Episode 9

House Number 82


Jongho P.O.V

Day 1

I am so tired and worried of Jong in condition at the juvenile. My only hope is that he will found his inner peace and I can finally heal him. Other than that, today is the first day I spend my day without Jong in and the first time I rent a house alone. I was lucky enough to get new place to sleep from my manager. My manger said that I should not to  place too high expectation on my future house tenant as she might be not taking me as I was young. However, contrast to my worried, she accepted me with an open hand and warm heart. I also want to note that she had such a beautiful urban modern traditional house I had even laid eyes upon. Noted to mention the owner also beautiful as ever even though she worn no makeup. I also have a housemate as well named HongJoong-Hyung. I think HongJoong hyung has been known the owner in years.


Day 3

The sore of my body has been decreasing and my healthy is been recovering after all these event happen to me. Luckily Miss Lee are kind heart and always keep up me about my adjustment in her house. Oh I forgot to mention, my house tenant's name is Lee Seol. She worked as a freelance translater for French-Korean-English language. Such an awesome lady she is. To owned such a beautiful house and stable work. I just know that Hong Joong hyung is bestfriend with Miss Lee and has been friend for years. Since school I think? Oh yes, Miss Lee mentioned it was since school they has been friend.


Day 5

I been visited Jong In, but he does not want to meet me at all. Its already been 2 days he has been rejected my visit. I miss him dear God. Please help him in anyway, I just want him to be save, healthy and happy as we always do. Or is it me , who is greedy? Please help me my Lord.


Day 10

It has been 5 times Jong In rejected my visit and I have decided to sent him a letter instead whenever he rejected my visit. I hope he understand me.


Day 15

Hong Joong Hyung's mother died today and I attended the funeral with Miss Lee. She has been quite and look devisteted than ever. Hong Joong hyung look so sad, he must love her mother so much. Many people came and go to sent condelsement to the family. When I saw the picture of his mother, she look like she has been live well. She looked healthy, happy and serene. I found myself jealous of HongJoong hyung. At least he know his mother is gone than I. I have no idea whereabout she was, how she feel today and why she left me and Jong In.



Day 20

Everyone has been worked as usual, and I have an upcoming test. I hate test so much as I have to study so many thing from A to Z. I have to stay up all night long at the weekend to cover back from my working time. Dear Lord, please help me to manage time and survive this test. I need it work it but I also need sometime to rest. 

I really enjoyed my break time by looking at the window and looking at the pass by and then the star  that has been place in the space. The night breeze really do calmed me down from the hot fever of anxious. As I am wondering in my though I sometime found some sweetness action from the passby. For example right now, I was a couple kissed in front of my place. They look so passionate in kissing. I hope that I will found a right person to share the warmness as them. They look so familia- Gosh isn't that Miss Lee Seol?!? 

With whom she been kissing with? 


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