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A deadly disease takes over the entire world. Amid the chaos, a young doctor joins forces with an experienced soldier... [Soldier!Baekhyun x Doctor!OC]
A deadly diseasetakes over the entire world. Amid the chaos, a young doctor joins forces with an experienced soldier…
"Hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams."  - S.A. Sachs

Seri stopped in front of Baekhyun’s room and hesitated. Why had she come here in the middle of the night? The answer was easy to find. She needed comfort, and he was the only one who could provide it. She silently cracked the door open and gazed into the dark room where she found his silhouette on the bed in the corner.

“Baekhyun?” she whispered and closed the door behind her with a soft click. She couldn’t tell whether he was asleep at first, but she got her answer when he turned his body towards her.

“Seri?” he mumbled sleepily. “What’s going on?” Now he sounded more awake and alarmed.

“Nothing, it’s nothing. I couldn’t sleep, so…”

“So you thought I could help,” he stated, prompting her to blush. When he worded it like this, she felt embarrassed about her decision to disturb him in the middle of the night. However, Baekhyun didn't mind her nightly visit.

“Come here," he whispered. She heard rustling when he made space for her on the bed, and her embarrassment was forgotten. The mattress dipped as she lay down next to him, spreading the cover over herself. It was another cold fall night, but the bed was warm and smelled of him. He scooted over and put his hand on hers underneath the cover. The gesture made her heart swell. She sighed softly, already feeling better. Coming to him had been a good decision. Baekhyun apparently didn’t mind sharing his bed with her.

“Did you have a nightmare?”

“Not this time, but I don’t feel well.” She rolled on her side and watched him in the darkness. It was hard to make out his features although he lay close to her.

“It’s because of what happened today, hm? You were quiet during dinner too.”

“Yes, it scared me,” she admitted and bit her lip. “All I need is a safe place to live, that’s it. I don’t want to die or be infected. I just want a calm life, is that too much to ask for?”

His thumb drew patterns on the back of her cool hand, gradually warming it up. Baekhyun was silent for a while, considering her words. “No, it’s not. Perhaps we’ll find a way to live safely. It’s not impossible. Establishing a safe zone with other survivors could be a solution.”

“Sounds too good to be true.”

“Maybe it’s too soon for something like that, but we should keep it in mind,” he answered and squeezed her hand. “Stop worrying, Seri. No matter what happens, I will protect you. You have nothing to fear.”

“I don’t know why you’re so kind to me, but I appreciate it,” Seri whispered.

If the room hadn’t been dark, she would have seen his soft smile. “It’s the least I can do for the woman who saved my life.”

character list
Byun Baekhyun
His exceptional combat skills and decision-making ability have earned him the respect of fellow soldiers. He is known for his gruff and intimidating demeanor, but if you manage to gain his trust, he will be a reliable ally. Age: 29
Gwan Seri
Her job put her right in the center of danger when the outbreak happened. She is determined to survive and doesn't hesitate to use her medical knowledge to save lives. People tend to underestimate her, but she knows how to defend herself. Age: 27
Oh sehun
Soldier [Rank: squad leader]
He is the youngest member and most skilled marksman of the elite special forces team EX9. Chanyeol and he have been deployed together and rely on each other to survive. Age: 27
Park Chanyeol
soldier [Rank: squad leader]
He became Baekhyun's best friend while they attended the military academy together. They haven't seen each other since the virus outbreak in South Korea. Age: 29

author's note
Hello! 🥰

This is the new fanfic I've been working on for a while. If you read my blog, you probably saw it coming! 
Since it's a zombie AU, it will have lots of suspense, but I'll add fluff as well because I can't live without that. 😭 I drew inspiration from Descendants of the Sun, hence the soldier x doctor pairing. It gives the main characters an interesting dynamic. Also, I'm dying to write about a bickering couple again. 
The characters' looks in this fic are based on the DFTF comeback! Baekhyun, Seri, Sehun, and Chanyeol will be the main characters. 

I hope you'll enjoy this story! 😊



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Phoenix is now finished! ✨ Please share your thoughts in the comments. 🥺💕 I love chatting with my readers hehe.


