Black Pearl




" Mr.Park, are you busy this weekend? "

" No, I'm free, Ms Jiyeon."

" Then will you marry me this weekend? "


This is the story of a random marriage between the boss and her driver. Will love approach them someday?


P/S : I am going to rewrite this fanfic





Character :

Park Jiyeon the current boss and CEO of Park Corporation 

- Age: 34 years old and fabulous

- Workaholic, dream high and work hard as she always said

- Fierce in the workplace but warm in heart


Park Seonghwa as the Driver

- Aged: 24 years old young 

- Still waiting for a proper job

Song Mingi the ex-boyfriend

- Age: 36 years old

- aged fine like wine

Ryu Hwayoung as Jiyeon twin sister

- Aged: 34 years old


and the rest of Ateez member.







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