Episode 3

House Number 82


" Okay,  you have to fill here, here, and here. " I looked at Hongjoong's handwriting as he fill up the form. 

" Good,Jjongie-ah you still have bad handwriting. " I said as done analysing his hand writing.

He make a sour face. I laughed at how funny and adorable he look like right now. I clear up my throat to finish up my business with Hongjoong in mature and adult way. 

" So do you agreed with the monthly payment and agreement as stated? " I do my formal voice. 

" Yes,I have to since I got no place to go. " he said in a formal voice as well. I sticked with my acting mode and continues. 

" So Sir, please sign here and stamp here to as well." I showed him the signature space with my thumb and the red stamp.

" Good. And I sign the form to and stamp with red mark. " I said.

" Done. " I finishes my line as we both satisfied with the rental agreements.

" Hye, how can you still manage to get a pretty signature. " I asked. He look at me and shown his face. 

" Man, look at the face. " proudly said. I laughed and looka t his face seriously.

" Damn, its one of the world mystery. " I said. His eyes grown big and he took his hand out and want to grab me but I snapped back. 

 "Haip," I said. I stand up and said, 

" I am going to be late for my work,  bye! " I work save me and I ran into  my room to dress up. 

" You just got lucky, Miss Lee Seol. " I could hear hongjoong' shouting annoyed. 

 "Hahahahaha! " I laughed while listening to him mubbling about me. 


I look at my phone, its just 6 pm.

Thank God,  I was early. For preparation, I listening to few new word that I might going to need it. 

The Grand Garden Hotel. 

I took out my earphone from my eardrum and put it in my clutch bag. As soon as get out from the taxi, I was greets by the hotel receptionist. 

"  Jung Corporations 45th Anniversary Event." The stand up banner stand upon the door main door. 

" Hello and Good Evening, Miss. Please go to the Grant Hall at outside. Just go straight outside t othe door and when you saw water fountain and roses. Thats the Grand Hall, Miss. " 

I do follow his instructions .The hotel is exquisite.  I haf never once get in at this grant hotel. I thought I was such a beautiful classical with the modern touch design castle. . I hope the food is good. 

The fountain look like so beautiful. The fountain angel are memeraizing. She wore a duvet and her finger are showing the sky. Damn, she just to pretty to be an angel. Damn,  even her finger are an aesthetic.Hmm, her finger look weird at some aangle. I circling her to examinate her finger. Holly cow, she's not juat an angel she's a bad angel. She's ahowing her middle finger to the sky. I was anxious and find it funny, does anyone saw this? I need to show Hongjoong. I took out my phone from my clutch and take the bad angel's finger. Damn. 

" You saw the middle finger arent you? " a man asked came out of nowhere. I was stunned with his shoking present. 

" Excuse me, "  I look at the handsome young man standing beside me. He was smiling. He look at me curiously. Then, whipped his hand and said, 

" Sorry, I though you saw it, you look kind of shock."  he replied with his oddly satisfying warm smile. I clear up my throat and said, 

" What do you mean?" I look at the man who wear dark blue velvet suit with red rose at the pocket. 

" Well you eyes look kind of poop out like this" . He do some demo using his fit body  and smile again. What is wrong with this guy,smiling to a stranger. I need to get out from him. I put my phone in my clutch and gripped my glorious emerald green long dress to get into the grand hall. 

" Okay, bye. " I walk faster than usual, ignorant to the weird man at the fontain.

" Wait! " he said.

Is this a new way to pick up  a girl these day? For my opinion, it scared off me. 

 " Wait! " he shouted, I fasten my step. " Hi, " I approached the guard door. "There is some Loony talk to me, he weared dark blue velvet suit " they both nodded. 

I walked inside.  

" Seol there you are. " some voice awaken me from my thought. It was one of  my client, Jung Jaehyun. 

" Hello, Sir. I am Lee Seol. Your french interpretor for this evening.Its an honour to work with you. " I shake my client hand. 

" Hello,  Miss Lee. I do  remember you.Thank you so much for excepting the last minutes job like this. " he smiled. 

" No it is no problem, Sir. " I look at him.

" Oh,I want to introduce you with my people.  But he was out of no where to be seen. Never mind then. Let's back to the business. " he said. Therr was a few people beside him. A Caucasian and a Japanese I believe. 

" I want you to meet Mr. Hugo Durrant  ." 


Oh my God. I was so starving. Thanks God they finish early. The food look so good, especially the caviar. I wait so long to eat the caviar. 

What else can I do, I burned lot of calories after done two job at once. Eat and translate, eat and translate. 

I took the bus and went straight to my Dongbaek street area. Oh, I. remember Pablo 's Pizza still open. Yes. 

Its located exactly next to Sandara's here is it. The bell ring as soon as I step in to the restourant. 

