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Vampires are her worst fear, but what if one of them turns out to be her soulmate?


by Scarlet_Sky

Vampires are her worst fear, but what if one of them turns out to be her soulmate?

Yoonhee is a witch who adores flowers and plants, possessing a gentle kind of magic that is tied to nature. She leads a quiet life with her family—until one day, the peace is shattered. After a ruthless vampire kills her parents in order to obtain their magic, she barely escapes and is forced to go into hiding.

From that moment on, she lives in constant fear and does all she can to avoid vampires, afraid that her past may catch up with her one day.

However, Yoonhee can’t escape her fate and it leads her straight into the arms of yet another vampire. Their encounter throws her life into disarray—not only is Baekhyun her enemy, he is also her destined soulmate.

You call me



Yoonhee's heartbeats were so loud and so frightful, every vampire in the building heard them. Her blood was singing, but they didn’t give in to its alluring call. Unaware of this, she walked down the hallway, and the closer she got to the door that loomed at its end, the more her fear grew. She touched the doorknob, put her fingers on its cool metal and entered the room beyond the door.

The light was dim. At first, she didn’t see Baekhyun since his body was obscured by the shadows of the curtains. However, his gleaming red eyes were hard to miss when he gazed right at her. She flinched.

“Leave,” he growled warningly and dug his fingers in his thighs, fighting his instinct, his thirst for her blood. Her delightful scent filled the entire room. It was the sweetest temptation—and he was so close to his limit, her scent alone nearly made him give in to his vampiric nature. His fangs elongated as his body prepared to take what he needed most.

Byun Baekhyun
Baekhyun belongs to a century-old vampire clan that was established by a vampire named Kim Junmyeon.
He has been searching for his soulmate for countless decades, and when he finally finds her, he faces a dilemma; the woman he is destined to be with fears him because he is not human.
Choi Yoonhee
Yoonhee has been on the run ever since her parents were killed by vampires. After she is taken in by Sooyoung, her current boyfriend, she opens a little flower shop in Seoul.
Her gentle magic is based on nature. She can make flowers bloom with a mere touch.
Author's note
Some of you might remember the poll I've posted recently about my next story project. I was unsure whether I should write a vampire or a werewolf AU, and most people voted for the werewolf option. Nonetheless, I chose the vampire AU, because that's what I'm most invested in. I will take some ideas from the other story draft and incorporate them here! 
What you can expect from this story: lots of romance (in later chapters since this is a slowburn), a storyline that focuses on facing and overcoming fears and building trust. And of course, lots of suspense too!
  • Genres: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Supernatural
  • TW: contains some violence and an abusive relationship (not involving Baekhyun)




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