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Chapter 46: 🌹😍🌹😍🌹

Chapter Thirty-six - Final

The picture! 🥰😍

The teams worked hard and they faced many different situations, good and bad, but they all stayed strong, even when Jung and his minions tried to make a mess! I am glad to see that Jung is dead and that the others will be punished for their doings! 👌👍 And life is surely getting back to normal as the vaccines have been issued, not only in Korea, but worldwide and it is surely a beautiful site to see! *smiles* 👌👍😊

Little Minhee and her family - adorable in every possible way! I just love her energy and her cuteness - it's an overload of it! 😍🥰 Like every child, curiosity and excitement were killing her to see what she got for her birthday and it was exactly what she had wanted! *chuckles* A dog! 😍🥰 There is no better gift than that, right? 😍🥰 Now, it's time for all of them to have dinner and enjoy! ^^

Aww, they all made a huge effort to make this day special for Minhee and I love it! Heck, she even got a mini guitar and Chanyeol will give her lessons! Cute! 😍🥰 I LOVED IT!

Ah, my favorite couple is ready to continue their journey! True, they have been through a lot from the moment they met, but they stayed strong and managed to handle it all! 😍🥰💗

In the sea of fics that I have read, I can surely say that I am putting Phoenix on the list of my favorites! If I had to choose my favorite character or favorite scene, that would be impossible. I love all of them, including the plot that had so many ups and downs, but that was what was thrilling about it! I am glad that I came over this fic and I am happy that I enjoyed every single bit of it! 🥰😍

Thank you, Jessie, for your hard work! Keep it up! 🌹💗

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Chapter 45: 🌹😍🌹😍🌹

Chapter Thirty-five

Byunie! 🥰😍

The scene started as tense and kept me on my chair's edge! With every word and sentence, it was pure anticipation as to what would happen next! 👀 The basement itself was eerie and wasn't for staying there, but it was what it was and the girls were at least alive. Seri was lucky to have that radio: allowing her to contact Baekhyun and the others! 👍👌 What followed next gave me the freaking chills! That Jung idiot had a horrible plan in mind; honestly, I wasn't sure of the outcome! 👀 Sure, Seri is a fighter and I am sure she wouldn't go down without a fight, but still! We are talking about a gun here and with Jung's twisted mind, one never knows what's next! 👀 Thankfully, the boys came running in and it was game over, but it was still a part that kept the tension! 😣😮 Like all bad guys, things don't go easily and that shooting scene sent chills down my spine! For a moment there, I thought that Baekhyun was injured, but thankfully, it was nothing serious!*sighs in relief* All in all, the girls were rescued! 👌👍😊 In the end, Jung got what he deserved! GO, EX9!
The couples are reunited and alive. The horror is over! 🥰😍 On a side note, Chanyeol and Wendy are just adorable! 🥰😍 Our silly Chanyeol easily gets shy. *chuckles* Her hero! 😉😏🥰 Cute hero! 😉😏🥰

As always, Baekhyun and Seri are just an adorable couple. The first part of the second scene made me chuckle because of their comments! 🤣😂 But either way, it will always be adorable! Now, as for what Seri said, I agree with her. They can have a life in Jeju island because the danger is now over and I am sure that the guys will secure the area even more! 😍🥰 Aw, Minhee will be excited when she sees her present! 😉😊👌

Like all chapters, I also loved this one; their moments are just amazing! 🥰😍 Thank you! 💗🌹

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Chapter 44: 🌹😍🌹😍🌹

Chapter Thirty-four

The picture and its vibe! 🥰😍

Ah, I can only imagine how Seri felt when she returned to the hospital. It's unpleasant when one thinks about it, it only sends an eerie feeling down one's back. 👀 Those idiots left nothing but chaos and destruction behind them. >.< In terms of those needed files, I wouldn't be surprised if Jung took them with him! *sighs* >.< I swear that guy needs to learn a lesson and hopefully he will soon! 😒😖😫 They mean trouble and it's no wonder that Seri feels the way she feels, but she is right though, they don't attack if there are many people around... And like her, I do hope that Wendy and Boah are okay...

