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Vampires are her worst fear, but what if one of them turns out to be her soulmate? [Vampire!Baekhyun x Witch!OC]


by Scarlet_Sky

Vampires are her worst fear, but what if one of them turns out to be her soulmate?

Yoonhee is a witch who adores flowers and plants, possessing a gentle kind of magic that is tied to nature. She leads a quiet life with her family—until one day, the peace is shattered. After a ruthless vampire kills her parents in order to obtain their magic, she barely escapes and is forced to go into hiding.

From that moment on, she lives in constant fear and does all she can to avoid vampires, afraid that her past may catch up with her one day.

However, Yoonhee can’t escape her fate and it leads her straight into the arms of yet another vampire. Their encounter throws her life into disarray—not only is Baekhyun her enemy, he is also her destined soulmate.

You call me



Yoonhee's heartbeats were so loud and so frightful, every vampire in the building heard them. Her blood was singing, but they didn’t give in to its alluring call. Unaware of this, she walked down the hallway, and the closer she got to the door that loomed at its end, the more her fear grew. She touched the doorknob, put her fingers on its cool metal and entered the room beyond the door.

The light was dim. At first, she didn’t see Baekhyun since his body was obscured by the shadows of the curtains. However, his gleaming red eyes were hard to miss when he gazed right at her. She flinched.

“Leave,” he growled warningly and dug his fingers in his thighs, fighting his instinct, his thirst for her blood. Her delightful scent filled the entire room. It was the sweetest temptation—and he was so close to his limit, her scent alone nearly made him give in to his vampiric nature. His fangs elongated as his body prepared to take what he needed most.

Byun Baekhyun
Baekhyun belongs to a century-old vampire clan that was established by a vampire named Kim Junmyeon.
He has been searching for his soulmate for countless decades, and when he finally finds her, he faces a dilemma; the woman he is destined to be with fears him because he is not human.
Choi Yoonhee
Yoonhee has been on the run ever since her parents were killed by vampires. After she is taken in by Sooyoung, her current boyfriend, she opens a little flower shop in Seoul.
Her gentle magic is based on nature. She can make flowers bloom with a mere touch.
Author's note
Some of you might remember the poll I've posted recently about my next story project. I was unsure whether I should write a vampire or a werewolf AU, and most people voted for the werewolf option. Nonetheless, I chose the vampire AU, because that's what I'm most invested in. I will take some ideas from the other story draft and incorporate them here! 
What you can expect from this story: lots of romance (in later chapters since this is a slowburn), a storyline that focuses on facing and overcoming fears and building trust. And of course, lots of suspense too!
  • Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Supernatural
  • TW: contains some violence and an abusive relationship (not involving Baekhyun)




The cover was made by JaeKnight! Thanks for your help! ❤️



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If you post my work on other pages without my consent, it's considered plagiarism.

Spellbound is now completed. 🌼🌺🌻 Thanks for your support throughout the time I worked on this story. Your kind comments were a huge motivation for me. 🥰


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Chapter 9: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Begonia

*sighs* The poor girl and her nightmares. First, it's the vampire and then it's Sooyoung. Neither one is pleasant and it's no wonder she woke up screaming! -_- Thankfully, Baekhyun was there to soothe her and calm her down, but I can also understand Baekhyun's point of view. 👀 First, he would love to know who the vampire in question was and also he wants to have a little 'chat' with Sooyoung and make him pay. 👌👍 The latter deserves nothing better! 😡 As for the vampire clan that is after her... it gives off an eerie vibe. 😣👀 I am also curious to know who it was... but something tells me that I will find out soon! >.< On a positive note, Baekhyun stayed by her side. 😉🥰 As always, he is such a sweetheart and I love the nickname he gave her! 😍🥰

I just love how Baekhyun checks up on her. 😍 Of course, I can understand her point of view as well! True, the clan accepted her, but at the same time, she couldn't help but worry. So, it's no wonder she doesn't want to explore the place or mingle with others. 👀 The fear sometimes gets the best of us. 👀 But I am sure that in time it will get better. 😉 Anyway, Baekhyun managed to get her to go outside and in the end, it was useful and a good idea. ^^ *smiles* Not only did she help the roses bloom, and learn more about others, but she also met Kyungsoo, and, by all means, he is kind and friendly. ^^ Although the last part of this scene cracked me up - 'We don't sleep in coffins' and 'Too much information... Shut up.' - something along those lines! 😅🤣😂 I just love the comedy! 🤣😂👌👍

