The War in our Hearts
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- The Dragon-

It was late in the evening when Baekhyun and Soomi returned from the dining hall after having spent over an hour there, eating and conversing with various nobles. The latter tended to be exhausting, but it was important to have good relations with everyone, so the couple didn’t get around it.

They were walking up the stairs leading to their chambers in the tower when Baekhyun got a sudden idea. “Do you think the baby would like to hear some music?” he asked, his excitement plain to see. Soomi beamed at him, loving the idea. He was so caring towards her and their future child, not hesitating to go out of his way to make her happy.

“I’m sure,” she replied. “And me as well.”

“Then please follow me, my Queen,” he said, taking her hand.

They walked to the music hall where the grand piano stood. Baekhyun lit a few candles in the room, their golden glow giving it a cozy atmosphere. They sat down on the bench in front of the black piano. Soomi got comfortable, leaning against him.

His gaze moved from her eyes to her stomach, softening a little. He caressed the small bump with his hand, a content smile settling on his lips. “I hope you will like this, little one,” he said, prompting Soomi to grin in amusement.

“Of course,” she assured him. “Your songs are amazing, anyone would agree with me.”

“My Queen is flattering me,” he hummed, a content smile curling his lips. “Then I better not disappoint.” He winked at her, causing her heart to leap with giddiness.

She kept her eyes on him when he began to play, following the fluid movements of his fingers as they flew over the keys. From the very first moment she had seen him play, she had always been fascinated by the effortlessness with which he created the most beautiful melodies. His song was cheerful, consisting of many high tunes that he played in quick succession. In awe, she listened to the music, smiling fondly at him. He seemed to be in his own world as he played, concentratedly glancing at the keys. Once the song reached its end, the melody slowed, turning from a wild river into a calm lake before it faded away.

Soomi clapped for him, prompting him to grin widely. “You liked it?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“Then I’m glad,” he said, tilting his head. “It has been a long day and I figured this would make you happy. You always end up smiling when you hear me playing.”

“You’re talented, Baekhyun. And I would never say no to hearing your music,” Soomi said, taking his hand that had rested on the keys. She interlaced her fingers with his, glancing down at their connected hands before she raised her head to look at him.

“Thank you,” she whispered and shifted closer. She breathed a chaste kiss on his lips, looking up to meet his eyes that were shining with mischief.

“Is that all?” he said and raised his eyebrow.

“Why, do you want more than that?”

“Yes,” he smirked.

“Bold,” she said under her breath. His hand wandered to her chin, tilting it up so he had better access. He leaned in, keeping his eyes locked with hers, drinking her in. Her gray iris was tinged golden in the dim lights of the candles, and the unusual hue caught his attention. He had always adored her eye color, and now it looked even more entrancing than normal.

“I love the shade of your eyes,” he said huskily. When his hot breath fanned over her lips, she shuddered in delight. Desire built within her, a strong sensation that was solely reserved for him. She couldn’t wait for him to close the distance between their lips, but for now, he seemed content just watching her. She moved closer, wrapping her arms around his neck so their chests were touching.

Her actions revealed her impatience, eliciting a low chuckle from him as he studied her. And finally, he did what she longed for, locking their lips. They melded together, forming one whole. Fireworks exploded in her chest, warmed her heart, made her burst with positive emotions.

She melted in his arms, leaning her weight on him as he embraced her, putting his hands on her back. Their kiss became more and more heated, her heart fluttering in her chest. She could never get enough of this feeling, no matter how many times they kissed, she would always love it. Her addiction to him only grew the longer they were married.

They broke the kiss, taking deep breaths. Their lips were flushed, as were their cheeks when they stared into each other’s eyes. He smirked, cupping her reddened cheeks gently and caressing them with his thumbs. His gaze was b with affection, and once again, she couldn’t believe how lucky she was to be married to him.

He studied her for a moment, noticing her exhaustion. “We should head to bed soon, love. You look tired, and it’s late.” She saw the hidden concern in his expression—he wanted her to rest after this long day.

“I agree,” she said and got up, smoothening her long dress. “Thank you again for playing the piano. I liked it.”

His response was a smile, a sincere expression he only ever showed to her, and nobody else. It warmed her heart every time she saw it. He took her arm and they left the music hall, snuffing out the candles. Then, they retreated to their chambers a story above where Baekhyun closed and locked the door behind them. He checked the room for intruders before he let out a breath and relaxed.

Soomi went to her wardrobe and fetched a nightgown for herself. Baekhyun helped to open the lacing on her dress, and she slipped out of it, letting it pool on the ground. She put on the nightgown that was much more comfortable than her regular clothing

Not ten minutes later, they were both lying in their bed, tucked under the cover.

“Sleep well,” Baekhyun whispered and kissed her. Then, he shifted and planted another kiss on her stomach. “And you sleep well too, little one.”

“Goodnight, Baek,” Soomi mumbled, snuggling up to him. He wrapped her up in his embrace, and she soon fell asleep.



The next day began uneventfully and followed its usual pattern. In the morning, Lisa helped Soomi get ready, braiding her hair and assisting her with picking a dress that was neither restricting nor tight. The young servant was very adamant about choosing clothing that would hide Soomi’s pregnancy from others. She was in her third month, and from now on, she had to be more careful around the people at court. Only a select handful of people were allowed to know about it, and it had to stay that way for her own safety.

After breakfast which was held in the dining hall, Soomi and Baekhyun had a short meeting with the royal advisor and continued their duties in Baekhyun’s study. By the time lunch rolled around, Soomi was a little tired, so Baekhyun suggested they retreat to their chambers for a while.

The entire day could have been as normal as any other, but the quiet before the storm was about to end, and none of them was prepared for what that would entail.

It was evening when it happened. Soomi and Baekhyun were in the throne room, speaking to Minseok. They all flinched when the doors were thrown open suddenly. Minseok and Baekhyun instinctively reached for their weapons, expecting the worst, but they were astonished to find one of their own knights stumbling into the hall. The man was breathing heavily, had sweat covering his forehead. His eyes were wide in panic as he bridged the distance that separated him from the knight and the royal couple.

Unease grew within Soomi as she watched him approach. Her intuition warned her that something was terribly wrong even before the knight spoke. Baekhyun stepped forward and regarded the knight with cold eyes, keeping his emotions hidden behind a blank façade.

“What’s wrong?” he demanded to know.

“I-I have a message to relay,” the knight panted. “I was part of the knights stationed at the border. W-We were ambushed by Sol’s army. My entire unit was killed.”

Soomi’s breath hitched. Minseok and Baekhyun stared at him in disbelief, tensing up. None of them liked where this was going.

“Sol’s army… is on the way to our capital,” the knights went on to explain. “They are planning to… to take the crown.”

The hall was so silent one could have heard a pin drop. Baekhyun’s countenance slipped, briefly showing his shock and desperation. His hands trembled and formed fists at his sides. He drew in a shaky breath. All eyes were resting on him, waiting for a reaction, any kind of order. But he was only human, and he was as overwhelmed and helpless as all of them. Old memories he had tried to forget flashed before his eyes, showing horrifying scenes of blood and death. He hated killing, hated spilling blood, and he’d never wanted to get caught up in a war again. One time was enough. He had vowed to himself to do all it took to prevent another situation like this.

Unfortunately, fate had other plans for him. Sol’s ruler had made her move, taking a path that would end up with many, many people dead. He couldn’t believe it. Her crue

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