Chapter 12

House Number 82



"Miss are okay?"  a deep voice asked me as soon I awake. When did I sleep? I tried to get up from the bed and sit. I looked around the white white place, a green curtain and the beautiful creature infront of me right now. I tried to gather any information that I can get to know the reasons why I am here.

" Yes I guess I am. Who are you? Where am I? And hy am I here? " I asked while looked at the clothes that I am wearing, isn't  a hospital dress?

"Miss, I am your doctor, Yeosang Park. " he said. The statescopes that lingered around his neck and the name tag on his robe make me believe the truth of the information. He continued and said, 

" You just got robbed at the street 117 and you said something hurt and passout. Thus, I brought you here, at Namsin Hospital as I was happen to be there "

"I see, now I remember." I rubbed my head as I remembered the episode. I want to go to the work but suddenly out of nowhere I was robbed.

"Oh, may I know, does I manage to get my bag?" i asked hopping that my bag are able to be saved.

" Fortunately, I manage to get it back to you" he smiled and said " right over there" he showed with his beautiful hand where my bag was placed.

" Thank you so much, Doctor. " suddenly, I feel pain on my chest, " Auch, auch" I touch my chest as the pain is unbearable attacking me.

He said " Miss may I asked where does you fill the hurts?" 

" Auch!"  I said as I cares my chest.  " Its hurt!, my chest " 

"Nurse, closed the curtain " said the doctor and the after that a nurse came and closed the curtain.


"Okay, Miss Lee. I need you to know that I will asked the nurse to open your top dress for future medical check" he said.

"Okay" I said but the pain suddenly dissappeared.

A nurse came and caressed my back and opened the button of hospital dress. 

" Miss I am going to cheak your chest area." he said.

" What? Okay"  I gave a weird look at the nurse to stand at the edge of bed as soon after she help the me undress my top dress.

I look at my bare chest that seem a bit off. My look a bit different and kind of swelled. It strucked me that I feel so somehow right now. Its kind of weird since it been such a long time a man see my . I know that I always wear exposing cleavage area but not this kind of thing. I looked at the serious face of the doctor infront of me right now.

" Miss I am going to do some cheak up"  he said as he worn up the rubber gloves.

A cool touched make me shocked a bit. He felt my under and when he touched right under I feel the ache . " Auch! Auch! " I said while back off a bit from the pain of the touch as a relfex action.

His left his hand from hold my "things "and he said. " Just bear it a moment okay."  I  nodded and calmed my mind to bear with the pain that I would be faced.

He caressed again at the same stop with gentle. " Auch." I said. 

" Okay good, Miss Lee. Keep it steady. " he said.

He caressed my other gentle.  "Auch." I said. I realized that I feel some kind of same pattern of ache to my others 'things'.

He look at me and said  " Miss Lee I want you to do a chest screening  for confirmation. "

I feel uneased when I heard that sentence from the doctor who just examinated my 'things'.



" I am what?"  I look at him and look in his eyes to see the confirmation.  

" You have been diagnosis with cancer type 2."  Hes eyes did shake at all. There is a sympathy and at the same time calmness.However my heart start beating hard.

" You are kidding." I said in the tone of joking.  I look at him again,  refuse to believe to the  to be whatsoever words that came out of his mouth. Suddenly, I started to panic and my breath gainned  fasten. 

" Miss please calm down. Take a dream breath. Take as many time as you can. " his deep voice started to calmed my nerves but it does not enough.

I stand up look at him and make a round in the doctor room. He looks really calm as he stand up from his seat and walk to the window and opened half of it. I felt the strong breeze cares my hair and my face. I stopped my step and walk closer to the windy breeze. I close my eyes and feel the sun kissed my skin. I am still alive and the news are real. What should I do now? 

I open my eyes and  turn my face to the doctor. 

" What should I do now, Doctor?"

I look at the ct scan and listen carefully on whatever he said. 

"Fortunately, you are lucky as you can be save with surgery. "

"Is it save?"  I said

"Yes, it is. And your cancer is one of the common cases. I found out that I will able to minimize the scar like it never happen. "  he come to his seat and said " but, I want you know the cancer can be back, Thus, I want to you to have a regular check up." he said.

" Alright. So if its back I need to do it again." I said after heard all the explaination from him.

" Yes if it the best option. " he said as he nodded.

I caressed my chest and hold it tight. I look at my doctor.

" I am scared Doc. "





I bravely made I way to the bar after all the episode that located near to my house. I sat on the main bar. I need a drink and strong one to make me calm. 

A hansome bartender came to me. "My name is  Hyeo , how can I help you? " even his voice is y.

" Is it you real name?" I asked out of curiousity.

" Of course not, sweet heart." oh my his voice and his face such a perfect combo. I lingered my eyes to his perfectly craft eyebrow and make a contact with his enchanting eyes.

" What is it mean. Hyeo? " 

" Its mean tougue." as he take a focus on me. Damn it sound dirty, lets carry on Lee Seol. 

" Why you used it?" He came closer to me, too close that I can smelled his seducing scent and  he said,

" Because I can touch my nose with my tongue." he smirked and back off from me.

" Thats it?" I asked for confirmation. He nodded and showed me his y smile. "Hyeo, I want some strong one that you have"


After a few drink, I felt drunk and I like it.

" Am I drunk or you look beautiful." I said while looking at Hyeo who is working hard even though there is not many custumer at the moment.

Hyeo looked at me and smirked again. He came closer to me, to my face and said,

" Do you want to have fun? "


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