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Vampires are her worst fear, but what if one of them turns out to be her soulmate? [Vampire!Baekhyun x Witch!OC]


by Scarlet_Sky

Vampires are her worst fear, but what if one of them turns out to be her soulmate?

Yoonhee is a witch who adores flowers and plants, possessing a gentle kind of magic that is tied to nature. She leads a quiet life with her family—until one day, the peace is shattered. After a ruthless vampire kills her parents in order to obtain their magic, she barely escapes and is forced to go into hiding.

From that moment on, she lives in constant fear and does all she can to avoid vampires, afraid that her past may catch up with her one day.

However, Yoonhee can’t escape her fate and it leads her straight into the arms of yet another vampire. Their encounter throws her life into disarray—not only is Baekhyun her enemy, he is also her destined soulmate.

You call me



Yoonhee's heartbeats were so loud and so frightful, every vampire in the building heard them. Her blood was singing, but they didn’t give in to its alluring call. Unaware of this, she walked down the hallway, and the closer she got to the door that loomed at its end, the more her fear grew. She touched the doorknob, put her fingers on its cool metal and entered the room beyond the door.

The light was dim. At first, she didn’t see Baekhyun since his body was obscured by the shadows of the curtains. However, his gleaming red eyes were hard to miss when he gazed right at her. She flinched.

“Leave,” he growled warningly and dug his fingers in his thighs, fighting his instinct, his thirst for her blood. Her delightful scent filled the entire room. It was the sweetest temptation—and he was so close to his limit, her scent alone nearly made him give in to his vampiric nature. His fangs elongated as his body prepared to take what he needed most.

Byun Baekhyun
Baekhyun belongs to a century-old vampire clan that was established by a vampire named Kim Junmyeon.
He has been searching for his soulmate for countless decades, and when he finally finds her, he faces a dilemma; the woman he is destined to be with fears him because he is not human.
Choi Yoonhee
Yoonhee has been on the run ever since her parents were killed by vampires. After she is taken in by Sooyoung, her current boyfriend, she opens a little flower shop in Seoul.
Her gentle magic is based on nature. She can make flowers bloom with a mere touch.
Author's note
Some of you might remember the poll I've posted recently about my next story project. I was unsure whether I should write a vampire or a werewolf AU, and most people voted for the werewolf option. Nonetheless, I chose the vampire AU, because that's what I'm most invested in. I will take some ideas from the other story draft and incorporate them here! 
What you can expect from this story: lots of romance (in later chapters since this is a slowburn), a storyline that focuses on facing and overcoming fears and building trust. And of course, lots of suspense too!
  • Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Supernatural
  • TW: contains some violence and an abusive relationship (not involving Baekhyun)




The cover was made by JaeKnight! Thanks for your help! ❤️



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If you post my work on other pages without my consent, it's considered plagiarism.

Spellbound is now completed. 🌼🌺🌻 Thanks for your support throughout the time I worked on this story. Your kind comments were a huge motivation for me. 🥰


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Chapter 29: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Azalea

It's no wonder that she dreamt of that idiot (it's the 'nicest' word that I can find without cussing him out). Even before the mysterious deaths, he was her nightmare, but now, it's like she is getting a sign and it's freaking her out! 👀 Thankfully, Baekhyun was there and she shared her dream with him, but the latter is no better in terms of worrying. This is seriously no joke, but at the same time, at least things will soon be settled and the mystery as to why they want her power will be finally explained, I also agree with Baekhyun - she shouldn't leave the house without the weapon she was given! 👌👏

The second scene was a bit more relaxing. 😊 Baekhyun will be Baekhyun and always worry, but that place is still safe as she is not alone! 👌👏 The girls are there, and the clan members patrol around by accident or not. 😉 Either way, it was a cute scene that made me chuckle, especially when they called her Buttercup. *chuckles* 😂🤣

OMG! This is a new side to Baekhyun! Yoonhee hasn't even met Taemin, but he is already jelly! Okay, I get it, he already knows him, but still! I swear this scene made me laugh, but Yoonhee is sneaky, trying to seduce Baekhyun and all. 😉 *smirks*

Hmm, the last scene is tense and it makes me wonder. 👀 Is that the vampire in question? My hunch is telling me yes... things are becoming eerie! 👀

I am looking forward to seeing what happens in the next chapter! Thank you for another great chapter! 💗🌹

I have already subscribed to Re:start and I can't wait to read! 🥰😍

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Chapter 28: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Petunia

No matter how often one goes to the in-laws (future or already), it's never easy and it's only normal to feel a bit stressed out about it. But, I am sure that things will go well, like last time! 😉👌 After all, they have already accepted her, so it's all fun and relaxation! 😉👌 Anyway, moving on to the next topic, the news. Honestly, the scene started in a relaxing matter, and then BOOM. The news of murder and not just any kind of murder! The victim's blood was out! 👀🤬 There is only one vampire that comes to mind... 👀🤬