OMG! I was amused with the third scene as well. *chuckles* She met another member - Minseok, and the latter made sure to tell her that Baekhyun was not good at cooking, describing what had happened the last time he tried to cook. 🤣😂 Ah, oh well. Not everyone is perfect at everything, right? 😉 All in all, loved it! Going back to a more serious note, I do agree with Baekhyun, that Sooyoung NEEDS TO PAY for everything he has done! >.<

Thank you for another great chapter! 😍 I am looking forward to seeing what happens next! 🌹💗

P.S. - I am sorry for being sometimes late with my reading, but it's been hectic with the new dog in my house, so I am juggling between work and taking care of him to the point that my free time has decreased. 😅 Plus my other three pets also need attention. 😅 I mean, I love them, they are my kids, but yeah, it can be a struggle at times. 😅

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Chapter 8: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Blue Iris

Baekhyun was sent to her life at the right moment, because honestly, even if she didn't break up with him because of her soulmate, it would have been something else. After all, Sooyoung has nothing nice to say to her. >.< In his eyes, she is not beautiful, she is not good enough, she is not worthy, etc. 😒😫😖 So, either way, that relationship was bound to fail eventually, but I believe that in that case, it would be even worse, and since he demolished her flower shop - her only peace of heaven - it would be hard to find a place to stay (I mean sure, her friend would help her, but still, she would have to look for another solution), but now with Baekhyun here, she's safe. 😍🥰 But simultaneously, seeing her in such a state is sad. 😭 But I am glad that she told Baekhyun the truth about what happened and I am sure that Baekhyun wouldn't let him have his way and he would pay the price!

Ah, maybe she will get back into her piano lessons, or maybe Baekhyun could help her because in most cases vampires have a long history of playing the piano and being good at it! 😏😉 (Me and my theories, I might or might not be right, but yeah. 😉😅) Anyway, moving on, there is a new character in town! *grins* Junmyeon's soulmate seems nice and it's crystal clear they accepted Yonhee. True, she might not be a vampire, but who cares, right? Heck, the two will spend some time together as well! ^^ *smiles* I am glad that Yonhee finally opened her eyes and saw the truth about Sooyoung. It's time for her to start a new chapter in her life! 😉😏👌👍 Do I believe that things are going to be easy? Oh, no. Far from that, after all, Sooyoung will make sure to cause hell. >.<

Sooyoung. -_- Is there even anything left to say about that idiot? I think not. -_- I live for the day to see his end! >.< He deserves nothing better and who the heck gives him the right to be angry?! -_- He might be powerful magic-wise, but I believe the vampires will put a stop to him! >.< The war is on! But on a side note, it's sweet of Baekhyun to go and clean up the mess. 🥰😍

In the end, Baekhyun knew how to make Yoonhee smile again! 🥰😍 He is a such sweetheart! 🥰😍

Another chapter that I loved, including the new character! I am looking forward to seeing what happens next and as for Yonhee's development, it's going great! 👌💗🌹

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Chapter 7: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Chrysanthemum

Ah, Baekhyun does care about her and he wants nothing but the best for her! 😍🥰 Starting from food to sleep and rest is essential for her, but I love how she feels more relaxed around him. 🥰😍 Is she stubborn? Oh, yes. But does it work with him? Oh, no. 👌😉👍 He got his way, and she got some rest while he was by her side! 😍🥰

Haha. The first part of the scene cracked me up. *chuckles* With the food all. He does sound a bit overprotective, but I love it! It goes to show that not all vampires are bad, especially not his clan and this is surely a new beginning for her! And him! 😍🥰 Being around Baekhyun, she is starting to radiate a more positive vibe and I like it! 👍👌 But that vibe soon disappeared as they approached her home. >.< 😫 Even Baekhyun hates it! Baek, go inside and show him who's boss! 😣 But of course, out of respect for her, he drove off... but something tells me that he should have stuck around... 👀