It's always nice to see the two of them and their moments. Around him, she surely does feel safe. 😉 Despite it all, they still manage to find comfort. I get Baekhyun's worries and point of view, because no one wants to see their partner in danger, let alone for them to be bait! But at the same time, Seri wants to help and there is no changing her mind about it. >.< It is as it is, and all of them can only hope for the best! 👀 But on a happier note, the part where she pouted and acted like Minhee was freaking cute! *chuckles* As always, their moments are cute! 🥰😍

The third scene started as nothing special in terms of work, but there was an eerie feeling about it! 👀 It was one of those scenes that you read and you just wait for something bad to happen! Aside from the fact that Seri questioned all new faces she saw at the hospital (which is a normal thing) - I was right! Seri was caught in a trap and it got me on the edge of my chair - sending chills down my spine. 👀 UGH! 👀😫😖

That freaking idiot (I would use a curse word, but yeah) - Does he honestly think that he can get away with this?! 😖 Seri is the root of all his problems?! No! He is the root of all problems! He is the one making trouble for all of them! He and his minions! >.< As always, Seri is a fighter, but this time, it's a bit hard... *sighs* And of course, they are looking for them. They never stopped and hopefully, this nightmare will soon come to an end! 👀

YES! YES! YES! GO EX9! Show them who's boss! Let the games begin! 😉👍👌👏

Once Baekhyun sees her injuries... he will freak out! 👀 Another chapter that I loved! Thank you! 💗🌹

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Chapter 43: 🌹😍🌹😍🌹

Chapter Thirty-three

The picture! 💗🥰😍

I can only imagine the fear in Baekhyun as he tried to arrive at the hospital as soon as possible! 👀 Thankfully, nothing bad has happened and everyone is safe and sound (although two girls are missing), but that doesn't mean Baekhyun worries less! 👀 The smoke got the best of Seri, but she will be fine after some rest! *sighs in relief* But of course, Baekhyun will be Baekhyun - protective, caring, and loving. 💗😍🥰 And of course, there is little Minhee. 💗🌹 Now, in terms of Mr. Jung - Baekhyun has every freaking right to be angry, heck, I am angry as well! 😣😫 He deserves to be caught and punished! 😣😫

In such situations, there is no time for relaxing, and as much as I understand Baekhyun and his worry about Seri and the fact that she needs to rest, at the same time, I can understand Seri as well. She wants to help them and her idea is a good idea, but yes, it's risky, but at this point, what other choice do they have? Sure, searching each and every area is good, but luring Jung in is the fastest way! 👀 Besides, she won't be alone, Byun and the others have her back! 👌👍😉 They are a team! 😉👍👌

Jung. 😣 I swear, I hate this guy and his attitude, but this scene was quite intense and heck, it gave insight into the virus and where it came from! 👀 I should be surprised, right? But, not really, because sadly biological weapons are used and it's a 'public secret' - as many like to call it. Also, another thing is that once you play with viruses - things tend to get out of control. It's basically - if you play with fire you get burned. But now, these idiots want others to do their job and they want to use Wendy for experiments! 😣😫 NOT COOL! NOT COOL! 😣😫

Baekhyun does love and care for both of them! 🥰

I loved every part of this chapter and I must say that things are getting their epilogue regarding the virus! I am looking forward to seeing what happens next! 👍😉 Thank you! 💗🌹

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Chapter 42: 🌹😍🌹😍🌹

Chapter Thirty-Two

Looking the vibe of the picture! 😍🥰

Ah, the honeymoon is over and it's time to get back to work. But it's a nice change as well, right? *smiles* Seri had no problem getting back into her routine and Wendy is just too sweet to have her name tag done! 👍😁 After all, she is Byun now. 😉😏 That smoke? Hmm. Someone is up to no good! 👀 Now, for the fact that she worries about her husband and him going to the mainland to bring back more of those who have survived is normal. After all, it's a crazy situation over there, but at the same time, it's EX9's mission to save those who have survived! There is no doubt about that! In the end, he returned and reunited with his wife! ^^ The fact that she will have 'bodyguards' is a good idea and I am glad that she agreed! 👍👌

Their time with Minhee is as always cute! 😍🥰 They are a cute little family and Minhee is just adorable with wanting to adopt a pet - but she can't choose which one she wants. *chuckles* Also, her curiosity about why Papa is leaving is adorable! But like all kids, she has so many questions! 😅 But, I agree with Baekhyun, Seri is an excellent mother! 👌👍😉