As I mentioned earlier, things went smoothly with Baekhyun's parents and they did. 💗🥰 Heck, they prepared everything she might need, including a wedding dress that is a gift from them to her! OMG! 🥰💗 They are marvelous and to make everything even better, and to show that they do care about her security, they made sure to prepare a weapon for her. I do agree with them, she is safe with the amount of vampires around her, but one never knows, so some extra protection is a good thing! 👌😉👏

The meeting with the council (I'll call it that), which in a way reminds me of Aro and his council from Twilight (Yes, I'm a big er for Aro and Jane 😅😂), but they are not, here we have some other members and I am amused in a positive way. 😉👌👏 They learned a lot, but at the same time, some questions have been opened and I must say, things are heating up again. 👀 There are many theories and the guys need to work fast and put a stop to it, or them before it's too late. 👀😖

As always, Baekhyun is her protector, but yeah, his mood swings can be noticeable, but it's understandable since the danger is lurking! 😖👀🤬

To answer your question about theories - There is only one vampire that comes to mind and it's the one from Yoonhee's past. 👀😖

Thank you for the lovely chapter! I am looking forward to seeing what happens next! 💗🌹

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Chapter 27: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Red Salvia

It's nice to see Yoonhee back in her flower shop now that the ugly chapter in their lives is over, well, two ugly chapters. Sooyoung and Aeri. 👌👏 As always, Yerin is such a lovely girl, always willing to help and Yoonhee sure has a good friend in her! 👌👏 The shop was well-prepared, all that it's missing are a few final touches, but that's something that Yoonhee will do with her powers! 😉👌 But now it was time to sit back and relax with the crew! 🥰

Aw, work does seem fun and it's good to see that it is back in action! 😍🥰 Heck, she even has help and that gives her more time to spend with Baekhyun and the others, and that is great! I must admit that this scene had a bit of everything, friendship, teamwork, and love, and at the same time, at one point it was a bit tense as well because of the vampire that Baekhyun sensed, but Yoonhee got it under control. 😉👌 But who could blame him, right? He wants to protect her, but at the same time, I agree with Yoonhee, they don't need the attention. 👌😉 I also loved their sweet moment in the second scene and how he knew exactly what flower to give her! 😍🥰

And the last scene was as adorable as ever! 😍🥰 The two know how to spend quality time and their moments are priceless! 😍🥰

This chapter was sure as hell relaxing and I just loved it! (Minus the vampire part in the second scene!) Thank you for another amazing chapter and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next! 🌹💗

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Chapter 26: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Pink Camellia

OMO! 👀 The first scene got me on the edge of my chair as Seulgi finally set her plan into action! And I am happy about it! I will be honest and say that I was a bit skeptical about her as I wasn't sure if she could be trusted or not. 👀 Anyhow, she removed the cast off of Baekhyun and made things crystal clear as she was the one who wanted to end Aeri's life and finish her clan. 👌 True, I agree with Baekhyun that it spares him the trouble, but at the same time, Seulgi's move is bald and it does have a death wish, but it seems that she has it all planned out and she gave heads up to Baekhyun. 👌 Hopefully, Baekhyun and Yoonhee find each other soon and get the hell out of there! 👀😮😫

Yoonhee did good, even though all the efforts she put in were probably stressful for her, heck, ever since they two ended up in that place, things have been crazy and hectic! *sighs* >.< But thankfully, the two found each other and managed to escape! 👌👏 The fact that Baekhyun and Yoonhee are blaming themselves for not fighting stronger is also okay, but at the same time, it's not their fault. Aeri played dirty, using others to get what she wanted, and not it was time for her to pay! 👌👏

It's good to see the whole clan together again! 👌👏 Of course, they were all worried and the questions coming their way were quite understandable, I mean who wouldn't ask, right?! 👀 Baekhyun managed to explain the whole situation to the clan and I agree with one of the clan members - don't piss off a witch - or something along those lines (it cracked me up 🤣😂), and as much as the situation is serious, I can say that Aeri is now in the past and that it was time to move on and forget about her. 😉👌 It was time to rest. 👌

The last scene made my heart melt because of the two! 🥰😍 It's good to see them together again! 🥰😍 I adore them, I swear! 🥰😍

The ending Aeri got was well-deserved and yes, her chapter is done, but the story continues. I am curious to know what happens next, but as always, I have to share my theory on how I think the story might continue. *chuckles*

Here it is: Yoonhee's ex is out of the picture and so is Baekhyun's. So the ONLY thing remaining would be the vampire from Yoonhee's past. 👀

Thank you for another lovely chapter! 💗🌹

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Chapter 25: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Poppy

