Stepping Into Another World— The Writing Contest [WINNERS ANNOUNCED]

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Stepping Into Another World The Writing Contest



This writing contest is inclusive to most but not all Alternate Universes in the fanfiction world. The contest was created to do something about our desire to read stories with well known fanfiction concepts. A story with a setting that we already know or a principle of fiction that already exists. Or maybe it can be something totally different as long as our idols have been put into a situation that makes it seem they've entered a whole other universe. As long as our idols are not kpop artists in your work we will be eager to read it. We have seen many AUs on AFF and we are sure that you are waiting for the opportunity to write one!


1. Subscribe for any updates or news about the contest (upvotes not necessary).
2. All entries' first chapter must be published after April 1, 2018.
3. All entries must be finished by the deadline. No individual exceptions. 
4. At least one prompt must be used. See the FAQ/Cheatsheet for more details on how prompts can be used. Direct questions to the comments!
5. Keyword: Baekhyun
6. Each author may enter a maximum of 3 stories.

7. Deadline is January 1, 2022.
8. Be respectful. No bullying. If you are bashing another author's work and we find out about it, you will be disqualified immediately.
9. Include SteppingIntoAnotherWorld in your tags.
10. Post the banner and link for the contest in your story's foreword. (Blog posts would be appreciated but are not mandatory.)

11. Entries and withdrawals will be permitted up until the date of the deadline.


The following are concepts that are absolutely prohbited from the contest; use will lead to immedaite disqualification:

二 PWP ( without plot)
三 Age Difference where one is a minor
四 Glorified Abuse/

七 Horror themes (suspense and thrill is fine)




YifanForever (Reya)
hamsterboo (Tri)

how to Enter

一 Please leave a comment on this story with the following information:
二 Title
三 Story Link
四 AU theme
五 Prompts Used
七 Story Description
八 Keyword


Use the banner below for crediting purposes (made by hamsterboo)

[Contest] Winners have been announced!
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