And I was right! *hisses* He should have stayed because Sooyoung has crossed every possible freaking line! 👀😣😫 Physical abuse... seriously? Insults? Seriously? Targetting her weakness? Seriously? What kind of man are you? >.< YOU ARE NO MAN! A MAN NEVER RAISES HIS HAND ON A WOMAN, NO MATTER WHAT! 😠😡

Yes, it can be scary. Yes, he is scary, but it's time to dump Sooyoung! *hisses* The faster, the better! 😠😡😫😣👀

The last scene was nerve-wracking, there is no doubt about it. >.< But finally, she managed to put her foot down and end things with him, but of course, it meant she needed to leave - but it's better to do that than live with a person like Sooyoung. >.< True, at least she has her flower shop, but it turns out that Baekhyun saves the day and she will be under his wing and protection 👍👌😉 - and I have to say she will need protection because I know that Sooyoung will make sure to make her life a living hell!

Yeah, there was some angst, and yes, I hate Sooyoung as well! >.<
But either way, I loved the chapter! 💗🌹 Thank you! 💗🌹
Have a great weekend! 👌

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Chapter 5: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Freesia

I agree with her friend! She does need to end things with Sooyoung! That man does not deserve her! >.< He's been getting on my nerves since the very first chapter and from this scene it is evident that she is scared of him and what he might do! Like what the hell! -_- 😫👀 He is abusive in every possible way and the faster she escapes, the better it will be! 😫👀 Yes, it can be hard to escape such relationships, but she needs to do it! 👀😫

Yonhee has a lot to think about and it's no wonder. She is aware that her friend was right about every single word and deep down she knows what she has to do! At the same time, it's obvious that her heart aches for Baekhyun and she worries, so Junmyeon's visit hits the right spot! 👀👌 Of course, it's only normal for her to be reluctant at first, after all, he is a vampire, but a friendly one, so all is good. I am glad that Junmyeon was able to explain the situation to her and that in the end, she went with him. After all, if her blood can save him, so let it be. 😉👌👍 Besides, who wouldn't allow Baekhyun to bite, right? *chuckles* 😉😍 On a side note, she learned a bit more about the clan, when it was founded, when Baekhyun joined, also that Junmyeon has a soulmate, and that they were all vampires, except for her. 👍👌

Ah, and they arrived at their destination. Junmyeon was kind enough to give her directions and it was time to save him! 😍 Of course, at first, he told her to leave and it only goes to show that he doesn't want to hurt her or make her do anything against her will, but this time, it was her choice as she understood that only she can save him at this point. 👍👌 True, he was surprised by her choice, but the day was saved, now all she has to do is rest, and once she wakes up eat something and recover. 👍👌

The last scene was sweet and a move in their relationship! 😍🥰 They both care for each other and one could see it from afar! 😍🥰 I am glad that she accepted the situation the way it was and that she admitted that he was special! 😍🥰

The pictures give the Vampire Baekhyun vibe! 😉👌

Haha. Junmyeon did an amazing job! I loved the chapter and look forward to seeing how things go from here! Thank you! 🌹💗

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Chapter 4: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Camellia

Before I comment on anything else, inviting Baekhyun to the flat to pick her up instead of meeting somewhere else is a bold and brave move! 👀 I mean, sure Sooyoung is out drinking... but still. Obviously, their relationship is not that great and the latter could come home all of a sudden, so I place my hat down for the move that was made! 👀 Now, regarding her and her thoughts, what she is doing is morally wrong, but at the same time, there is no love between her and Sooyung and things like this happen! Now, Baekhyun, his eyes are different from before... and his vibe as well... 👀 Hmm. I can't help but wonder what is wrong in terms of their small conversation as first - Yes, I agree, she needs to end things with Sooyoung. It is also something that her friends told her as well. 😉👌

*sighs in relief* They didn't stay in the flat, instead, Baekhyun is taking her somewhere. 😉👌 During their ride, their conversation was quite interesting and I just love how Baekhyun can read through her and also sense her heart rate! 😉👌 True, she is tense, but at the same time, it's understandable because she is fighting the demons inside of her and debating whether the choice she made was right or wrong, especially because of what happened to her parents. 😣 Also, in those situations, it's understandable to miss her parents and wonder what they would tell her. *sighs* As for Baekhyun and his flirting and comments, it's adorable! 🥰😍 And I agree with him, she shouldn't lower herself. 👌😉 She is beautiful.