I can understand the frustration, but Kyungsoo is right. This is not something Baekhyun would do unless someone mixed their fingers into it and cast a curse/spell on him. *sighs* But of course, there are more questions to be asked than answered and the boys are left in an uncomfortable position. *sighs* >.< Aeri was trouble from the get-go. -_-

Poor Yoonhee. 😭 She is aware of the whole situation and the fact that she can't escape without him and that it's also not a safe move either way. >.< 👀 But at the same time, despite what happened to Baekhyun, Yoonhee can see the struggle inside of him and it gives her hope. After all, they have a bond that can't be broken! I don't like Aeri's clan and the people around Yoonhee... they give me the freaking creeps! 👀😖

It only goes to show the positive impact Yoonhee has on Baekhyun. He might have forgotten her name, but the familiarity she brings is warming for him and it makes him want to protect her - pure example when the voice called Yoonhee a wh*re, his instinct just rose and I loved it! 👌👍 What I didn't love was what happened next when Aeri showed up. -_- The punishment was painful and once again, it was back to square one! 😭😖🙁😯🤔 At the same time, it showed Seulgi that his willpower was strong, but it also showed the power of the curse... *sighs*

The fourth scene started in a calm but eerie way at the same time! 👀 In the place where Yoonhee is, there is no such thing as a peaceful morning or time. -_- Things only got worse from that point on and Yoonhee found herself in danger - I swear that was a CLOSE CALL! 👀 Baekhyun came in to save the day, showing that he does have emotions, and the small conversation he had with Yoonhee, gave her confirmation about it, but things were cut short as Aeri stormed in. UGH! 😡🤬 That woman! 🤬😡

The last scene and the deal... It's a cliffhanger alright! 👀😯

Ah, with Seulgi, one never knows, but we'll see. 👀

Anyhow, I loved the chapter and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next! 💗🌹

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Chapter 24: Chapter 24: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Black Dahlia

I don't know where to start with this scene, but before I say anything, I must mention the eerie feeling and strange vibe it gave me from the get-go! 👀😖 They all knew that woman was trouble and despite being careful - making plans and solutions in advance - NOTHING could have prepared them for what happened IN A MATTER OF MINUTES! 👀😖 First, it was the headache and then it was the appearance of Aeri and Baekhyun's sudden change of behavior! It's clear as day that some dirty tricks were used and they all saw it, but I don't like this situation at all until they come to the bottom of it all. >.< 👀😖 I do like how Chanyeol and the others were there to protect Yoonhee... but sadly, there is not much that they can do and the poor latter has to stay in a new clan... a dangerous clan. 😖👀 No. No. No. NO! Baekhyun, snap out of it! You have to snap out of it! 👀😖 Poor Yoonhee - her world has crashed at this point... *sighs*

Seulgi... *squints eyes* I am not sure what to think. >.< Remembering the last chapter I thought that she was going to make Aeri's night to remember and not the other way around... (but I'll stop here with the theories as the scene was short and I might be in for a surprise!) 👀

This is not happening. This is not happening. >.< I honestly can't believe it! Aeri is in the lead and now she is using Baekhyun for her pleasure, although, I am impressed with the fact that he keeps getting warnings in the form of a voice in his head, so it means that not all hope is gone. 👀 But at the same time, the ending of the third scene is NOT GOOD! >.< 👀😖

The last scene broke my heart! 😭😭😭

I am looking forward to Yoonhee's POV and what happens next! 😉👍👌

Thank you for another great chapter! I enjoyed every single part of it! 🌹💗

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Chapter 23: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Black Rose

OMG! There is no such thing as an uneventful or normal morning in that mansion! *chuckles* As much as she wanted to hide their little 'action' from last night, it was impossible. 😅 But as much as it was embarrassing for her, it cracked me up! 🤣 Especially her friend, who wants the juicy details! And Baekhyun with his smirk - is not helping! 😅🤣😈

I'm starting to like Kyungsoo in this one. *smiles* His conversations with Yoonhee are always kind and the two always have a topic to talk about. I just adore it. (Then again, Kyungsoo is also my bias so maybe that's why. XD) Anyhow, they all have a common worry and it's that woman. -_- *sighs*

Ah, Baekhyun finally met her friends and the atmosphere was surely cheerful and bright! 🥰😍 All women like to share stories and talk about their men, don't they? 👌😉 Men are no different! 😉👌 *chuckles* Baekhyun is surely excited to meet his parents again - if you know what I mean. 😅🤣

Ah, as always happy moments don't last forever, but I believe that this conversation was very much needed. 👌 The fact that they are all worried about what Aeri is up to, especially because she is obsessed with Baekhyun. -_- Thankfully, in a way, they are at an advantage because Yoonhee is good at hiding her powers and if needed, she can use them against Aeri... something tells me that things are not going to go as smoothly as they think, but working together should make things easier for them. 👌 But still, one could never be prepared enough with evil people, right? *sighs* -_-

👀 It's time for the party and the tension can be felt in the air. 👀 Nope, no surprise at all. 👀

The drama queen is back in town. -_- UGH! Each time her character is shown, I get annoyed. Like what the hell?! I mean look at her! Who gave her such a right to act like that?! 😡😣 BAEKHYUN IS NOT HER PROPERTY! 😣😡 AND HE NEVER WILL BE! 😡😣

Seulgi - a new and interesting character. Unlike others, she noticed the different aura. Hmm.

