Before Her Very Eyes


Four years ago, a vengeful sorceress condemned Arin with a curse; whenever Arin called out the name of someone she loved, that person would die before her very eyes. But when a young man named “Woozi” came into her life, the curse did not seem to affect him. Eventually, it became increasingly clear that he was hiding something, and Arin was determined to find out what it was.


A/N: Hello friends, it's been a while, but I'm finally back to writing svt fics again! I know some of your expectations are high especially since it's been over a year, and it's a lot of pressure, but I hope you'll be able to enjoy it. To old readers, thank you for waiting so long, and to new ones, I welcome you on this journey with me. I hope I enthuse you enough to stick around!

WARNING: People will die. There will be lots of angst and twists and turns and unexpected outcomes, so keep an open mind!

T/W: Death, ual assault mentions, suicide mentions, themes of depression and mental health


You broke your word, you broke your vow,

So you will suffer for it now.

You hurt my child, I’ll hurt yours too,

Make her feel what mine’s been through.

A hardened heart that’s limp and stale,

Doomed for loves that always fail.

They’ll die before her very eyes.

She’ll call their names to their demise.

Your girl will never love with ease,

For every lover’s heart will cease.

From here on out, this girl is cursed,

And this can never be reversed.


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