Aw, Baekhyun made all the preparations and he knew exactly what her style was! 😍🥰Despite the warnings that she is getting, things are working well between the two, and heck, they are even getting along. I can sense that she is a bit more relaxed than before and the two talked about themselves and what they like doing! Baekhyun is surely taken away by her and he is not even ashamed to admit it! 😉👌😍🥰 One could say that their night was wonderful, but the last part of the scene when he told her how long he had been searching for her, made me chuckle! Cute! 😅🥰😍👌😉

Well... this scene broke my heart. Things were going well, and then suddenly things changed! 😭😥 Of course, her fear got the best of her and it also triggered Baekhyun's reaction. (My personal opinion is that he hasn't given up on her, even though it seems like that - but we'll see. After all, breaking the soulmate bond 😉) Of course, by the time she realized what had happened and she wanted to make things right, he was out of sight. 😭

The final scene was no better! 😭😥 I hate Sooyoung and the insults he gave her are awful! 😭😥 The relationship is not healthy and she doesn't deserve it! Heck, no woman deserves it! 😭😥😫 From a lovely night to an awful night! 😭😥😫

I can only guess what is up with him! 👀 I loved the chapter! Thank you! 💗🌹

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Chapter 3: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Sunflower

*sighs* Those nightmares are making her go through hell, there is no doubt about that. 😭😞 They are painful and they have a way of coming back. The poor girl. 😭😞 As for Sooyoung... >.< He has no understanding for her and it's freaking annoying. 😒 But it also makes me wonder why he acts like that... it was mentioned that he doesn't allow her to express her feelings if she does, he snaps - and here's a theory (I might be wrong, but here I go):

1. What if that vampire is somehow related to Sooyoung? 👀

2. What is Sooyoung hiding? 👀

3. Is there more to him and his behavior toward her? 👀

Now, as for her thoughts going back to Baekhyun and how he would react if she cried, I am sure that he wouldn't think she was ugly, nor would he snap at her like that. 😉

I liked the whole concept of how she used her magic and made the herbal tea. 🥰 But of course, is her day complete without Byun Baekhyun? Of course, not! *chuckles* 😏😅 Aw, the latter brought her sunflowers, yes, it's a unique choice because roses are mostly given to women, but this bouquet of sunflowers makes it unique and I love it! 🥰😍 In the process he also learned what flowers she likes, but only that, he also learned about her parents! Compared to before, she is calmer, and even when she bled a bit, he showed self-control, which only goes to show that he is different from other vampires! 😉😏👌 Of course, as always, he's persistent about that date, and just as I thought that she would refuse, they had a magical touch and the picture was crystal clear! 😍🥰 In the end, it was a yes! 👌😏😉

Ah, in the end, she met up with her friends and she had so many questions about soulmates! *chuckles* All in all, the conversation was interesting but I do agree with her friend. It's time to end things with Sooyoung, but something tells me that it won't be easy! 👀

And once again, the picture matches! Love it! 😉👌

It was amazing! 😏😉👌 Thank you for another amazing chapter! 💗🌹

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Chapter 2: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Dandelion

The chapter started interestingly, showing her nightmare and the events four years ago! 👀😣 It's quite sad and not fair. >.< If one says no, it's a no, but sadly, that vampire in question doesn't take no for an answer. *sighs* >.< Am I surprised that it haunts her? No, not one bit, after all, who wouldn't be haunted by it! 👀 Lucikly, she managed to escape, yes, but the fact that the vampire who killed her parents is still out there somewhere, looking for her, would send chills down anyone's spine. 😣 As for the fact that she doesn't like talking about her nightmares - is also okay. Weakness or not, everyone is different. As for Sooyung... the first chapter is still stuck in my mind and whether he helped her or not... the vibe coming from him is strange (in terms of relationship, there is no perfect one), but yeah. *sighs* I will have to wait and learn more about them and their relationship, so for now, I'll ignore the red flag from the previous chapter. 👀 As for her being worried that Baekhyun might tell others is also understandable - after all, fear is always greater! 👀