Kibum and Minho love to bicker as well and they are hilarious! 😂🤣 But it's all fun and games and it's good to be surrounded in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. In general, all of the boys are like that! 🥰😍 But things escalated fast! From a normal calm morning to a hectic morning! 👀😣 This scene was quite tense, beginning with the fire! 👀😣 As much as Kibum's and Minho's job was to keep Seri safe, the patients were also the ones that needed to be saved and evacuated, but they all worked as a team and that is good! 👍👌 But at the same time. there was a moment when Seri went alone and came across Mr. Jung. >.< Of course, she's a fighter and she managed to fight him off - and the little coward ran off! UGH! Seri is right, he knows the answer to where Wendy is! Or Boah for that matter! 😣👀 Dang it! *sighs* -_-

True, the news about the fire was not pleasant as it brought a lot of damage and put everyone in danger! >.< The fact that Baekhyun wishes he never left is understandable and things are heating up quickly! 😣👀😮

Seri knows how to defend herself! 😉😏👍 And for Minhee, she is the cutest, and all her appearances rock! 😉🥰👍 I loved the chapter! Thank you! 🌹💗

P.S. Happy Easter if you celebrate! 🥚🐰🐇

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Chapter 41: 🌹😍🌹😍🌹

Chapter Thirty-One

As always, I love the picture! 😍🥰

Ah, the first scene was surely freaking hot! 😈🥵Baekhyun was gentle yet rough at the same time and it was just freaking hot! Then again, he did say that he would make her feel special - and he sure did! 🥵😈🥰😍

OMG! *chuckles* The following scene was quite amusing and cute! I swear they are the funniest and cutest couple at the same time! 😍🥰 I just adore them and despite it all, it's good to know that they have each other, but I do agree with Seri, they still have to be careful. Aside from the serious conversation they had, it's time to go back to some fun time! Hehe. I swear, I am in love with their teasing! Baekhyun is a master in teasing, but Seri is sneaky as well. 👌👍😏😉 I LOVED IT! 🥰😍

Ah, the honeymoon is over and it's time to get back to their everyday life! ^^ I can imagine that Nini, Wendy, and Minhee had m+fun! *chuckles*

It was another chapter that I loved! Thank you! 🌹💗

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Chapter 40: 🌹😍🌹😍🌹

Chapter Thirty

I love the picture! 😉👌

Despite the potential danger from certain people mentioned previously and now, it's still relatively safe compared to the mainland! 👌 I mean thinking back on it all - they all went through hell back then and there wasn't a single day that they didn't have to be alert and look over their shoulders, so yes, the situation in Jeju Island is much better and the security is on a much higher level! 👌👏 One could say they surely have a lot to look forward to, heck they even have their wedding planned and they already know where to leave Minhee and where to spend their honeymoon! Perfect! 😉👌 Now regarding the research and the vaccine development, it's good to know that things are going according to plan and that the zombies have a difficult time surviving the hot days! 👌

Ah, let's face it, it's a big day for everyone and it's only normal to not feel sleepy - for little Minhee it's double the excitement! *chuckles* Storytelling is always fun, but unlike other times, Minhee requested a slightly different story! 😉👌 It felt great going down memory lane and remembering their first meeting! 😉👌 Of course, for little Minhee some things were changed. 😉 All in all, it was quite cute and unique - and of course, Mama and Papa are flirting! Aren't they always? Hehe. 😉😅 But I swear, I just love it when kids use random words they hear from others! It's adorable! 🥰😍😂

Haha - Jongin didn't want to be part of the cosmetic battle as it wasn't something he was trained in at the military academy - That part got me cracking! 😂🤣 But yeah, it's understandable - men, right? What would they know about cosmetics, right? 😂🤣 All in all, Seri was able to get ready thanks to her friends Wendy and Yeji, and little Minhee as well! 💗😍🥰 It was time for the big event! 😉

OMG! 🥰 The venue was surely beautiful and it's so romantic! 😍🥰 The beach, the sea, the violin, flower petals, and everything else - just made a wonderful combination and a special atmosphere. Also, everyone they knew was there. Despite it all, it was a simple, yet beautiful wedding, and for sure, when Baekhyun first saw her dressed like that it was only normal for everything that had happened previously to flash in front of him. They have come a long way and this moment seems like a dream! 😍🥰😉

😂🤣😅 Am I surprised that Chanyeol commented? No. 🤣😂 It cracked me up because of the commotion it caused and Minhee's comment in the end making them all stare. 😂🤣😅 I swear, I loved it! It's that special charm! 👏😅 But on a side note, they all did a good job of organizing everything!

