Chapter 6

House Number 82

"Miss Pina Colada, " a charming voice called me from back of my seat. I turned around to look at my blind date from my lovesoulmate. com. It turn out to be the person I have chemistry most. My heart are fluttering with just heard his manly voice. 

" Yes, Oh my God, Mr, Bach, You? " It was him. I cannot believe my eyes that make me stand up from my sit. 

"You" he was shocked as well. Him with his Dolce suit. 

"You" I was utterly shocked.

"Seol" his voice stuttered as him soul living out his body. 

" Scumbag " I started denied the reality. Without my knowledge all eyes on the eyes are on us. Watching us. 

"Seriously? " so does he, amuse with the wording. 

"What? " I did not realize I said his lovely nickname that gave him. But, what? He is my date?!? 

"Scumbag, really? " he was annoyed. Finally a denial stage from the stage of the refusing of truth acceptance. 

Ah ah, it suit you. Oh my God. God mybe hate me these day. I took my purse and walk away from my seat. I do not want to do this. This scene.

I walk away from the scene.From all the eyes was all on him and I. The chaos in the hotel who suppost to be my next romantic relation was over.  What kind of sin I did that He gave me to deserve this kind of punishment. What wrong with Korean man ? Are they  facing extinction or something. Why it has to be Scumbag. 

I turn and look at him, he still there sit and look confused as I am too. He did not look that scary and intimidating as always when he asked for monthly pay.

Tonight, at this moment , maybe only at this moment he look like a normal human with life and feeling.I meant real heart. He must be prepared a lot with the tuxedo and hair I think, like I spend on my time doll up myself for this.

Maybe this is why God sent me here. To not judge people easily. What am I doing?  He just a normal man who want to have a date and dinner with some woman. It may not be that bad, isn''t? .

I meant nothing worst can be bad ,right? We eat and when home sepparately . Sound like a win-win situation for me. 

Lets look at the bright side, shall we?  Maybe there is still the charming Mr.Bach inside him. Fine he is Mr. Bach after all.  He is the same man I meet online. The same man I fall for to. Nothing wrong ,right?

Fine, lets just end it in a good way. I finally decided to make my way back and sit. 

"Are not you hungry?" I asked and take my sit. He was sitting and dreaming, unawared of my present. When he heard my voice, he was surprised.

"You back? I do not get it. " he look confuse as ever. 

"Well, I am still shock but I know you paid this dinner quite fancy . So let we just eat and enjoy ourself. Shall we? " I said and signaled the waiter for the menu. 


"Wine sir, red, white or rose ?" the waiter asked. 


"Rose. "

We look at each other for a second and then he look back to the waiter. 

"We want Rose." he said.

When the waiter go, I laughed. 

"What so funny? " he asked. 

"I am sorry, it never cross my mind that my date would be you." I close my mouth with both my hand to stop me from laughing to loud. Even the candle light make it so funny to me. 

"Why? I am not a good date. " he asked. I looked at him. 

"No its not,  you just sound charming in the message. "  

He get closer his seat and asked "Why, Pina Coloda ?"

"I love the song" I stated while swap my hair that fall. 

" I though you kind of hooker girl" he said. I was shocked. 

" Hongjoong said the same" I said excited. 

" Plus you wear yellow. " he continued.

I look at my dress and look at him. 

"I like yellow. Its bright, happy, make my skin glow and its safe. " I said. 

"Safe? " he confused. 

"People can see me from far if I scream for help. Especially if I encounter someone like you. " I smirked at him. 

"That dress Design are the main problem." he stated confidently. I look at my dress again. I tried to find any problem with it. I am totally clueless. 

"What too ugly? Its just a simply design. Everyone have the same design like I wear only differ color. " I look at him demanded some answer. 

" Its tight and I can see your cleavage. " he said as he tried to look up to my cleavage. 

I rolled my eyes, annoyed. 

" I know is suppose to be like that" 

" Excuse me, what" he asked. 

" I want to attract man of course.  Isnt that is why you join blind date site."As I raise my eyebrow. 

He was totally silent for tbe answer. So am I. 

The main course finally arrived. 

Then quite silent continued as both of us focusing eating our food and the main dishes came. 

It was salmon soy brown sugar grill with salad and rice. Quite oriental dish. 

"Why pina colada ?" his voice finally broke the silent. 

"My parent love that song and kind of into that cocktail. I guess why not. " while dealing with salmon. 

" So, why GwangjuGentleman?" I, asked. 

"I was born in Gwangju." I looked at him. 

"I thought you are from Pohang."

"My dad are from Pohang but my mum from Gwangju and I was born there. "

"Arh I see. " kind of agreed with the statement. 

We eat, inhale the food to get them in our stomach. We are both quite in our thought. Somehow, I do found calmness. I do not know why mybe due to wine. My nerve feel good. We eat silently up to the dessert plater. Mint icecream. 

Then, when we finish eating. Some of musician came in. It played Moonlight Sonata. 

I look around some of the customer dance with their patner. Some of them looking such a lovely with sparkles in their eyes. Such a devine scenary to watch to. 

"Seol, would you like to dance with me? "A voice asked from my front. 

"Are you serious? " I gave Mr Song a weird look. I still can even moving on that I am having blind date with the heirs of Song Clan but now he asked me to dance with me. Me?  The girl he always came to her house asking for debt? 

He lend forward to me and said, 

"I just want to enjoy myself." Doubtfully, I asked him. 

"If I say No, am I still have to say Yes? " raised my eyebrow. 

"Yes ?" he said firmly. 

"If I say yes, will you cut 10% off from the next months payment ?" tried to grabbed a lifetime chance. He was confused, analyzing and after a few moment he said. 

"I will consider it. " shortly. 

"Since you are still in the moment of considering, how about 20% off? "I tried to grabbed another lucky chance. 

"10% " firmly stated without consideration  at all. 

"Deal." I hold his hand. And we start dancing. It was fine about a second until I found out he was a bad dancer. 

"AUCH Mr Song you step on my feet. "

I" am sorry to say but you are a terrible dance. "

"Hmmm" I hummed. 

"What, " he asked. I looked at him. 

"I think you are funny. "

"What wrong, " he asked.

"I still cant believe you still asked me to dance with me"



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