Ah, am I surprised that Baekhyun came to her flower shop? Nope. *chuckles* I was kind of expecting it, after all, she is his soulmate and even if he wants to stay away, it's impossible and he has no problem admitting it to her! 😉 Their conversation that I call it 'push and pull' - is funny. 😂 She tries to push him away, but the more she does it, the more she attracts him! 😉 His reactions and answers to her are priceless as well! 😅 Ah, they also had a customer and afterward, they had a conversation about dandelions but he was still persistent about giving him a chance. 😉 In the end, he got the information about the vampire that bit her, and for sure, if he knew his name, that wouldn't be a nice meeting! 😉 Those blue eyes though! 🥰😍

Ah, the last scene was surely tense because of Sooyoung. His attitude is bad, really bad. *sigh* >.< I sense a violent side too and that grip confirmed it all! 👀😫 For now, she managed to escape, but dang it... things are heating up... 👀

I just love how the picture at the end matches the whole concept of the chapter! 😍💗

Yes, yes, he is stubborn! 😅 As for Yoonhee and Sooyung and their relationship... I don't like it. 👀😫

Thank you for another great chapter! 💗🌹 I am looking forward to seeing what happens next! 👌👍😉

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Chapter 1: 😈😏😈😏😈

Chapter title: Yellow Carnation

Ah, I loved how this chapter started with the introduction of the female protagonist, what she is, and what she does. Also, her friends, and her boyfriend. 👌👍👏 I must admit that when I was reading the part about Witches and how through centuries they were killed because others feared their power - it felt as if I was pulled back into those ages and the scenes were easily imagined (not to mention the movies I watched! 👌👏) Amazingly done on that part! 👍👌👏 Moving on, I also loved the insight that was provided in terms of her parents and what had happened to them. True, it's sad and it only goes to show that vampires are leeches and evil in the eyes of others (unless it's Jasper from Twilight - I was a big fan of him in my teens days and I still love him, and Alice - the book's version! *chuckles* 😅). Anyhow, that's beyond the point and so off the topic (forgive me for my randomness 😅), going back to the topic, considering all that has been said, It's no wonder that she had been hiding from them, as the 'war' is still on. 👀 But there is one vampire whom she can't fool and it's none other than Baekhyun! 👀 Even though it's their first meeting, I LOVE HIS BLUNTNESS with her! 👌😉 True, the whole soulmate thing was out of the blue, but he has a point, vampires take the soulmate part seriously, and once they find their soulmate - there is no letting go! 👌😉 Now, she did say that she has a boyfriend - but Baekhyun isn't even bothered by it as he plans to give him an offer he can't refuse! 😉👌 I am looking forward to seeing how that goes! 😉👌

I am not surprised that her mind is all over the place, I mean whose mind wouldn't be after meeting Baekhyun, right? 😉😏 Hmm... 👀 I am not sure what to think about her relationship... but from what I can see, she is grateful for what he has done for her and he is a control freak... I don't sense the emotion at all... 👀

Aw, the third scene was a bit emotional if you ask me. 😞 First, she wakes up alone, and later on she and Mrs. Jung. Mrs. Jung reminds her of her mother and as much as it is sweet, it is emotional as well. *sighs* At the same time, it gives a bit more insight into her family and what she learned from them, but either way, it's sad. 😭

Ah, Baekhyun finds her again and this time, he will her home. *chuckles* Things are about to get interesting!

Unlike the last story, this time the picture is at the end, and damn it's freaking y! Also, it matches his style in this fic! 😍🥰👌😉

As for my impression of the story? It's only the beginning and I am aware that there is more to come, but so far, I am loving it! The characters seem interesting. I can't wait to learn more about them and see how the story develops. It's quite exciting! Thank you once again for your hard work! 💗🌹

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It's time to read this baby! I am looking forward to seeing what it has in store! 👍👌😉

691 streak #10

I am so in for this ride and I am sure it has a lot to offer! I can't wait to start reading it! 👍👌😉