The War in our Hearts

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Two war-torn kingdoms are united by the wedding of their prince and princess. The peace they strived for is fragile and built on a marriage that is doomed from the very start. How long will peace last when some people would do anything to shatter it?







Baekhyun’s dark brown eyes stared at her with anger and hate burning in them. “You have never seen war, have you, princess?” he said bitterly, spitting the last word like it was a terrible curse.

“I haven’t,” Soomi answered truthfully.

“Then it’s time to wake up from your ignorance. Take a long look at what you missed.” His tone was resentful, and his hard gaze made her want to run away. He looked at her condescendingly, leaving no doubt of what he thought of her. She knew even before he voiced it. “You are just as naïve as I expected. To think I had to marry someone like you to end this war. It’s ironic.”

Soomi lowered her head to hide the tears shining in her eyes. He was as terrible of a person as she had feared and didn’t make an effort to get along with her. She felt gloomy about her future; it was unlikely she would ever find happiness when not even her own husband was on her side. How would the rest of the royal family treat her? And what about the people of his kingdom? Soomi hardly believed they would accept her. She would face their scorn and sooner or later, someone would try to get her out of the way. If she was lucky, she wouldn’t have to suffer long.

Not looking up at Baekhyun, she finally found her voice and spoke in a surprisingly calm tone. “I agreed to this union for the sake of my people and because I want the bloodshed to end,” she said, raising her head to meet his gaze. “I am not as naïve as you think, prince.”



  • Pairing: Baekhyun x OC
  • Genres: Romance, Historical, Drama
  • Status: Completed


The new cover was made by Myeonallo! Thank you so much for your gorgeous work!! ❤



Prompt: “People who can't sacrifice something important can never hope to change anything! - Attack on Titan


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