Chapter 24

A Place Called Home
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“Alright, everyone got what they need?” Namjoon checked with everyone. They nodded and parted ways.

“Does my kitten need help?” Yoongi teased. You turned around and huffed with your arms crossed, not even having a chance to get into the van yet.

“Shut up.” You grumbled.

Yoongi still helped you up into the van before running to his driver’s seat. You still weren’t recovered enough to drive yet but you were grateful that most of the boys knew how to drive. As the van began to move, you looked out the window at the streets and buildings.

“Are you excited, kitten?” Yoongi asked.

“Yeah. It’s a new adventure.” You hummed to yourself. Yoongi glanced over at the back of your head and chuckled to himself. You were so adorable.

“What about you? Are you excited, Yoongs?” You asked back, not looking away from the scenery outside.

“I am. It won’t be just the two of us anymore.” Yoongi let out a light laugh. Today was finally the day you and the boys were moving into your new house. It was exciting and new a start for all of you.

It felt weird that you started with just caring for Yoongi alone and now, you had 7 hybrids to love.

Your van, as well as the others, pulled up to the new house. You were still in awe at the beauty of this house. The first time you came here, you were in stunned that you couldn’t help but imagine building a life with the boys here, even raising children in the future. Yoongi held his hand out to you, wanting to help you out of your seat.

“Admiring the house?”

“I just can’t believe it’s really ours. I love it.” You shrugged.

“Come on.” He smiled as you slipped your hand into his as you jumped down onto the gravel road. You followed Yoongi to the back of the van he drove. He opened it and took the first two boxes.

“Be careful, snowflake.” Jin told you as you picked up one of the boxes from the back of the van.

“I got it, Jinnie!” You giggled as you brought it into the house. You placed it down in the living room area with the other boxes

“Why don’t you help Namjoon and Tae start unpacking, petal? There aren’t many boxes to bring in.” Hoseok patted your head. You nodded and walked into the kitchen.

“My love has come to help us.” Namjoon smiled, wrapping an arm around you. Taehyung stopped sorting the plates out and came over with a grin.

“I’ll do the kitchen. You two go help with the living area and other stuff.” You gave them each a kiss on the cheek and they nodded, going out. Slowly, you opened the boxes and began to unpack all the cooking things, placing them in their respective shelves.

“Beautiful, shall I leave these in your room?” Jungkook came in with a box of your clothes. You nodded and he saluted, heading upstairs.

You even helped the boys sort out their wine fridge and alcohol area, placing Yoongi’s whiskeys aside with his favourite drinking glass and putting the beer in the fridge.

“Shall I bring these out for you, angel?” Jimin gestured to the empty cardboard boxes on the ground.

“Yes, please. Yoongi said to leave them on the sidewalk and recycling will pick them up.” You said as you closed the final cupboard. You and Jimin flattened the boxes and he brought them out.

“I’ll go find the others.” You told him, parting ways. You went to the living room to help the others.

“Jagi, what do you think?” Taehyung proudly showed you the wall with all your photos that he put up himself.

“It looks beautiful, Tae. I love it.” You wrapped your arms around him. There were many photos of you and the boys or the boys together.

“I love you.” He grinned.


“Aish! Namjoon hyung!” Jungkook said, picking up the box of his things that Namjoon dropped. You chuckled and wanted to check up on them but Taehyung held onto your waist tightly, preventing you from leaving him. You turned to face him, patting his head as he buried his face into your shoulder softly, purring.

“We have to help unpack, Tae.” You put your hands against his chest. Taehyung let out a whine in protest.

“But I want you…”

“Unpack first.” You squeezed his hand and went upstairs to your room. All of you had your own rooms. The boys gave you the biggest bedroom, which was on the top floor, along with Jin and Yoongi’s rooms.

“Tired?” Jin asked when you reached the top. You shook your head.

“I’m just super unfit.” You joked and he laughed.

“Don’t overwork yourself, alright?” He squeezed your hand. You nodded and he planted a kiss on your cheek before going into his room. You grabbed onto the handles of the double doors and opened them, entering your big bedroom. There were boxes everywhere, waiting to be unpacked.

“Need help?” Yoongi poked his head in.

“You’re done with your room?” You asked and he nodded, coming in and closing the door behind him.

“I would appreciate the help then.” You giggled and he started with some boxes. Of course, you did your underwear and everything yourself, sorting them out in the chest of drawers. The first thing you did, however, was put the photo of you and the boys on your nightstand.

“Now I know where all my missing hoodies are.” Yoongi raised an eyebrow as he lifted his black hoodie.

“What are you talking about? That’s mine.” You tried to play it cool.

“You know that I know when you’re lying, kitten.” Yoongi chuckled, taking out some other sweaters and shirts that definitely do not belong to you.

“Damn, kitten. You are a serial thief. Just how much of our clothes do you have in your possession?” Yoongi teased as he saw Namjoon’s shirt and Taehyung’s jacket in your box. You blushed at his discovery of the other boys’ clothes in your box. You don’t deliberately steal them, they just smell so much like the boys that you like to wear them sometimes.

“I wonder how the boys would react if they knew.” Yoongi tapped his chin and you gasped, pointing a finger at him.

“You wouldn’t dare, Min Yoongi.” You glared.

“Try me.” He challenged.

“If you don’t like it, I won’t take your clothes. I’m sure the others will love it if I’m in their clothes.” You scoffed. Yoongi growled and dropped the clothing, coming to wrap his arms around your waist.

“You know you drive me insane.” Yoongi growled possessively.


He cut you off by turning you around and pressing you against the wall in a kiss. You circled your arms around his neck while he squeezed your waist. When you ran out of air, you tapped his arm.

“What’s with all of you today?” You panted as Yoongi pressed his forehead against yours.

“You smell so good.” He sniffed your neck before he proceeded to scent you. His tail curled itself around your thigh as he pulled your body flush against him. You shivered at his warm breath against your neck. He

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