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Hyorin is assigned an enigmatic bodyguard with snow-white hair and emotionless eyes, harboring a dark secret... [Bodyguard!Baekhyun x OC]


After receiving a death threat, Hyorin is assigned an enigmatic bodyguard with snow-white hair and emotionless eyes. He harbors a dark secret, and she soon realizes he's more dangerous than the people who are after her. Trying to uncover the mystery surrounding him puts her life at risk, but when she realizes just how much depends on her success, she knows she can't back out...





When I turned and looked at the door, I was met with a surprise. The stranger entering the room was extraordinary and defied my expectations—he didn’t look like a burly bodyguard at all and could only be a few years older than me. Snow-white hair framed his sharp features, a feathery braid resting on his shoulder. He wore a black dress shirt paired with black pants and shoes, but his elegant clothing did little to hide his muscular physique. As he got closer and stopped in front of me and Minho, our gazes met for a fraction of a second. His eyes were electric blue, reminding me of the stormy sea. It was an unusual eye shade—perhaps he was wearing contact lenses? Although I hadn’t talked to him yet, a strange feeling washed over me as I studied him. His grim expression radiated danger and I had to fight the urge to move back, my instincts telling me I shouldn’t be anywhere near this man.

“How nice of you to join us,” Minho commented mockingly. The stranger remained quiet, staring at him in dead silence. I was surprised by his demeanor since I had expected him to be more polite and introduce himself to me, but he didn’t seem to care about formalities. 

“This is Zero-Four, your new bodyguard.”



Pairing: Baekhyun x OC
AU: Obsession, Bodyguard
Genres: Romance, Action, Suspense
Status: Completed



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Prompt: "You're my flame in the dark. We chase away the shadows around each other."

Shoes of a Unicorn Writing Contest.
Prompt: Checkmate by Yonghwa featuring JJ Lin

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