Episode 7

House Number 82


" Auch !" I felt from the chair in the bedroom.

Heol, I must be work to hard on myself. The. last thing I could remember is I was answering number five and then I was blank. Thank God I already did answer the last question. Its still early, I want to get ready for todays activities. I took a shower and dress up for part time job. Heol, I am so tired. I want to be hurry, I really want to avoid Hongjoong and Jongho. I opened the door and went to the living room and meet the two fellows. May luck is out. Why they are up early? Did they usually up after when I want to make breakfast? I act as my usually. Casually walkout and grab my stuff and to the mirror to put on my final touch, lipstick and fragarence. 

" Noona, hows your date last night? " Jongho ask as he was sitting at the kitchen table. Hongjoong who sat beside Jongho now are standing beside me, watching me applying my lipstick. 

"Hmm, my date? Its fine fine fineee." I try to recollected myself for my morning shift. I tried to avoiding Jongho's eyes contact but Hongjoong is definitely disturbing me. 

" Yooo the guy must be hot ,thats why you did not call me last night?" Hongjoong said as he wrapped himself like a wife mad at the husband.

 He unclaped his hand " I am worry sick of you! Me and Jongho are worried and we were waiting for you like 1 am then you just show up drunk at 3 am"

"Hmm, Hmmm" I am glad I was home safe. Thank God, they did not meet him. Lucky bastard. If not we would die. I done finish my lispstick and look at Hongjoong.

" In the morning, Seol !" he will never stop did he.

" Well, I home now so no need to worry." I replied and spraying my fragerance and wear my shoes for my work. I can still hear Hongjoong angry at the outside.

" Jongho, look at your Noona! "  

Dang he must be worried sick. Sorry guys it wont happen again.



" Sarah please told Mr. Kim to send me the document by 3 p.m sharp. No excuses." said the charismatic man who dressed in purple in the middle of spring. 
" Alright, sir. " said Mr. Kim secretary who fancy him in secret.


The charismatic man walk to the front door of Jeong Yunho, his best man that born lucky in everything.

" Yunho lets go grab some lunch,dude !" he said cheerfully.

" What, time is it now? " he asked while rubbed his face ddue to tireness.

" It's 1 p.m already, let go. Enough for all the work." said his buddy.

" Okay, just a sec."  he applied sleep mode for his desk computer.

" Done." he said and rise from his chair.

Yunho look at his phone to read the document related that need to signed by him. Jeong Yunho hold a lot of responsibility for this.

" Yunho do you hear me? " he look at his friend, Kino. The Japannese man who he had been his friend for years.

" What ? What is it you say? " Yunho asked.

"I said, I know some new hot place to eat. There they sold some good sampyupsal." he said.Even though he had it almost every week but he never tired of it.

" Okay " we made out way to the restourant he mentioned.

" Yunho what do you want to eat. " he asked.

"You choose." I really did not really mind of the food for now on. It has been a long time I lost my appetitte in food,

"Okay since I have a rich friends, let eat some good stuff." Kino said.

Finally we made it. Kino hurryly choose our sit. Like a happy child to have meals. 

" Welcome may I have your order? " said the waiter. Kino  look at the menu board.

"I want a set of sampyupsal and cider. How about you, Yunho? " he said as he  alreally made his choice in mind.

I look off from my phone and look at the waiter. " Do you hav..... Hey you? " The waitress, I knew her.

She was the girl who made me wait outside for an hour for bloody problem. 

She was that grasshopper, green dress girl.


Seol P. O. V. 

" I am sorry?"  i wander what does this guy want. 

" Don't you regonized me?" he asked. 

Of course I remebered him. I have a good memory to be said, but I do not afford to lose this job if this guy may may lead to. So acted up by look at him carefully.

" Nope. Not a clue." insisted me. 

" Are you sure? You never when to the Garden Hotel? wear green dress? watching statue prehaps at the garden?" he said. Great he's might will attack me.

"Nope" my simple replied. No even a two word. Simple and strong to stop he asked me again.

" You know what, I am sorry, miss ....? " the weird guys asked.

" Seul gi" I answered.

" I am sorry Ms Seulgi, i must mistaken you with someone I know " he said.

" Naver, mind. So what will you eat? "  I said politely.

" Hmm,  we will have set of samyeopsal, and what you want that soda ?" the weird guy said.

" Cool Cider 2 please " the cheerful guy one replied.

"Okay that."


Yunho P. O. V

I know that was her. That green dress. Okay, I will see you when I see you.

" Thanks bro for the food! You are my brother. I love you " he hugged me.

"Ahhh come here. You want to gup gup?" Kino said.

" At Moonlight Bar?" Kino said.

" Moonlight Bar? " I asked.

" Ggul !" I said.

" Yeahhh" Kino said while hugged me as we were on our way back to office. My dad's office.

"Ring.... ring... ring..." hold one Kino. 

" Yes, dad" I said.

" I had arranged the time for you to meet the translater for the futher work at Incheon, be sharped."

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