Chapter 5

House Number 82


Having a new person gave a fresh breath in the house, especially young blood. Some good energy to boost and let it go. 

Looking at the hot blood getting ready to school and help me preparing breakfast makes me remind my old self. The hardship and loneliness accept he got us as a housemate. (We agree to least up the 1/4payment with house course, but I cannot help to sympathy to him )

" Noona, do we need to wake up Hyung?  " the boy asked innocently.

I spooned my porridge into my mouth and said

"No need ". The porridge tastes so good but I got a bus to catch. I have an appointment at 9 am. The clock has shown its already 8.15 a.m. I fasten my spoon work to save me time. 

"Noona eats slowly," Jongho said as he worried about me. Such. a nice boy. I get up from the dining table and run to my room and get dressed up. I am done in 5 minutes and get out of my room to catch the bus. Jongho is still eating his food and Hongjoong just wakes up. 

" You already out? " Hongjoong said.

" Yeah bye see your dinner " I took my phone that I almost left on the dining table. I stopped and turn to Jongho.

" Curfew is 11.30 pm " 

He looks at me, confused. "Why? " Hongjoong eyes on me to look an answer. 

"Because you are minor, dude. no question"

" Okay " 


I manage to get the bus. But the bus is full of packs with people. I do my French vocalabory hearing when I feel a person hand laid on pencil skirt to feel buttock. I thought it was feeling as it maybe people just want to pass-through me. However, when its repeated, I know something is off. I was about to voicue up the harassment when the bus stopped. There was mamy passager that got in and out and my assaulter might got off the bus. 

Auch " someone hitted my shoulder while getting off the bus. My body was thrown to the iron bar resulted acciedently hurt my chest area. The mix of man and woman voice make me doze to find the person who hit my shoulder.Why there are so many human?

The pain that I have to bear spread to my . It was indeed the most uncomfortable 30 minutes of my life. I finally arrived early and do my preparations of my dity works as interpreter.

" Thank you, Miss Lee Seol. " said Mr Arthur McCartney. I shoke the hands of my clients and when straight home. 

Its only just 4 pm and I realized I did not fill up stomach since the breakfast. The work are so hard an intense business. I really do need to work out my language more. I eat my porridge and order some pizza from Pablo's Pizza since my stomach growler. 

Then,I whento my room to take a shower. Damn shoulder was killing me. When I take a shower, I feel pain in my chest area. Something like swelling, is it growing bigger or what?  I feel the spot and there i some part are hurt and stuttered me. I tried to ease my mind to not think about them, but 

I cannot help to feel soured. My do feel hurt ij reality. I tried some ointment and medicine to relieve the pain. But in two weeks I realized it is getting hurt more. 



The next morning I wake up as usual day at 7am. I make some American breakfast for Hongjoong ,me and the new kid, Jongho. 

"Good morning, Noona. "Speak of the devil. Here he comes. 

"Morning, Jongho. "I said as I stirred the baked bean in the pot. I turned around and look at Jongho. 

"Could you help me with the plates. "I said. 

"Sure" he said calmly. He look so calming. I have no idea what and why. But he really do have calming aura.I kinda like it. Some sort of the Chrystal aura. I really need that kind of aura to balance between me and Hongjoong. 

After a few minutes, eveeyone was on the table and having a calm dinnee which is weird.I finish my meals and when to the sink and do the diahes. After that I grabbed my stuff and said

"I would not be at dinner. " 

" I have a blind date." I continued. 

"Blind date?!?? " Hongjoong stop eating and turned his head. Jongho was a bit shoced with the slightly Hongjoong's soft scream. 

"What?! I do not deserve some quality man who want to commitment to love? " I said while spread the lipstick on my lips using the front door mirror. 

" Good luck ! Noona " Jongho happily support. Hongjoong make a weird faces. 





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