Blank Space

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Dear Diary, 

Today was a markable day.  Something beautiful happen to me.  I met him.  I though he was gorgeous and magnificent. He just stood there in front of the shining sun. It does make him look like a mirage who will tell me sweet lies. But no he gave me blank space. I want to know him more. 

Love XOXO,






Hi guyss, this would be my first fanfic.  I hope you guys will give some love. 

Btw if anyone wanna start support ateez song,  u can start with Twilght from the first album.  I search them after my first time listen to that song and I personally like San voice in this song and the opening album. 

I just finished it. Thanks a lot for whom who read my story.
p/s: light by Ateez was good.


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