Little Minhee is is safe hands and she will have a lot of stories to tell, I am sure! 👌👍 But now it's time for Mama and Papa to relax! 😉

I loved every single part of this chapter! Thank you! 🌹💗

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Chapter 39: 🌹😍🌹😍🌹

Chapter Twenty-nine

The picture though! 💗😍🥰

Before I comment on the more serious topic that Seri shared with Yeji, I will focus on the more cute things. 😉 Despite everything, the crew had a good day at the beach and it's good to see the two girls - best friends - together again and catching up on things, and for sure, they had a lot to catch up on. *chuckles* 😉 Firstly, I am glad that Yeji opened up to Seri and told her about her relationship with Jongin. But then again, Seri was right - they were all aware of it and it was only a matter of time when they two would come clean! Hehe. 🥰 They are another cute couple that I adore! 🥰 I believe that finding dresses and planning the wedding will be quite amusing. 😉👌 Now, about Chanyeol and his little crush... *smirks and chuckles* Yeji has a point - he teased them, and now it's time they had their revenge. 😏 I LOVE HER WAY OF THINKING! 😉😏 Now to get back to the more serious things... It's no wonder that Yeji was surprised by what Seri told her, after all, for the most part, almost all of them believed that Jeju was safe... so the story is eerie. *sighs* >.< Yeji is right, Seri needs to be careful. 👀

Before commenting on the rest of this scene, I first must say that I am looking forward to another sparing between Baekhyun and Seri, as always, it's very amusing and exciting! 😉👌 Now, moving on to her work day, her busy schedule, and her first patient who came with symptoms but the results of his examination seem to be clean. 👀

So, here's my theory:

1. Lying

2. Psychological issue

Another thing that struck me as odd - he's noisy. Sure, some people are more talkative than others, but still, there are things you ask and do not ask about when you first meet a person. It's like he was trying to dig out a certain something about her and it was a red flag for me. 👀😣 And another thing came to mind:

1. Could he be the culprit Baekhyun told Seri about? The one who kidnapped Wendy?

2. Or maybe one of those people?

Okay, I am letting my imagination run wild here, but I had to share my theories with you! Either way, I am getting a strange vibe from Mr. Jung. 👀😣

Their worries about whether they would be able to manage little Minhee are understandable, but the little one is doing great and that is a positive thing! 👍👌 And I just love how little Minhee asks about their days, the same way they ask about hers. 🥰 Ah, on their way home they bump into Wendy and Chanyeol a.k.a Romeo. 😂🤣😅 I swear, I loved that part and the way Baekhyun said it casually! 😂🤣 Anyhow, little Minhee will spend time with them while Seri and Baekhyun continue with their plans. ^^ It's sweet! 👌

Seeing the two go off like that is always fun, but Seri was defeated this time, although it's only practice I do agree with Baekhyun, she needs to take it easy, after all, her last injury was deep enough and it affected her one way or another! 👀 But, on a side note, speaking of weddings, Baekhyun always makes sure to set his priorities straight and he never fails to amuse. *chuckles* 😂😅

Of course! 😂 Chanyeol is now the target of their teasing, but then again, he kind of deserves it! 😂 After all, he always teased the others and now he knows how they felt! 😂😅 But, of course, they mean no harm. 🥰 Anyhow, it's all fun and games, they also made plans to go dress shopping and I am sure it will be fun! 👌👍

OMG! OMG! OMG! 👀 The final scene was nerve-racking and when one of the males said that he had a conversation with Seri, the first person and only person that came to mind was MR.JUNG! 👀 Mr. Jung... it could be anyone! I read the scene twice to see if I missed his name, but nope, only Mr. Jung. As you could tell from my comment about that scene, I thought that something was fishy about him because he wanted to know so much about her and it was only their first meeting. 👀

But what I do know is that I loved every bit of this chapter, like always! Thank you! 🥰😍💗🌹😉👌

