Straight to Hell

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After a spell goes out of control, Minji is bound to the attractive yet obnoxious demon Baëkhyun. At first, she can’t wait to get rid of him, but fate has other plans. When they are confronted with a serious threat to their lives, they need to depend on each other to survive while coming to terms with their budding feelings.






The lamps in the living room brightened, their blinding light forcing Minji to close her eyes. When the light faded soon after, she opened her eyes and was met with a terrible surprise. In the middle of her living room stood a man she had never seen before, glaring at her with a vengeance. He seemed to have appeared out of thin air like a ghost. She shrunk back, mouth falling open in shock, but words failed her. His piercing blue eyes were glowing, pinning her down, hypnotizing her. White hair framed his face, a small braid hanging over his shoulder. A silver chain rested over his nose and cheekbones, glinting and reflecting the light. He had a sharp jawline and sinful lips. His aura radiated raw power, a kind of overwhelming strength she had never felt before, almost as if he wasn’t even human.

“How dare you,” he snarled, taking a threatening step towards her. His voice was husky and trembling with rage. The closer he came, the more Minji’s panic rose. “How dare you summon me, human.”

“S-Summon?” she squeaked, her eyes widening. No, it couldn’t be. This had to be a sick joke. That stupid trick couldn’t have worked, it wasn’t possible.

“Do not mock me. Do you have any idea who you are speaking to?” he hissed, particles of light forming around his fists.

Inching backwards, Minji wanted to get as much distance between this psycho and herself as possible. “N-No,” she stuttered, causing him to smirk at her apparent fear of him. His eyes were icy as they scrutinized her, and she felt like her time had run out.

“Ridiculous,” he spat. “My name is Baëkhyun. I'm a demon and you made a mistake when you called me here."




  • Main Pairing: Baëkhyun x OC (Minji)
  • Side Pairing: Sehůn x OC (Jangmi)
  • Genres: Romance, Suspense, Supernatural
  • Multi-chapter fanfic

Author's Note:

I've started another fanfic, and again it's inspired by X-EXO! It's losely based on the tv series Lucifer and Korean Odyssey, so you might find some similarities. Just a little warning beforehand; there will be swearing and serious topics in later chapters. The rating might change to M eventually.


Huge thanks to Myeonallo who made this amazing poster!! ♡♡ Loving your work!



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