Jung Yerin became half hearted when Sinb broke up with her. She even let herself lose her bright personality. But Sinb keep on acting weird as if she really haven't done anything. And Yerin been stucked up in bewilderment everytime she'll do something strange.



Main Characters:

Jung Yerin/Yennie

Hwang Eunbi/Sinb/Ttinb


Supporting Characters:

Kim Sojung/Sowon

Jung Eunbi/Eunha

Kim Yewon/Umji

Choi Yuna/Yuju

Choi Beomgyu/Gyu

Song Min-ho/Mino

Moon Bin


I want to go back to the time when you and I were together. Can you bring us back for that day? Can I see you again at the end of this road?

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