Things are starting to heat up and it seems to me that Seulgi is up to something... 👀

Things are surely heating up and I love it! As for Seulgi, I haven't formed my full opinion just yet (as I might be wrong), but I'll see as the story progresses! 😉

Thank you for another great chapter! 🌹💗

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Chapter 22: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Red Rose

Compared to other chapters, this chapter was different, if you know what I mean. 🔥😉 I did like the tension between them and how it all started with teasing, semi-begging, touches, and all that. It was freaking hot! 🔥 🥵 Strengting their bond, made them realize how much they love each other and I am glad that both of them confessed!

Ah, you did an amazing job, but I know how it feels. can be a challenge for many of us, but all in all, the final result was marvelous! 🥰😍👌👏👍

Thank you for a great chapter! I am looking forward to seeing what happens next! 🌹💗

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Chapter 21: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Orchid (my favorite flower 🥰)

OMG! The first scene got me grinning and giggling because of their cuteness! 😍🥰 Especially Baekhyun - a vampire that has so many nicknames for his soulmate, and it's unbelievable! *chuckles* Of course, she's gonna blush! I mean who wouldn't?! 🥰😍😉👌👏

Aw, their moments together keep getting better and better. 😍🥰👌 Her playing the piano is something enjoyable for him and as he said, mistakes are normal and everyone makes them. Hehe. 🥰😍👌 But am I surprised that their sweet moment was soon interrupted by that woman? No. -_- But I am glad that they will face her together! It's time to make things clear! 👀😮

Ah, that woman is nothing but freaking trouble! Her behavior annoyed me the first time and it annoys me again! >.< It's clear what her motive is - get Baekhyun. 😡😫😣 Heck, she is not even hiding it! I can't help but worry about her invitation, but hopefully, things will be okay in the end (but things happen, don't they? *sighs*) Another thing that bothered me was the fact that she and Baekhyun talked in private. -_- And then when he came back - his tone toward Yoonhee was wrong on so many levels! 🙄😒 Chanyeol is right, he needs to talk to Yoonhee!

Ah, in the end, he came clean and it was time for another step in their relationship! 😍🥰

That picture! 🥰😍
Hehe. I am looking forward to the next chapter! 😉 Thank you for this lovely chapter! 💗🌹

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Chapter 20: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Yellow Hyacinth

Ah, I said it many times and will say it many more. *chuckles* Curiosity killed the cat, didn't it? 😅🤣 I mean, I can understand her in a way because who wouldn't be curious, right? But the answer she got was embarrassing! 😅 But, thinking about it, the answer was in front of her the whole time. 😉 I swear the strange atmosphere and the question that she had asked him later, made me chuckle for some strange reason. 😅🤣 She is adorable and Baekhyun seems confused by her sudden behaviour! 😅

Ah, just as I thought the scene was going to be relaxing... I was wrong. *frowns* Even before finding out who she was a bit more... I just knew that she was trouble and her attitude was just UGH! -_- >.< In general, I don't like such girls. 😐😞 Anyhow, who is she to look for Baekhyun and why?! They were once a thing and not anymore. Sheesh! -_- *sighs* In the end, the way Yoonhee felt is understandable. 😞 At the same time, I understand Baekhyun - but I don't say that I agree with him. Honesty is very important in a relationship and he should have talked to her about it, even if it was a painful topic. Yoohee deserves to know at least the crucial parts of the story, if not everything. 👀

Ah. *sighs* Trouble in paradise. Instead of being mad at him and making him worry, she should have told him what happened and what was it that she found out. As much as I agree with her, I agree with him as well, and I believe that there is a logical explanation to it all - why he hid her existence, etc. 👀😞😐

He found out about it from Yerin and the latter is right, it's time he spilled the beans and talked to Yoonhee before things get bad! 😖😞

In the end, the two finally talked and I am glad that Baekhyun spilled the beans! 👌👏 Aeri is pure evil and deserves to die! >.<

Yes, I agree. Aeri is easy to hate! >.< UGH!
Oh! You live in Europe! What part, if you don't mind me asking? I'm also in Europe, well Balkan to be exact. ^^
As for Phoenix, I have already read it and highly recommend it to those who haven't! 🌹💗

Thank you for another lovely chapter! 💗🌹