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Due to an unfortunate accident, you get entangled in the crimes of a local gang. From that moment on, you constantly have to fear for your life, being stalked wherever you go. The only ray of light left in your dark days is the handsome stranger who visits your coffee shop every morning. He easily steals your heart and you fall for him, unaware that he is a notorious criminal.

However, when a dangerous gang leader learns of your connection to him, he forces you to make a fatal choice. You only have two options.

How far will you go in order to survive?





  • Genres: Romance, Suspense, Action
  • Inspired by the VCR shown at Baekhyun's concert
  • Warnings: Violence

Author's Note:

Hi there!! I'm finally posting what I've been working on for weeks! This idea has been bugging me ever since Baek's concert. (I was blown away by that btw >////<) The VCR was such a great inspiration for a fanfic that I couldn't resist actually writing one. This story will be based loosely on it; I will change certain things so it's not predictable.


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