Chapter 13

House Number 82



" What you want to start off? " Hyeo said. I was in my way memerizing the music that knock me off. I leaned closely to Hyeol's ear and said,

" You know what. I want to sleep with you." I lingered my hand around his shoulder and locked my eyes on his eyes and looked at him." Can I? "  looked for the answered from him. He smirked again, 

" Since you are brave to ask me. I will do as wish. Baby girl. " he said as he lingered his hand around my waist.

Tonight, its going to be a good night. me. 



This woman are crazy. Since when she like to leaning to others people like that? How comes she just let him touch her like that? That guy drive me nuts. I can no longer look at this.  I made my way toward them. I look at him. 

" Hands off her. " he ignored my command. I looked at Lee Seol, she drunk obviously. Badly drunk. I snapped her from him who is also in the tipsy condition.

" Yeah who are you ?" he asked and tried to snapped her back from me. 

A deadly eyes given to him. He back off from me and go somewhere else. I took her and when to the exit door. My boys came to me. 

" Hyuk, Ran we are going home now." they both nodded and prepared the way and the cars for me. They opened the door for me and I put her on my side and looked at her. How can she wore this tight purple dress. Is she that desperate or something. I could even she her cleavage area. I looked at Hyuk whose is lingering his eyes to the person who seat beside me, Lee Seol.

" Hyuk, eyes on road. " warned from me.

I took of my coat and cover her. Suddenly, she openned her eyes. "Its not like that."  I said before anything happen.

" Oh, handsome guy"  she said while giggled happily. Without notice, she suddenly hold my face and kiss me passionately.  I could feel all her tongue and the twist she made, After a few moment, she let me go.

" Must kiss all hansome guys." she mubbled.

What just does happen?  



" Boss, we arrived." Hyuk said as he brake infront of the front door.

" Hyuk, all you saw today is never happen, get it? " 

"Yes, sir. "

I openned the door and carefully carried her into the house. When I arrived to the bedroom of guestroom, I put her head carefully on the pillow.

" Hmmm smelll yummy mint." Did she just sniffed me? Her hand snuggled around me, she actually hugging  me. 

" Hmm sandalwood. " Jesus, does she know what she just do to me. She unlocked the hug and I tried to escape the situation but she just hold my hand tightly. Since when did she became stronger? We made an eyes contact as she pulled me. Now, she on the top of me. 

" Owhh hansome guy again," she said. What she just said.

Suddenly, she bite and my ears. I was shocked but she just looked at my reaction and continue to kiss my lips.

I rise from the position, "No we cannot do this" I said. I tried to rise from the bed but she just pulled me  instead.

Now I am back to the dangorous position. I am on the top of her. She happily lingered her hand around my neck and kiss me. It was slow at the start and then, start to move to passionate kiss. We stopped for a second to take a breathe and I she just said the sentance that drive me nuts. She wispered to me

" me".




Hmmm, hmmm,  the bed smell so good.  It smelled like a sandalwood, mint and lemon zest.

Hold up for a second,  since when did my bed smell like this? 

I opened my eyes and realized, I am not in my house and this is not a familiar place that I has been ever visited.

 I looked myself, I am in my natural state.

I found a note from a table that said,


Morning, please help yourself by asking the sevants anything that comes to your needs.

I have asked them to prepare your breakfast, clothes and driver.

Thank you for the night, regards from me.



Wow am I lucky or what? I have a night stand with richy stranger. 



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