Wed Game


Instead of Squid Game, it's Wed Game, and, to maintain the game's legality, no one will die. Anyone can enter, but they have to sign many obscure legal documents and get transported to a remote island a long way off the coast. The contestants will fight for Joshua's heart, and the winner will get Joshua's hand in marriage and live the rest of their lives in luxury.

Saerom decides to go for it.

She is tired of poverty. She's tired of working herself to exhaustion to pay for her sister's medical fees. She's tired of relying on the friendly neighborhood boy Seungkwan when she's in a rut. And so she is determined to win that game, whatever the cost. Even if it means pretending to be interested in a snooty, bratty, spoiled rich guy with too much time on his hands. Even if it means undermining Seungkwan, the one person who ever showed her kindness. Even if it means going against her morals. (But maybe killing people like they do in Squid Game is going a bit too far.)

(Or maybe it's not.)

~thriller, romance, drama and mystery all in one!~
WARNING: character death!!

A/N: Hello lovely readers! It's been a while, but I'm back and I am so excited to share this story with you!


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Chapter 32: Joshua is in over his head with this investigation of his….Please don’t apologize for having life to live before writing for us- I have been praying so much for Gaza, for the children, the families, the people. I will continue to do soπŸ’•
Chapter 31: Not that deep!??? Not that DEEP!??? Hell MY feelings are hurt! He basically said she’s good enough to fool around with where no one can see but not enough to be seen attached to him! Wowwwww! I hope Joshua caught that. I’m so hurt FOR HER😲😭
Chapter 30: OMGGGGGG Mingyu! Read the freaking room man 🀦‍♀️ could he be ANYMORE clueless!?!? Why did he just make me cringe with his dumbness lol. He’s so damn hot though- id have cut the camera and folded like a chair
Chapter 29: I love how real Saerom is. She doesn’t hide who she is and that’s admirable because she’s not perfect - better than perfect she’s real.
Chapter 28: Also!!!! Publishing projects!? I’m so curious and excited for you!
Chapter 28: I was so nervous if you’d discontinue this story bc of that studios stuff people are protesting for him. Truly poor Joshua.
As for story Joshua I’m glad Seungkwan and him hugged and cried together but oh my poor heart for them
Chapter 27: Big breath 😳 Joshua’s out for blood- he holds them all directly responsible for Chaeyoung’s death and he’s gonna make them pay. I am so curious to see what you do! I never watched Squid Games so I can only imagine how bad this can get from what I heard- I’m really kinda excited to see what you do
Chapter 26: I was hoping it was a horrible mistake- it made me tear up. And then I kinda like that’s brilliant- seventeen ticks for the group. I feel so bad for Seungkwan. I really think he had started feeling so protective and maybe more for Chaeyoung. I’m wracking my brain to figure out who could’ve done it because he’s right : they all noticed his preference and had it out for her. Or most of them did
snsd_slays #9
Chapter 25: what in the f is happening
Chapter 25: Omgggggggg! What is happening 😲😲😲😲I was NOT expecting that! I thought she was just gonna leave the game but not like this 😲I’m so shocked