Episode 8

House Number 82


Finally, I was able to wore this puple dress. To this one beautiful purple dress, I have to save up about 7 months of salary minus with others expenses. I am satisfied with the material that are soft, cold and beatiful. This beautiful baby will be out soon and soon I will be eating fancy food at Grand Belle Hotel at Incheon. Whahhh cannot wait its going to be a wonderful night. Auch my chest's pain are pounding. Whats wrong with me. Maybe my body are restless or somewhat. But its already been a week. Mybe should meet the doctor soon. 

Anyway Grand Belle Hotel, I can't wait. I hope my client Mr. Jeong's son are a nice person. I beat he must be handsome as he is. I lead my way out after put on some perfume to me and ready to went out and eat.

"Wahh Noona, you look so beautiful " Jungho said who is sitting at the living room. I who was in a good mood automatically turn myself to show off my dress. I have to say spinning is one of best skill other that show off. 

" Jungho close you eyes " Hongjoong said as he come of of nowhere. I think from outside I believed.

" What is it? " he came to me and said 
" cover yourself will you. You are basically show you half to people." nagged him as he also looked at Jongho to make sure he is protected. I have to said it is y and showed many part of my chest but its is godly beautiful dress. Noted to not waste my chest and the peck of being in twenties I have to ignore HongJoong.

"What ever suit yourself. Im out. Adios! " I said annoyed.

"Welcome to Grand Belle Hotel" said the receptionist. Wow it is indeed beautiful hotel. Look at the art and decoration they have as soon I step in the hotel. 

"Miss Lee?" someone called me from the back. I turned back and it was Kim Hana one of my friends I made from the freelance work. She was an adorable girl with bang and stand 5 feet height. 

"Hey, I am glad I meet you here" she said.

" So do I, It is work matter?" 

" Yes it is, who are you working for tonight?" 

" It's for Mr. Jung and his son" I said. Hana's eyes grew larger with excitement she said 

" Ommo, Mr. Jung' son? Is it Jung Yunho?"  

"Yes, Jung Yunho he said, why Hana? You seem so excited most than I have ever seen"

I pulled my hand said "You are going to fancy him, he was daebak! So hot, steamy, handsome, gentleman and lucky! He's perfect"

"What do you mean by lucky?" I asked curiously. She let go of my hand and said.

"You know, he was not just lucky to have good family, fortune and looks but also in life. Everytime he make decision, he always win."

"Oh wow" I responded. She look intense to me and said "Not just that. Even though he lost he still win somehow. That's why he's father encourage him to encounter the business world and luckly him as always, he turn out also found liking in business"

"Dang, from what I heard from you just now, he sound really great."

"He is and he also nice you going to love working with him as much as you do with his father" she said. She took out her phone and said

"I want to show his beauty hold up for a second. He did not show his face public but I took a picture with him last year" she said but suddenly a voice looking for her and she excused herself as her client need her works.

" I am sorry, Seol. See you later " she walked away from me and when to her client.

As soon as the clock stricked 8 p.m. the event finally runned right after the speech from Mr. Kim the organizer. I continued my work and lead my way to Mr. Jung, my client tonight.

"I am just about to introduce my son to you but he when somewhere, ahh there he is, right on time" he said and looked at the person whom I believe is he's son. He is wearing dark night blue tuxedo with the red rose pinned on the jacked that also rose his beauty under the light of chandelier. He is indeed a beauty but somehow he look looked familiar. Where does I meet him? I do meet a lot of people when I do my work but his face is not a face that I will easily forgot. May be-

Oh my God. It was him? He was that guy, isn't he?  The guy at the pool?!

"Hello father and Miss-? " his son said as he laid out his hand to me and kiss my hand like a gentleman.

"It's Lee Seol " I said. "So, Lee Seol this is the my son, Jung Yunho the one I talked about. I want you to helped him in some project in next months" Mr Jung said, I looked at Yunho and he smiled. What a beautiful smile he had. Does he remember the last encounter?

" Yes, Sir. I will do my best to help your son".I said but suddenly my phone rang.

Ring! Ring!

"Hold on, Sir. Let me excused myself" I  looked at the phone answered it without looking at the phone ID.

" Seol-ah, my mum just die "  I tried to process the new message that I just recieved. It was indeed HongJoong's voice. I look at my phone screen. It is indeed HongJoong. Oh my God. 

This is going to be a hard night.

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