Tae and Chim.” You chuckled. Pulling away, you went to the kitchen to see Jungkook and Hoseok awake. For a moment, you had forgotten that two new hybrids came to live with you yesterday. Jungkook’s long ears twitched when you entered the kitchen. The brothers watched as you went to greet Namjoon and Jin with hugs and pets. 

“Are you working a long shift today?” Taehyung asked. You took your phone out to check your schedule.

“Doesn’t seem like it… I only have two surgeries scheduled today. Then it’s consultations all the way… I’ll end around 8pm. If you guys are keen, we can go for a late dinner together.” You smiled. 

“That’s sounds great.” Jin smiled and Jimin nodded in agreement. 

“You two can come too, if you’d like.” You looked at the two brothers. Hoseok nodded his head excitedly while Jungkook shrugged, looking away as he poked at his breakfast. 

“Go where?” Yoongi appeared in the doorway. 

“For dinner tonight. My shift ends at 8.” You relayed and Yoongi nodded. 

“I’ll be practicing from home for a while so I’m free.” He wrapped his arms and tail around you. You had to leave soon so you sat down and ate breakfast with them. Jungkook remained aloof, not really participating in the conversation but Hoseok was chatting non-stop with the others. 

“Where are you going?” Hoseok asked you. 

“I’m a doctor, remember? I work at a hospital.” You smiled as you slipped your shoes on. 

“I forgot I promised to bring you and Jungkook shopping for necessities today. I’m sorry about that. But we can go on my next day off, I promise.” You said apologetically. 

“Don’t worry about it!” Hoseok assured.

“You guys can come and pick me up tonight then we’ll go. Don’t forget your tags.” You reminded and they all came to bid you goodbye. Instead of collars, you got all of them dog tag necklaces, which looked more like accessories. 

Everyone go their unique colour. Namjoon chose blue, Yoongi chose black, Jin chose pink, Taehyung chose green and Jimin chose yellow. 

“Jungkook and Hoseok, I know you’re not officially under my care but just so you wouldn’t get in trouble when we go out, I would like to get tags for you as well. If you’re okay with that.” You told them the two nodded in agreement. Both of them wouldn’t want to be separated or taken away since they were strays with no papers. 

“What are your favourite colours?” You asked. 

“Red!” Hoseok replied. 

“Purple…” Jungkook said. You nodded and gave Taehyung one last hug before getting into the van and driving to the hospital. Indeed, today was less hectic. It was mainly consultations and lots of paper work. 

‘Don’t forget to eat. - Yoongs’

You smiled at the message and went to the staff lounge to heat your food up (leftovers from dinner). The other nurses and doctors there smiled at you as you sat with them to eat. 

“(y/n), you have a lot of hybrids staying with you right?” One of the nurses asked. You nodded your head as you chewed your rice. 

“How do you provide for all of them?” 

“I don’t actually provide everything for them. Most of them have jobs, actually. I don’t treat them as pets or properties. They can do what they want. When they decided what jobs they wanted, I told them to go for it. Two are working at a plant nursery, one is working at a library and you have all met Yoongi, he’s working at a music school.” You explained. 

“Are you going to adopt more?” Dr. Lee, who was sitting beside you, asked. 

“If they come along and fit well with the others, then why not?” You shrugged, thinking of Jimin, Jungkook and Hoseok. 

“You’re seriously amazing, (y/n).” The nurse gave you a thumbs up, making you blush. 

“You guys are just as amazing because I’m sure we’re all here for one shared reason, right?” You chuckled. They all nodded and you couldn’t be happier with all the staff that you were working with. 

After lunch, you performed your scheduled surgeries and finished your consultations for the day. You sat in your office as the nurses brought in all the files that you needed to fill in or update the charts. You checked all the x-ray films for your patients. 


“Who is it?” You asked, not looking up from your table. 

“Head buried in paperwork again?” Dr Yu teased as she walked in. You threw your head back in laughter. 

“When I’m this tired, I prefer paperwork than 6 hour long surgeries.” You smiled, looking back down at your reports. Even if you didn’t look up, you knew she was still standing there.

“Can I help you, sunbae?” 

“I brought in visitors for you. Can you at least look at them?” She said and you finally lifted your head. Your eyes widened as you saw all 7 hybrids standing there. Suddenly, your office felt so crowded. Seeing you, Jimin immediately ran over to give you a big hug, nuzzling his cheek against yours. 

“Hey, Chim. What are you guys doing here?” You asked, pulling away slightly and opting to Jimin’s head instead. 

“You said you end at 8. It’s 8:30.” Namjoon raised an eyebrow. 

“Oh no! I’m so sorry, I lost track of time.” You facepalmed when you saw the clock. Indeed, you were half an hour late. Dr Yu came over and held your arms, making you stand up. 


“You made your hybrids wait long enough. Any longer and they might sue you for starving them. Your shift is over. No more work!” She closed your files. 

“Alright, alright. I just need to hand these in to the nurses’ station and we can go.” You smiled and Dr Yu saluted to you. As she walked past your hybrids, they all bowed to her respectfully. You sighed and gathered your things. Files in one hand, the other holding Jimin’s, you headed to the nurses’ station. You knew that everyone was staring at your group. 

“Wow, did the entourage get bigger?” Head nurse Park teased. 

“This is Hoseok and Jungkook. They’re just staying with us for a while. This is Jimin.” You ruffled Jimin’s head. This time, he didn’t shy awake from strangers but his cheeks did turn pink. 

“Hello.” Yoongi, Taehyung, Jin and Namjoon greeted the nurse with familiarity. She smiled at them as you sorted out your files on the counter. 

“I’ll do the rest. Have a good night doctor. See you, boys.” Head nurse Park waved you off. You bowed to her and all of you walked to the van that the boys came in. 

“Hoseok, Jungkook. These are for you.” You gave them their tags. 

“Wow! Cool! Thanks!” Hoseok grinned, slipping his over his head. Jungkook stared at his for a few seconds before wordlessly putting his on. You sat in the passenger seat while Jin drove. 

“Where are we eating?” Yoongi asked. 

“How about some Korean beef?” You suggested. Judging by the loud cheers that erupted from everyone, Jin took that as the consensus and drove towards your family’s favouri

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