Jihoon was a cold person who hated the world and everything in it, and the people around him weren’t making it any better. His father, his brother Vernon, and his best friend Seokmin all somehow made him feel lonelier and more miserable than ever. But only one thing seemed to make his life slightly more bearable: beer at that bar with the nosy- bartender. 


TRIGGER WARNING: mention of suicide and depression and other things like that.

Also, AFF sensors some words so if you're logged out this fic might not make as much sense to you lol. The curse words are very important in this fic :P


I started writing it with the intent of it being a one-shot but it ended up being way longer than any oneshot should be lol. So it’ll be like 6 chapters ~

I’m more or less finished with the entire thing. I’ll post the first chapter later today, and the rest will come one after the other very quickly. ENJOY ~



This is a fic I wrote for my lovely beautiful friend minakoaino.

To her:

I’m so sorry it took so long, but trust me I have been working on it for a LONG time haha ^^”
it ended up being a lot longer than I ever imagined, which I hope is okay with you?? XD

Anyways this story is a gift to you on three occasions:

1) A prize for not saying sorry for over a month
2) An apology for being distant lately ;;
3) A birthday present!!! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!)

Anyways I love you, and I hope you never doubt that. I truly hope you enjoy this fic, I tried to write it according to your specifications but idk how well I did ;; some of it isn’t EXACTLY how you wanted, but I did what I could! <3

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