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Chapter 38: 🌹😍🌹😍🌹

Chapter Twenty-Eight

The picture! 🥰😍

Ah, life surely seems normal and the little girl is just adorable with her questions, answers, excitement, and reactions! Like who can say no to her? No one! *chuckles* Off the park they go! 😍🥰😉👌

👀 I don't even know where to start with this scene! 👀 Like, at one point, everything was calm and nice and at the other, everything is a freaking mess! 👀 *sighs* Beakhyun's behavior freaked me out, honestly. 😐 The panic was evident in his voice and right then and there I knew that something was up (looking back on the previous chapters - connecting two and two was not hard, not to mention the last chapter and the cliffhanger 👀). Now, I can understand his panic, BUT, I disagree with the approach he had. Sure, I get it, he cares for both of them and worries about their safety, but at the same time, he scared Minhee with his behavior (to the point where she thought that he was angry with her); as for Seri, it wasn't pleasant. 😒 Anyhow, at home they had a conversation where Baekhyun admitted to what was going on and it pretty much gave answers to Seri's questions about the soldiers being all around the area... but I swear, all this could have been avoided if he just told her calmly and quietly - so yes, I agree with Seri being angry. If they want their relationship to work, honesty is the key, and SUCH a thing, especially in the situation they are SHOULD NOT BE HIDDEN! As for the news about Victoria... that's eerie! 👀 All in all, it only goes to prove - the danger is still not over! 👀 -_-

Little Minhee forgave him, but as every kid, going to bed is always a struggle. *chuckles* 😅😂 If kids are asked, they would only play, play, and play! 😂😅

Feeling the way Seri feels is completely normal! A lot of things are going through her mind and even if she wanted to focus on something else, it was impossible! *sighs* 😖 Arguments in relationships are normal and they are usually caused by of lack of communication or misunderstanding - and in most cases being alone and having some time alone is normal. >.<

Ah, Baekhyun is still sweet for checking up on Seri, and in the end, the two worked it out. Hopefully, the lesson was learned! 👌😉

True, nobody is perfect but all went well! 🥰😍 I loved this chapter and I am looking forward to seeing what happens next! Thank you! 💗🌹

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Chapter 37: 🌹😍🌹😍🌹

Chapter Twenty-seven

The picture! 😍🥰

Ah, it's so nice to see Seri in an area that she is familiar with and for sure she wants to remember everything quickly, after all, working in a hospital again, after a long time is surely something exciting for her! It seems that everything is under control (but yes, the bickering and commotion from the soldiers is hilarious 🤣😂) Anyhow, moving on to the research center part, it is surely a place where they can look for answers to their questions, and if I may say so myself, it's quite exciting! Also, there was a bit more insight into how Wendy got bitten and her story so Seri and she do have similarities in that part, but not only that, it's good to see that the two are getting along pretty well! ^^ 👌👍 I believe it is the start of a new and nice friendship, on top of it all, they are also neighbors! 👌👍 So far, they are all having a good start, now moving on to the next part of this scene, least but of course, not last - the crew and the events that followed. Hehe. 😏 As always, I love the crew when they are together, but unlike other times, when Chanyeol would use any chance to tease them, there is a slight change! *chuckles* Wendy + Yeol - sitting in a tree! 😏😉 It made me happy that he finally found someone - even if it is just a small crush for now. It's a beautiful sight and Chanyeol being shy and all is so freaking adorable! 😍🥰

Ah, they adapted very quickly and both Baekhyun and Seri know how to be innovative. It's good to see little Minhee getting used to her new life and learning things in school, also making friends. 👍👌🥰 A small family picnic sounds great and relaxing. 👌👍 But to top it all off, the little girl called him Papa! *chuckles* 😍🥰 True, at first it was a surprise, but a pleasant one! 🥰 Also, Seri taking a picture of them is a perfect way to note down the memory! 🥰😍 They are such an adorable family! 🥰😍

Taeyong is excited - as a child but I loved it! 🥰😍 Time to hang out together. For sure, things are much different on Jeju island... but the ending gave me chills and it only goes to show that they were still not safe and now I wonder what storm is waiting for them! 👀

Baekhyun deserves the title, there is no doubt about it! 😉👌 Thank you for another great chapter! 🌹💗 Can't wait to see what happens next!