" Welcome to Pablo's Pizza ! May I help you? " he owner said. He look at me and looking blissful, 

"Hey, Seol! You look stunning tonight! Is it blind date? " he scanned me from head to toes. I am still wearing my heels. Beatiful put pain . I look around to find a best seat and sit down slowly. 

" Nah, Work Hyunsuk Oppa. " I said. 

" From your face, I assume you did not lie." he came to my seat and put on the menu .

 "How can I lie,  Oppa. "  He took out his note to take an order.

" Who knows, bad date or meet ex? Take out as usual? " I took some breathe and said, 

" Nah, dine in boss. I am so lucky to have someone who take care of me. " 

" Not just only me, Seol. Your boyfriend Hongjoong." he suggested. I look  at him and laughed. 

" Ha ha,  he just my friend, oppa."  It never cross my mind to have romantic relationship with him. 

" We never know what happen next day. Like my cousin Geunho, don't let me start wit that.  Alright, so what do you have in mind?. " 

I laughed, I was really do lucky to have Hyunsuk around. He was so cared about his customer. Now I know how he kept his customer.

" Hahahah ,hhmmm I" I look at the menu.

" think I want... " 

* Ring Ring

My. phone rang, it was Hongjoong. I look at Hyunsuk and he asked if he should go or wait a sec.

" Wait a second, hey Joongie." 

Hyunsuk make weird face. He just happen to get us both. 

" Stop it. " I asked. 

" Stop what. " the caller asked. I raise my eyebrow to Hyunsuk oppa to stop he teasing. 

" Nothing, someone else. " I gave a sharped look to Hyunduk Oppa who are always happy all the time. I focusing on the call return. 

" Are you already at our street? " he asked. I looked at the menu to get some selection. Then, I looked at Hyunsuk Oppa. 

" Yeah, I am. I am at Pablo's Pizza. Hey wanna grab some pizza with me. " Please say yes, 

"Yeah, Im starving. I will have ..." I was happy when he agreed. 

" BBQ Chicken pizza " we both said. I though he choice never change.   As always. I smied. 

" Hyunsuk oppa,  one regular Margarita and one regular BBQ Chicken Pizza. And two soju. " Hyunsuk take note the order and went back to his working station. 

" Alright " 


"Joong, what your plan now? " I said while looking at his face to see his response. He eat his pizza and said, 

" Me, go to sleep after eat. " he gulp his soju after finish every slice. I snapped his favourite cap and said, 

" Aigoo,no I mean.What is your plan for your life now? " I look at him again. He look at the soju bottle. Rmember of how to use thing in body called brain. 

" Argh, that one. I am still with my plan A. " I cannot believe he used to be top student. I laughed, tried to calm myself and continue our talk. 

" Okay, what your plan B? " 

" I don't have. " confused, I asked. 

" You don't have? Why Joong? " curiously to know the answer. He look at me and said, 

" I want to stick with plan A. You know, it was my dream since I was a little. "

"How is your parent take it? "

" Bad " 

" How's bad? Try me " Hongjoong look at me and then fill up his glass with soju and cupped his face his hand look at the soju glass that he just filled.

" Well, my mum still did not like the idea and my dad did want to see my face. " he said and uncupped his face and build on the table ,kind of sobbed. 

I look at him and hold his hand. "  I am sorry. "

He look at me and grip my hand harder. He let go my hand. 

" Is it  a sinner to be a man who follow his dream and be  happy? " he cried. 

" I just feel how is it to feel alive "I was stunned of what he just said. He was so desperate. I get closer to him and hugged him. He become more calm. 

" You know, thats enough about me today, what about you. what happen at your job today? " he asked. 

" Ouwh, there is a lot. The event was happen at the Grand Garden Hotel. The place was spectacular. There flowers were everyway. I three things that I could remember is the rose, vanilla and vogue of the hotel design. " I said happily. 

" Really?  "

" Yeah if the hotel is a human, it would be a rich, fabulous and beautiful french lady. " he filled my glass. 

" Wow,you must be like that place." I nodded .

 "The best so far in my job. The food was amazing but I did not manage to grab everything. But I manage to get this out. "

I took out the handkerchief from my first. 

" What is in there? " asked Hongjoong curiously.

" Ta da, its a shortbread cookies. " I opened up the handkerchief and handed him the shortbread.He eat it slowly as he want to enjoyed it. His eyes wided. 

" Wow ,its feel like cleaning my mouth. " he astonished with the taste. I was happy he look satisfied with the small happiness that she could share.

" Its lavender shortbread cookies. Its kinda of big thing there. " He took another bites and another. He smell the cookies. 

" Seol, its smell good. " I nodded.

" I know right. I was like what is it and then hol " I shown him my face when I ate it at the event. He laughed out of my fancy facial moves. 

I am glad we both end our day with laughs and lavenders. 

" Oppa, one more bottle. "




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